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Number 806, January 25, 2015
We do have some advantages the other side is
lacking, among them, a working sense of humor.
Republicans haven't had a sense of humor for
a century. They no longer cherish any beliefs,
and they're sensitive about it.

by Rex May

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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
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Letters to the Editor
Letter from A.X. Perez, L. Neil Smith, Mark Leigh, Tyrone Johnson, Neale Osborne, Jim Woosley, and Jeff Colonnesi

Are You Good Enough for Freedom?
by L. Neil Smith
I saw a bumper sticker being advertised the other day, meant for the time when Barack Obama finally leaves office, that simply said "The End Of An Error". Although I fully appreciate and heartily sympathize with the sentiment, I fundamentally disagree with it. One only needs a glance at the platter of evil, stupid, and insane choices that the Republican Party plans to offer the American public in the next general election, to realize that they are the political equivalent of Michelle Obama's school lunches, boring. insipid, and unsavory.

Just Because the Government Says So, Doesn't Make it So
by J. Neil Schulman
After watching the Ross Ulbricht trial kick off last week in Manhattan over his role in Silk Road, I felt compelled to share these views. As a Hollywood/Las Vegas-based novelist and filmmaker of "Alongside Night," this story brings up a debate over online commerce and the dangers of too much government regulation.

The Atheist Experience Folly
by Sean Gangol
In one of my last articles I noted that many atheists seem to reserve their skepticism for God and the supernatural, but seem to have blind faith when it comes to government. That notion seemed to be reinforced on a recent episode of "The Atheist Experience." The Atheist Experience is a cable access show that was created by an atheist organization in Austin, Texas. It is a show where viewers call in to discuss a wide range of issues with the hosts. On this particular episode they had a libertarian caller who tried in vain to get his message across to the show's hosts, Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris about the evils of the initiation of force. I have seen a few prior episodes on YouTube and I would have to say that these two, along with various other hosts of the show are usually pretty good at holding their own when it comes to debating theists. Unfortunately it seemed like they reached some level of ignorance when it came to libertarianism.

Calling All True Believers: The Welfare State Will NOT Set You Free
by Jeff Fullerton
The promise of the free lunch is a dangerous delusion and I've got proof. Found it on a blog called "Dangerous Minds" with an article titled: "Class War for Idiots: Libertarianism = Assholism".

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 312
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 312 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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Woe is me, I'm moving like an old man. Well, more like an old man than usual. I up and fell down a couple days ago. Didn't break anything, but brused myself pretty good and sprung some joints a bit. Of course, I am and old man, so I better get good at it. This includes not falling down. I will endever to attempt to succeed.

So, that's why this ish is a bit late. Not a lot, but some.

Is America over? Sometimes it does seem so. Here's this:

American Entrepreneurship: Dead or Alive?
by Jim Clifton
Chairman and CEO of Gallup

The U.S. now ranks not first, not second, not third, but 12th among developed nations in terms of business startup activity. Countries such as Hungary, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Israel and Italy all have higher startup rates than America does.

We are behind in starting new firms per capita, and this is our single most serious economic problem. Yet it seems like a secret. You never see it mentioned in the media, nor hear from a politician that, for the first time in 35 years, American business deaths now outnumber business births.
Read more

And then there is this from Shooting Sports News:

Armed Robber Killed; Armed man would not be searched
by Dean Weingarten

In Milwaukee, on Friday, the 9th of January, an armed robber was shot and killed as he was patting down men that he was robbing in the Level Up Barber Shop. One of them did not wait to be patted down. He drew his legally carried pistol and shot the robber. The robber died. No one else was hurt.

It is very difficult for an armed robber to keep track of
a number of people all at once, while doing everything else he has to do to get the loot and escape. They almost always become distracted by something, giving a legally armed person an opportunity to stop the crime.
Read more

Somebody wrote me: "Obama has just signed Executive Order 13603, which gives him the right to institute Martial Law whenever he wants to." Okay, instead of "right" you meant "power" and he can proclaim Martial Law throughout the land, but who is going to enforce it? There are a lot more of us than them. A LOT more.

And finally, something completely different, from News From Musical America Worldwide:

A onetime child prodigy who has been giving recitals since age seven and performing concertos with orchestra since age ten, is to become the youngest member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra next fall. He is 21-year-old cellist Oliver Aldort, a not-quite-graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music. He'll get his diploma in the spring.

The former Tanglewood Music Center Fellow won the BSO audition against a pool of over 200 applicants. He succeeds Andrew Pearce.

Aldort, a native of Washington State, began studies on cello and piano at the age of six. He was co-principal cello of the Curtis Symphony Orchestra last season, and has performed at Verbier and Tanglewood, among other festivals. His all-star teacher roster includes Carter Brey, Peter Wiley, and Lynn Harrell.
Read more (paywalled:)

(Yes, I'm one of those Classical Music listeners—deal with it!)

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