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Calling out Ann Coulter and the GOP
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

To say that I have been at odds with a conservative commentator known as Ann Coulter, would be the understatement of the decade. It's not to say that there haven't been times where I have found it amusing to see her tear into some of the whack jobs on the left. Unfortunately this same woman who takes great joy in exposing the utter lunacy of the left, seems to have a habit of dissolving into her own brand of lunacy. She refers to anyone who dares question the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as traitors and once referred to the widows of the 9-11 attacks as harpies because they didn't want wars fought in their husbands' names. Way to show that conservative compassion, Ann. Sometimes I think Alan Combs was right when he said that Coulter seems more like a liberal parody of a conservative.

Besides her apparent narcissism, this woman gets hyper offended whenever something seems to offend her social conservative sensibilities, like schools that actually want to teach real science and sex education courses that don't keep kids ignorant of birth control. It's pretty bad when she actually makes me side with the government school system. Guess what Ann, there are people who think that ignorance and teenage hormones is a bad combination. Also, until you find a scientific theory that invalidates all the fossil, genetic and observable evidence that backs evolution, then it is the only valid theory that should be taught as science. No Ann, I'm pretty sure that it won't lead to more people smothering their grandmas in their sleep (yes, she actually believes that is what evolution encourages).

Sadly, her social conservative beliefs aren't even what I take issue with the most. It is her increasingly antagonistic attitude that she has been showing towards the libertarian movement. Not that her relationship with the libertarian movement has ever been anything more than lukewarm. One of her biggest complaints against us was our "obsession" with legalizing marijuana. Yep. We are obsessed with the idea of people being sovereign over their own bodies. She thinks that we are just trying to suck up to our "liberal friends." What she doesn't realize is that self-ownership is a vital part of libertarianism. Sadly, her severe lack of comprehension of libertarian principles was during the time when she was actually on good terms with us.

Recently she has called us "pussies" and has even threatened to drown us. Tell us how you really feel, Ann. I do find this amusing for two reasons. One of them being that we were able to get so far under the skin of a woman who claims to be a pious Christian that we made her say one of the dirtiest words in the English language. It's like making an Amish man so angry that he finally decides to take a swing at somebody. The other reason that I find it almost comical that she refers to us as wimps, is that we are the only ones man enough to stand by our principles, while she conveniently compromises hers whenever she throws in her support with some RHINO (Republican in Name Only). Remember when she was gushing over Chris Christie? A man who hates the Second Amendment and every other conservative principle so much that it makes me wonder why he even bothers to call himself a Republican. Then there is the two time loser Mitt Romney, who Coulter wishes would become a three time loser. Romney was a man who implemented his own version of Obamacare in his home state for God's sake. Romney was the New Coke version of Obama. Ann, you can't even stand by your own conservative principles and yet we are the ones acting like pansies.

I have this to say not only to Ann Coulter, but to the rest of the GOP, who continue to belittle and marginalize us. I think I speak for most, if not all libertarians, when I say that I am sick and tired of your constant belittlement of our movement. It's interesting how you guys take great joy in antagonizing us, but then you guys have the nerve to act all butt-hurt when we either stay home or vote third party on election day. You guys have become so obsessed with so-called "libertarian spoilers" that in some states you guys have actually kicked libertarian candidates off the ballots, which makes no sense because The Libertarian Party rarely gets more than one percent of the vote. That just shows how insecure you guys are, if you are so threatened by something that represents ten percent of the population. If you want our support so bad, then give us a candidate that is worth a damn. No more RHINO's. Give us somebody who actually believes in individual liberty. If you continue with the same strategy, then you will have nobody to blame but yourselves. Especially you, Ann. By the way, you are free to try and drown my over three hundred pound ass any time.

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