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Number 815, March 29, 2015

Science is like mathematics; it isn't
anything you can chose to believe in or not

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John Adams described the mob confronting the soldiers at the Boston massacre as "a motley rabble of saucy boys, Negroes, and mulattos, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tars...shouting and hazing and threatening life...whistling, screaming, and rending an Indian yell... throwing every species of rubbish the could pick up in the street."

Many, if not all of them, including Crispus Attucks, were not honest citizens going about their honest affairs. They were not peaceably assembled. Nevertheless, those killed in the Massacre are considered heroes and martyrs in the Founding Fathers' struggle for their rights as free Englishmen and later "Independency."

The African American Community view the police as an occupying Army whose purpose is to "keep them in their place," not necessarily enforcers of the law protecting Honest Citizens going about their lawful business. The AAC questions whether young Black Men killed in certain recent events were criminals killed as an unfortunate accident of the police enforcing just laws or victims of a plot to "keep them in their place."

Many Conservatives and Libertarians have expressed concern about a need to arm themselves to resist a tyrannical Government. We view many homicides by police as an attempt to force the American people to surrender their freedom by intimidation. If anyone should get Black distrust of the Gendarmery it's us.

The thing is violent crime, including the murder of police, has been in a two decade long decline. The only category of killing that went up in 2013 was justifiable homicide by police, Police departments and other Law Enforcement agencies are militarizing to the point that veteran LEO's find absurd.

I can't help but finding the following quote more and more appropriate in discussing police militarization with political conspiracy theorists:

Burt: And people called me paranoid.
Jack: Uh, I don't think you're paranoid!
Miguel: I do... [Under his breath]
Miguel: ...but not no more.

From Tremors 3

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