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Number 817, April 12, 2015

Rush, you are a glow-in-the-dark statist asshole.
If we had to rely on you for freedom, we'd all be
in chains, electrocuted into insensibility, covered
with bruises, and dripping with Mace and pepper
spray. You have become a first class copsucker.

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“The 'Greatest Generation' is the one that ABOLISHED the USA military draft.”
by Dennis Wilson

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

"The 'Greatest Generation' is the one that ABOLISHED the Involuntary Military Servitude (Military Conscription), imposed by the USA Government." Conscription SHOULD have been EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN in the Bill of Rights. The 'Greatest Generation' accomplished what the Founding Fathers overlooked.

The 'Greatest Generation' lived both inside and outside of the USA military, during and after the undeclared and illegal Vietnam War. It takes an incredible amount of courage to stand up to the government that claims to own you--and they did it and they won! Sadly, the generations that followed and benefited the most, have FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE this achievement and have instead glorified the murder, mayhem, blind obedience and outright gullibility of generations prior to Vietnam, especially those who allowed themselves to become needlessly entangled, by the USA government, in the two world wars of the 20th Century, and the undeclared and illegal war in Korea.

Because of the 'Greatest Generation', my children and your children (and perhaps even you!) were NOT threatened with the compulsory USA military slavery that I had to endure, and that more than 58,000 of my peers did not survive.

Because of the 'Greatest Generation'--and in spite of continuous illegals wars--our children did not INVOLUNTARILY become just another soon-forgotten name on some weathered gravestone or a war monument in the District of Criminals. Instead, our children and their children have a REAL chance to "BE all that you can BE".

military dead
You cannot "BE all that you can BE" when you are dead.

The 'Ultimate Generation' will be the one that completes the job started by the 'Greatest Generation'.

The 'Ultimate Generation' will abolish the greatest scourge of mankind: Involuntary Civilian Servitude to Government**.


** Government is an UN-necessary EVIL. It is the scourge of mankind. During the 20th Century, governments murdered more than 200 MILLION of THEIR OWN citizens. Governments have created a surplus of the least desirable things on earth—violence, destruction and dead human bodies.

See Government: The Scourge of Mankind and Security and Justice WITHOUT government and What IS The Bare Minimum...? for more details.

*The 'Greatest Generation' was originally published on Dennis Wilson's web/blog/forum where additional supporting material exists and will continue to be added when it becomes available. Thoughtful comments are solicited.

Permission to redistribute this article, or any portion of it, is herewith granted by the author—provided that appropriate credit is given.

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