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L. Neil Smith's
Number 808, February 8, 2015

Solved problems are a dire threat to politicians
who subsist on promising to solve problems they
themselves have usually caused.

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Last of the Red hot Reds
by A.X. Perez

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I have spent the last couple of weeks meditating on President Obama's State of the Union Speech. I have sought grokking, and grokking is. The answer I received is unsatisfactory, but it is the only possible answer.

Barrack Obama is a good old fashioned, unapologetic, class war fighting commie. And by the way, good on him for being such. There is an intellectual honesty to his taking this stand, and arguably statist capitalists need the like of him to scare them honest and be their conscience.

However, it seems the press and the Democratic Party have spent the last six years covering up this fact. They've praised his successes, commiserated on his failures, criticized or supported his policies. They've documented his struggles with a backstabbing Congress. They've accused his opponents of being racist. They've torn into his military adventurism.

They've never called him a good old fashioned etc., etc.. Hell, they did their best to cover it up. And then The Blessed Leader (for better or worse he is this country's leader and his name means blessed) clearly, unequivocally announces a program of providing goodies for the working class and middle class by robbing the rich.

A while back his supporters started to admit that he wasn't the Messiah. Now it's time for them to call him what he is: America's first *and hopefully last) unabashedly Communist President.

The last of the red hot Reds.

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