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Racism is an ''Equal Opportunity Employer''
The Kaptain's Log
by Manuel Miles, (aka Kaptain Kanada)

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Somebody should warn L. Neil Smith not to read this because the shock may kill him; I've been telling him I was going to write this article (and one other) for about six months now and I've finally got round to it. I'd have written it sooner, but my doctor told me to try to keep my blood pressure down. And believe it or not, kids, your kindly old Kaptain can get rather upset at times...

To get to the point: I've been a lifelong foe of racism. Of the seven or eight people most important to me in my early childhood, two were black Americans (one was the child of a former slave!), one was a Shawnee "Indian", and one was a Cuban. As a child you think that what you experience is the norm and that all other kids have more or less the same upbringing. Then you get older and learn about the unluckier kids' lives. But I loved and was loved my a multi-racial group of people and I'm grateful for it.

I demonstrated against racism (in two different countries) in the 60s and 70s and I've managed to live to a ripe old age without reflexively hating anyone except politicians and MSM hacks, which is entirely understandable. So I won't take any crap about being a "bigot" or "racist". A curmudgeon, most definitely; a racist, never.

The problem I have with many people is that they harbour a lot of nasty, racist sentiments but they feel like their racism and/or bigotry is justified. So I'm going to upset a lot of people and that's just fine with me. There's an old Canadian saying that goes, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." I'm an old Canadian and that is both my motto and my policy, and that's no joke.

In the following article: [Link to article] the mayor of Calgary, Alberta, one Naheed Nenshi, is reported to have opined that unless all Albertan schools were forced to have "gay-straight alliance clubs" then Albertans would be perceived as "hillbillies" by the presumably "tolerant" rest of the world. In response, on Friday, 12 December 2014, I sent the following email to which my lord Denshi has not yet deigned to reply:


I noticed that you glibly tossed off the racial slur of "hillbilly" when speaking of those who dare to have different views from yours. Be advised that this is definitely "hate speech" on your part and an insult to rural people of all backgrounds, but in particular Caucasians.

Your gratuitious use of such bigoted language is no different than somebody referring to you as a 'Paki faggot," which I assume you would resent.

White farmers, ranchers and city dwellers together built the province into which you and/or your parents immigrated. Calling them and their descendants "hillbillies" or "rednecks" is, as I stated above, no better than others calling you "raghead", etc.

You show disrespect, even contempt, for the pioneers who built the Alberta into which many East Asians have recently immigrated when you not only insult those pioneers but also the democratic principle of open debate. You may be a mayor, but you are most decidedly not empowered to say that any issue can or should not be discussed.

As a former Albertan and teacher in Calgary public schools, I demand, but do not expect, a retraction and public apology from you.

Very sincerely indeed,

C. Manuel Miles, B. Ed.

It is interesting to note that my research showed that Denshi's parents are East African Asians, the people whom the former rulers of British colonial Africa imported to act as overseers of the native African peoples whose lands they had seized. After independence came to many African lands in the 60s and 70s, the native Africans encouraged the former overlords and their various lackeys to depart. In Uganda, Idi Amin was particularly encouraging of this emigration and Canada took in many of the "refugees" whose predations were no longer acceptable to African nations.

This is the political, historical and cultural background against which Denshi made his inflammatory, racist comments about rural Albertans who dare to oppose his "politically correct" agenda.

In the USA, near the end of the 1960s civil rights struggle, many businesses tried to establish their non-racist credentials by claiming to be "Equal Opportunity" employers. This meant that hiring was allegedly done on a basis not of race but of merit. The sad fact is that racism itself is an "equal opportunity employer" as anyone, regardless of race, creed, colour or national origin can be a damned racist. Naheed Denshi has proven this with his deliberately inflammatory, bigoted and racist insults.

Some will say that "hillbilly" is not an insult and they may point out that Jeff Foxworthy even makes jokes about "rednecks" but I wish to point out that Chris Rock jokes about "niggas" and Russell Peters has mocked East Indians. Those people are all comedians and not politicians and they were also mocking members of their own racial and/or ethnic groups. I suggest that that makes a difference, whether it "should" do or not.

The unholy alliance of the "tolerant" AGW believers, "gay" [sic] agenda activists, feminists, socialists, and all the rest of the New Age crackpots is not exempt from being called out for their bigotry; neither are non-compliant (to their agendas) white people free targets for every cheap bigot of a political hack who is trying to rally his perceived voter base in favour of his various edicts and fiats.

Racists are racists, and bigots are bigots, and Naheed Denshi is both. If anyone should shut the hell up it is he, not those who disagree with him and his crackpot ideas about education. One cannot have special classes of people who are allowed to declare it open season on those with opposing views and have a society of...

...Peace and Liberty.

Kaptain Kanada is a former longtime resident of Alberta. He is an itinerant curmudgeon and an inveterate iconoclast. He is not a "nice" man and does not aspire to be one.

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