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L. Neil Smith's
Number 817, April 12, 2015

Rush, you are a glow-in-the-dark statist asshole.
If we had to rely on you for freedom, we'd all be
in chains, electrocuted into insensibility, covered
with bruises, and dripping with Mace and pepper
spray. You have become a first class copsucker.

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Re: "An Historic Shift of Priorities" by L. Neil Smith

Vietnam was beyond needless.

Ho Chi Minh had been a US ally during WWII, and had asked the US for help evicting the French. He was ignored.

The Russians didn't ignore him.

Best regards,

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Re: "A Cure for the Police Problem" by L.Neil Smith (in this issue)

Since I happen to be living where the local PD had to sweat out getting dragged into a war with drug cartels and needed the "toys" I can tell you that it ain't the toys.

Two problems that led to the current mess in the US with PD's are the granting of power to act with impunity and the police having the role of army of occupation. As long as these two prevail police would be dangerous with billy clubs and revolvers, shotguns optional. AR 15's and armored cars make these two attitudes more dangerous, but without tyrannical intent these toys they leave me unimpressed.

Re Tasers: It's legal for civilians to buy and carry tasers in Texas without a license. My beef remains as follows: some years ago EPPD officers shot and killed a mentally deficient man who was behaving belligerently. About a month later they tasered one of their own who was acting the same way. Why did the cops kill a civilian and stun one of their own.

A.X. Perez

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