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Number 804, January 11, 2015

We will Never Give up Our Right to Freedom of Speech

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How's it working for ya?

In Texas you can:

A. legally carry a long gun any place firearms are not forbidden.

B. Legally keep a handgun hidden in your car except for on a school parking lot or engaged in a non traffic crime at the time.

C. Carry a concealed handgun with a license where firearms are not forbidden.

The main VA clinic in El Paso is on the grounds of William Beaumont Army Medical Center, where guns are forbidden by Federal Law. On January 6th 2015 a madman came to the clinic with a gun and shot a doctor dead then committed suicide.

How's them gun free zones working for ya? The killer had expressed animosity towards his victim more than a year earlier and appears to have a record that would not have blocked his purchasing weapons. How about them waiting periods and background checks. With that much planning time he could have done the (mis) deed with a kitchen knife or an "improvised weapon" that this author won't describe to avoid getting accused of giving people ideas and in case he has to ever improvise a weapon there is no need to let others know what he is capable of.

Gun control doesn't work, even in a city with a low murder rate. If memory serves, hand guns are used in some sixty-seventy percent of murders and about eighty percent of self defense killings by civilians, even in El Paso. Gun control would actually work in a negative manner.

A couple of millennia ago Jesus advised his followers to arm themselves, and he is called the Prince of Peace. If you want to live in peace and freedom, arm yourself, no matter how safe the town you live in.

A.X. Perez

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