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Number 805, January 18, 2015

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The Pope is a Dope
by L. Neil Smith

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The Roman Catholic Church apparently, has gotten itself stuck with another lemon. Judging from his recent public pronouncements, Pope Francis couldn't pour the traditional liquid out of a boot if the instructions were enscribed on the heel in Latin. I'm extremely sorry if saying that offends any of my Catholic friends, but you've gotta do something about this guy. He's an embarrassment, the Joseph Biden of religion.

Just for starters, the other day, he said, "in his most extensive and forible comments on the subject to date," while leaving carbon footprints fron Manila to Sri Lanka, that global warming is real, and that it's made by man, "who continually slaps down nature." This is particularly stupid, preaching about a phenomenon which has been as thoroughly discredited as phrenology, in a part of the world where tsunamis regularly make people believe that nature needs slapping down.

That's what he said to reporters, expressing a view that, according to the reporting source, a article by Andrew Freeman, "is consistent with mainstream climate-science findings." Apparently when yopu're professionally infallible, you don't have to worry about the truth.

The article, apparently derived from The Guardian, notes that "many people view the Earth as God's creation, and think it is arrogant to believe that humans could ever play such a dominant role over nature." It mentions Republican Senator Jim Imhofe, an evangelical Christian who holds that view. I strongly disagree. I know such things as terraformation, altering worlds (see my novels Pallas and Ceres and the forthcoming Ares) to support an Earthlike environment, is quite possible, but that we're just not doing it right now.

"We have, in a sense, lorded it over nature, over Sister Earth, over Mother Earth," the Pope pontificated (he's the only person on the planet who can actually do that), according to The Guardian. "I think man has gone too far," he then added. "Thank God that today there are voices that are speaking out about this." You mean like Algore, your Frankness?

Now, I'm not a Catholic,as you have probably deduced, by now. I'm not a Christian. The truth is that I think the whole idea of gods is silly, and was arrived at in much the same way as the idea of global warming. The Pope says he's disappointed by the non-results from various climate getogethers over the past few years, and has higher hopes for those to be held in Paris next December. He will be deeply disappointed. Again. The credibility of this particular bonnet-bee is fading fast. The whole event will be an international joke and probably take place in a half-filled auditorium with ten feet of snow outside.

Fundamentally, the man is ignorant. He despises capitalism, and vehemently denounes it as the cause of the gap between the world's rich and its poor, a gap that has grown ewider with the rise of socialism. He seems to know nothing of economics, and apparently wasn't ever shown that, under unfettered capitalism, wealth gets spread out more evenly, food, clothing, and shelter are easier to obtain, than at any other time, at any other place, under any other political system in history. What he's wasting his time and energy hating is pure human freedom.

Above all, he hates the simple freedom to communicate, not hard to understand, from a leader of the cult who tried to keep their central document, the Bible, in a secret code for almost two thousand years. Today, he rails angrily at "children" who waste too much time talking to one another on the Internet, or watching television. If Francis doesn't know that the Age of Authority is over, and that it was ended by the lateral communications the Internet makes possible, he's the first to experience its effects. Believe me, he's "squealin' from the feelin'".

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