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Re: "The Norseman's Diaries: Hell Returns—Nuke The Polar Bears!" by Jeff Fullerton

Norseman's Hell—The Day After

Again what a difference a day can make.
It really warmed up here after one last frigid night. Low 40s at least.
Fig trees and other plants along with the turtles were able to go back to the garage. The latter were wide awake despite the chilly water in their containers but appeared in good health so they got a water change before being put back to sleep.

The driveway got some calcium chloride salt and recycled aquarium substrate that is actually athletic field soil conditioner to melt ice and improve traction. Then checked the furnace.

Was trying to figure out why it was taking forever to catch up today despite the return of mild weather. The temperature indoors was still stuck at 66 degrees. It turned out to be bad airflow from a plugged grate. Heavy logs must have compacted the ash bed. Fixed it with a few pokes and shakes and put two new poplar logs under the chunk of black cherry.

So much for the theory that it was due to the combination of cold and lower performance burning green wood!

After tending the chickens and greenhouse I decided to go on a little shopping trip to the PetsMart in Greensburg to get some frozen krill and bloodworms for the fish and baby turtles that are not being hibernated—rather than going all the way to Elmer's on the outskirts of Pittsburgh and priced some generators at Lowe's. They've got an 8,000 Watt Troybilt for under a grand that can run for 10 to 12 hours on a single fill up. Just the thing to putting an end to playing Russian roulette with the inevitable power outage that I've been so lucky to avoid thus far. Definitely a good investment to protect my greenhouse and the plumbing and hot water radiator system in the house.

And then I went to the Edo Hibachi!

A really cool place with real Japanese chefs, chopping knives, flaming grills and the whole nine yards. Excellent food and a bit pricy too but was well worth the $30 plus tip and enjoyed it much better than just gorging myself at the New City Buffet. A fitting way to celebrate the departure of Norseman's Hell from Greater Appalachia!

Frost Giants don't let the door hit you on the way out!

But Bruce the Historian says not so fast. Winter is only about half over and the worst may be yet to come. My assumption that this might be the end of it was born in part—I confess—from wishful thinking!


fire fire

Jeff Fullerton

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