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Number 811, March 1, 2015
Live Long. And, Prosper!

Racist Monster
Racist Monster

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Down Like Dogs
by L. Neil Smith
Humankind and caninekind became best friends somewhere between eleven and sixteen thousand years ago, according to Wikipedia. As a student of history and archaeology, I've always believed that it was longer ago than that, but for the time being, let's accept that number.

Are We in the "End Days"
by Jeff Colonnesi
Are we in the "End Days"? No, I don't mean in the biblical sense. The end days of the republic. There have always been those who wailed and gnashed their teeth when the opposing party came into power. They claimed that their political opponents would destroy everything good in the country. Usually, it's a bunch of statist hot air. But now....

The Future of Islam and the West
by Sean Gabb
Note: This is the introductory speech that I gave on the 27th February 2015. Since no one tried to chop my head off for saying what I thought, I became bolder in my answers to the questions from the audience and in my disagreements with other members of the panel. I spoke far more bluntly about the supposed limits to freedom of speech. I even pointed out, by way of a lecture on Byzantine history and the Crusades, that, unless seriously weakened by some other force, or divided against itself, Christendom had always won its wars with Islam; and that anyone who spoke glibly back at me "about irreconcilable differences of paradigm" should be careful that he was not moving towards a conflict that had so far hardly begun and that his side would assuredly lose.

On the Death of Leonard Nimoy
by Dave Beers
I have been considering the passing of Leonard Nimoy today. What his portrayal of Spock meant, how it affected the lives he touched, the legacy that portrayal gave us. Star Trek:TOS came on the air in the fall of 1966, to a country that was beginning to weary of the seemingly interminable war in Vietnam; to a culture beginning to change from the innocence of the 50's, and to an audience that had been told (by and large) to be embarrassed by any interest in rockets, space aliens and ray guns! After all, those were childish, Saturday morning, pulp fare that no reasonable adult should find any interest in!

by Sean Gangol
Not too long ago a few Islamic extremists took it upon themselves to murder ten staff members of the controversial French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, for showing an unflattering cartoon of their beloved Muhammad. This wasn't the first time that the paper found itself clashing with radical Muslims for petty insults against their prophet. This time the clash resulted in a blood bath.

Leonard Nimoy and Me
by J. Neil Schulman
Let's start this with a practical joke that I collaborated on with Leonard Nimoy as the target. In May, 1974 I was a young writer living in Manhattan, and I'd just started working on my first novel, a few years later published as Alongside Night. One of my friends was Michael Moslow, another writer who circled around the NYU Science Fiction Society and its two founders, Samuel Edward Konkin III (at that time an NYU post-graduate student in Theoretical Chemistry) and another NYU post-graduate student, Richard Friedman.

Leonard Nimoy
by L. Neil Smith
This week we lost one of our most familiar and welcome figures of popular culture, Leonard Nimoy, who, for just short of fifty years had been bringing a unique character, the Vulcan half-alien Mr. Spock, to us. At 83, he died of COPD, although he stopped smoking thirty years ago.

Neale's Doubled-Up Gun Rant for 2-22-2015 & 3-1-2015
by Neale Osborn
I'd like to start out with an apology/explanation. Ok, it's not an apology. I never apologize for putting family in front of you fine folks. AS my regular readers already know, we're going through some bad times with my father. There are days when the COPD reduces his O2 saturation to the point a regular person would be passed out and the ambulance called. Because he LIVES with O2 levels that kill lesser mortals, when his levels DROP, he gets bad. And last week, they fell through the basement. You and I live at 95-100% sats. We'd be woozy at 80%, and passed out before we hit 60%. Pop lives at 50-55%. Last Friday, when I wasn't working on this rant, he was at 38%. Which means he could not form coherent sentences, his thoughts wandered, and he got alternately sad, confused, and nasty. I was there. We thought we would lose him by morning. He refused to go to the hospital, and we would never force him—he's pretty damned forceful that he does not want machinery to keep him alive. Soooo, I got up every hour to check on him all night. And in the morning, he was back to normal. Well, normal for him. 53%. By Saturday night, he was a touch confused again, down to 42%, but again, back to 54% by morning. We're gonna lose him, sooner or later. He's had 76 hard years, and when he goes, I hope you'll read my tribute to him. He's not perfect. In fact, he's kind of a prick. But he's my Pop, and I love him. Go to the link, and listen to the song. Don't blame ME if it makes you cry. [Link].

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 317
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 317 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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An interesting view of American soldiers at this link.

I've been completely confused by all this neutrality stuff. But it does look a lot like "We're from the government and we're here to help you."

Here's Jerry Pournelle on "Net Neutrality":

Nevertheless, here are three reasons I'm against Net Neutrality legislation.

I Want More Competition

Proponents of Net Neutrality say the telecoms have too much power. I agree. Everyone seems to agree that monopolies are bad and competition is good, and just like you, I would like to see more competition. But if monopolies are bad, why should we trust the U.S. government, the largest, most powerful monopoly in the world? We're talking about the same organization that spent an amount equal to Facebook's first six years of operating costs to build a health care website that doesn't work, the same organization that can't keep the country's bridges from falling down, and the same organization that spends 320 times what private industry spends to send a rocket into space. Think of an industry that has major problems. Public schools? Health care? How about higher education, student loans, housing, banking, physical infrastructure, immigration, the space program, the military, the police, or the post office? What do all these industries and/or organizations have in common? They are all heavily regulated or controlled by the government. On the other hand we see that where deregulation has occurred, innovation has bloomed, such as with telephony services. Do you think we'd all be walking around with smartphones today if the government still ran the phone system?

The U.S. government has shown time after time that it is ineffective at managing much of anything. This is by design. The Founders intentionally created a government that was slow, inefficient, and plagued by gridlock, because they knew the greatest danger to individual freedom came from a government that could move quickly -- too quickly for the people to react in time to protect themselves. If we value our freedom, we need government to be slow. But if government is slow, we shouldn't rely on it to provide us with products and services we want in a timely manner at a high level of quality. The telecoms may be bad, but everything that makes them bad is what the government is by definition. Can we put "bad" and "worse" together and end up with "better"?

For more and for reasons 2 & 3, go to: here.

And Verizon said it all (in morse code and typed manually with a bad fabric ribbon).

I laughed until I cried.

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