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Number 818, April 19, 2015

The difference between libertarianism and every other
social or political philosophy is its answer to the
question "Who owns your life?" Everything else flows
naturally from the answer to that question.

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What Our Enemies Want
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Recently David Codrea has published a series of articles regarding an alleged (term used to avoid lawsuits) between the NRA, Congress, and the BATFE regarding the definition of usable for sporting use, the classification of certain shotgun lie weapons (pistol grip only weapons over 26" long with a barrel less than 18") , and a ban on importing tracers.

This appears to be a sell out of America's gun owning public by the NRA. Many Americans distrust the NRA and they have been accused of being America's foremost proponents of gun control. I have no doubt that Victim disarmers will be happy to simultaneously condemn the ATF for selling out and create/deepen a divide between the NRA's leaders and its members and other pro gun groups.

The real problem is that Congress needs to do a whole lot of repealing. They need to repeal the sporting purpose test, they need to repeal the 1933 NFA, and most importantly, they need to repeal the War on Drugs. Simply by doing this last they can end so many of the gang related killings over drug distribution that our national murder rate would probably be cut in half.

Unrelated to the issues of gun violence, gun control, and gun rights, this would also help end the trend of our police forces becoming armies of occupation and the push to extra Constitutional government.

Until then, even our best friends will from time to time be dragged into Devil's deals with corrupt agencies such as the ATF. We will never be able to trust them whether they are selling us out or trying to save what they can.

Exactly what our enemies want.

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