"Gun Control" is Illegal
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Number 812, March 8, 2015
This isn't brain science here,
folks; it isn't rocket surgery.

by Rex May

Down With Power Audiobook!
The Down With Power audiobook read by Brian Wilson
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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
A cyberpamphlet by L. Neil Smith


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Patrick K Martin, and T.J. Mason

"Gun Control" is Illegal
by L. Neil Smith
Before we begin this,let me warn you that I am not a lawyer. My principal qualifications in the context that follows are that I know a lot about history, and I can read. I've also spent a lot of time on state and national platform committees, to the extent that the leaders of a famous libertarian think-tank, more concerned with how the LP might be perceived by contributors, than with truth or justice, deliberately kept me off the national platform committee one year. I spent the time more profitably, sitting in the hotel lobby with Karl Hess, talking about shotguns. He was extremely fond of the Street Sweeper.

Free-Market Filmmaking
by Josh Bell
J. Neil Schulman's Alongside Night is at the forefront of libertarian cinema "I like to say I live between Art Bell and the brothels," jokes Pahrump-based filmmaker J. Neil Schulman, whose second feature, Alongside Night, is pitched somewhere in that same middle ground. Based on Schulman's own 1979 novel, which was praised by the likes of Ron Paul and Glenn Beck (but also A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess), Alongside Night is an unabashedly political sci-fi thriller, a libertarian manifesto that recalls Atlas Shrugged—both Ayn Rand's 1957 novel and the recent movie trilogy.

The Norseman's Diaries: Close Call / Light at the End of the Tunnel
by Jeff Fullerton
I want my Global Warming! That could be my next Norseman's Diary entry I thought earlier this week. I was not planning to do another one for a while on the grounds that I'd really like to write about something else and the readership might get tired of hearing about the winter blues. But the weather continues to insist on being so damned newsworthy!

Spooky Action At A Distance
by L. Neil Smith
Suppose that you were a primitive inhabitant of a desert island in the Pacific Ocean, and that, from time to time, you saw, far away on the blue horizon, the outline of what we would refer to as luxury cruisers. As Thomas Hobbes might have told you, if you'd been listening, if you weren't an isolated and ignorant savage, life on your island is nasty, brutish, and short. But you don't need Thomas Hobbes to tell you that, as you take off your loinclth to shake the fleas out of it. Somehow you sense that it might be different for the people on the ships.

Neale's Gun Rant for 3-8-2015
by Neale Osborn
Mama Liberty starts us out this week, and only mentions guns once. Instead, she focuses on the concept of "authority", and why it doesn't exist the way you think it does. "Do you smile every day?" is the question she asks, and the title of this little piece.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 318
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 318 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act


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A Word from the Publisher

Gawsh! All of a sudden, I feel like a Hollywood gossip columnist. Rumor has it that the same outfit that produced and is distributing Atlas Shrugged has acquired some thirty million dollars for distribution rights to fifteen other independent flicks.

The one problem, for libertarians, is that not one of these entertainments contains values that Ayn Rand would recognize, let alone approve of,

It has been suggested, and we strongly urge that one of those fifteen films to be promoted be J. Neil Schulman's recent film of his first novel, Alongside Night. starring Kevin Sorbo.

So ... next time you get a promotional e-mail from these folks, as I do almost every day, put in a word or two for Alongside Night. History will thank you, and so will a couple of Neils.

L. Neil Smith
The Libertarian Enterprise

See also the "Free-Market Filmmaking" article in this issue.

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