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L. Neil Smith's
Number 813, March 15, 2015

[Police] are not our friends, no matter
what the NRA or anyone says. They are the
pointy end of the spear of dictatorship.
They are exactly the standing army that
the Founding Fathers didn't want.

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NO Loopholes!

TJ Mason's No Loopholes amendments include: All bills read in full prior to public debates.

In full.

If they want to write 3000 page bills that take 50 hours to read aloud, they have to be there to listen while all 3000 pages are read. Not at home with their families (or constituents, or mistresses, or whatever). Not on junkets. Not at committee hearings. In the chamber listening. Or their vote is cast as negative—not null, negative.

Take that, Speaker "You have to pass the bill to see what's in it."

PS—The President has to publicly read the final bill as passed before signing, also.

In a message dated 3/12/2015 10:14:10 A.M. Central Daylight Time,

Some marginally intelligent aide writes the bills, critters don't read them, THEN they complain when it doesn't say what they think it should say. Is this a great system?

T.J. Mason

"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child."—Cicero, 46 B.C.

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End the rule of nidderling spalpeens

The M 855 ammo debate is a mess. First the BATFE was accused with banning the popular 5.56 NATO ammo without going through proper procedure. The agency admitted this was a mistake and that M855 was not banned yet. The People and Congress have made it clear they oppose the ban. The White House and VD (Victim Disarmers) favor it. Law enforcement officer unions said the cops it's intended to protect don't want it.

The ban goes back to an old law passed in the 1980's that was designed to ban pistol ammo that could defeat body armor commonly used by police. It was made extremely clear this did not apply to rifle ammo, even if pistols were later made chambered for that munition.

Several common military surplus calibers have been banned by the Batfreaks based on this law, obviously in defiance of the laws wording. They claimed that pistols had been chambered that used these rounds. So why shouldn't they do the same with M855?

Because this time we pushed back. Three principals are at stake here. One, there are rules, if the VD want to use executive action to enforce our disarmament, they still need to follow the proper procedure. Two, it's time Congress reasserted itself and stripped the ATF of the power to ban or define weapons, in fact, strip the bureaucracy of the power to legislate by bureaucratic fiat. Ad last and sure as hell not least the right to keep and bear arms is absolute, it is a God given right, it is a right the US Government swore to respect and in fact enforce in exchange for its existence, and no nidderling spalpeen cull in a suit in Foggy Bottom has the moral or legal authority to fuck with it.

A.X. Perez

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