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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant for the weeks of
11-23-2014 & 11-30-2014

by Neale Osborn & Tony

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I want to apologize to my readers for missing last week, but I am having an ongoing family problem—my 76 year old father is going downhill fast, and I've been commuting from western NY to central Jersey, on the shore (301 miles each way) every few days. So I haven't been able to really do this justice. Thus, my great friend, Tony, who has filled in for me once before, is going to do me a favor and fill in some of his own thoughts from here, down to Mama Liberty (where, normally speaking, I'd be starting this—but this one is what she sent me LAST week, which never got in! LOL). Tony will ALSO choose the quotes for this week. To all those, friends, friendly antagonists, and just antagonists, who have sent me moral support during this difficult time, I deeply appreciate it. It's been hard on Mom, and I just am spending more time with them to give her a break—my sisters (who live on the same property) cannot do it all. Besides, this is what family does. I hope to return by 12-6-2014. If I can't, I have an anti-gun friend who'd LOVE to fill in once—wouldn't that be interesting!!

As much as Neale's anti-gun friend would entertain us all, I have been given the privilege of stepping to the plate for Neale. I will keep my portion short and sweet—otherwise it would be a complete "Tony's Rant". Most of this rant is straight from the man himself, I am just making sure it gets out. I do apologize for being slightly late, but at least we got it out!

This week saw Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson exonerated in the shooting of Michael Brown. The significance of this is the fact that extraordinary steps were taken to ensure this shooting was lawful and in the line of duty. The system did what it was supposed to do—a Grand Jury reviewed the evidence, heard from the witnesses, and followed the law. Now we have mobs of people burning businesses, police cars, and basically vandalizing entire neighborhoods. Now I ask you, if you had a business in one of those districts and this business was your entire life, would you want some liberal gun-grabber telling you that you don't need a weapon capable of firing more than 10 rounds when it comes to defending yourself, your family, or your property? When people talk about magazine restrictions and restrictions of certain types of weapons, it really ticks me off. Here's why—the right to bear arms is laid out in our Constitution. The right to drive is not. Cars kill more people every year than guns. People can buy cars that go 3x the speed limit, but you want to tell me that I can't have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds? Are you kidding me??

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"—Unknown

"Do not tolerate, appease, accommodate, sacrifice, nor compromise. These all lead to apathy, which is the death of any nation."—Horace

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the restraint of the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."—Thomas Paine

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."—Thomas Paine

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."—Plato

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."—Thomas Jefferson

Mama Liberty passed this on to me, and even though, as she said, it wasn't attributed when SHE received it, it was worth passing on.


PLEASE NOTE: I did not write this piece. It was so right on and complete that I didn't even comment on it except to ask for attribution. I don't know who wrote it, but I'd like to find out.

Five NEVERs of Self-Defense Posted on November 20, 2014 by MamaLiberty From an email forward, no attribution. It is, however, so important that I thought I'd post it anyway. If you know who wrote this, please let me know in comments. Mama Liberty

Do read it.

Now, we all KNOW the Victim Disarmament Crowd will ignore these facts, just as they ignore the fact that violent crime is down since 1993 while gun purchases have been on the increase (over 100 million in that same period). [Link]

Notice that the title isn't gun laws and gun death rates. Unlike the sleazy spinmeisters at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign I'm not cherry picking data to make a false point. In their 2013 State Scorecard Why Gun Laws Matter they claim that gun control works because there is allegedly a 70% overlap of strict gun control and low gun death rates. Reality looks a little different.

Thanks to Darren Wolfe for the link.

In honor of this un-named Mom, I call this "Well Armed American Mom" Column today. [Link]

A Columbus, Ohio mom and her 13-year-old son have been living in fear for several years, since Kevin Hayden and his friends chose them as targets. Hayden and some other thugs even broke into her house, and in fear for their lives, the mom decided to arm herself. She got a license and bought a gun, and last week, she used it.

The woman, who prefers not to be named, went with her boy to their neighborhood convenience store. Hayden was there with another man. The two opened fire and shot the son in both feet. The mom pulled her own gun and returned fire. Hayden and his companion ran away, still firing weapons.

Hayden was arrested and is now being held on $250,000 bond. Charges against the other man are pending. Police say the shooting was justified, as the heroic mom was acting to defend her son and herself. Her son has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

I say "Good job, Mom. And keep up the good work." And here's another good Mom.

This makes it clear that liberal anti-gunners wish to deny Americans the right LEARN from history by simply eliminating parts they do not like. This will, of course, cause people to repeat history—especially the bad choices. The latest attempt to change history comes from Washington State's new anti-Constitutional laws passed this November. [Link]

According to the director of Washington's Lynden Pioneer Museum, the state's strict gun laws are forcing him to get rid of 11 guns currently on display. The specific law in question, Initiative 594, makes it illegal to transfer firearms outside of antiques and transactions among family members without background checks. Since there is no exemption included for museum exhibits, Troy Luginbill said he has no choice but to return the borrowed rifles to their owners.

"I read through the law about 10 different times looking for a loophole," he explained.

The guns on loan from various collectors have been displayed as part of a World War II exhibit that includes a number of artifacts from the era. A major draw, Luginbill said, is a collection of firearms including an anti-tank rifle and a rifle manufactured by Japan but used by an American during the war.

The law will make it illegal to display the guns as of Dec. 4, he alleges, so he has taken steps to encourage those interested in seeing the display to visit before that date.

Isn't this just the height of asininity?

Okay, let us preface this with a disclaimer—we do not support "Easing" gun laws or "allowing new machine guns to be added to the registry (what is necessary to make them "transferable") " because ALL these laws were and are anti-Constitutional. The laws need to disappear totally. That being said... this lawsuit may well return newly manufactured machineguns to the ( wealthy) gun collector/shooters of America. IF, of course, you can afford the (anti-Constitutional) transfer fees and licenses and taxes and regulations and.... [Link]

They didn't say anything about trusts or corporations owning machine guns.

And as TPNN reported:

With that in mind, citizens have already attempted to file for new registrations and one even succeeded; however, when the ATF caught-on to their bureaucratic snafu, they quickly revoked the first authorized registration of a machine gun seen in nearly 30 years.

Using that incident, a lawsuit has been filed in Dallas, Texas, in federal court challenging the ATF statutes and naming Attorney General Eric Holder and ATF Director B. Todd Jones as defendants.

Citing the famous Heller case that affirmed the right to use commonly-used weapons such as the weapons issued to our troops, the lawsuit appears designed to chip-away at the shoddy legal justification for prohibiting the registration of full-auto firearms.

This lawsuit was meant to expose a chink in the law and further open up the case to own machine guns.

One supposes it is a step in the correct direction... maybe.

This one amazes me. A navy vet is told he's a terrorist for posting pictures... of DHS cars lined up in a hotel garage, and asking if they might be tied to the forthcoming verdict in Ferguson. [Link]

The following day, Paffrath was ordered to remove the photos by his boss Jeff Baker, the General Manager of the hotel. Paffrath complied with the demand and immediately removed the images, but the next day he was called in to a meeting with Jim Bohnert, Director of Security for Drury Hotels Company, LLC.

Bohnert, who previously worked for the Secret Service, told Paffrath that his actions had jeopardized a $150,000 dollar contract the hotel had with the DHS and that the Navy veteran had committed an action of terrorism by posting the photos.

"You're a terrorist and you have dishonorably served your country by posting the photos and video," Bohnert told Paffrath, adding that if Paffrath re-posted the photos and video he will, "have the federal government knocking on your door and you will be incarcerated."

Paffrath subsequently re-posted the photographs on Facebook before commenting, "so apparently, I'm a terrorist lol."

Gotta love his attitude. Non Sibi Sed Patriae! ( the official Navy Motto) I guess Bohnert, who used to be a US SS agent, forgets about that pesky old 1st Amendment.

And here is the next segment from this week's "Well Armed Americans". While she ignored our warning about warning shots, she will not face prosecution. [Link]

A Colorado Springs resident faced every woman's nightmare last week when a man broke into her rented home. The home invader first tried to break in through the back door. When he was not successful, he used a brick to break a window and attempted to climb in. The 59-year-old woman, who lives alone, yelled out that she had a gun, but the man kept advancing on her. She fired a warning shot into a wall, then shot him twice.

Police responded to a 911 call just after midnight about a burglary in progress with shots fired. Officers arrived on the scene and found Eduardo Gonzalez-Ortiz, 32, on the ground with a gunshot wound. He died later at a local hospital.

Nicely done, ma'am. But next time, skip the warning shot—you never know where it will stop.

Not too many people consider me a big military supporter. And they are right—sorta. I do not support the things we send our military to do. But the people who answered our call, and did what our elected representatives demanded, deserve our support even if we oppose the job they were ordered to do. As long as they didn't violate the rules we set up for them. (NO, I do not agree with those laws, but that isn't part of this particular bit). I have grandfathers, uncles, a father, and others in my family who served. And I'll be damned if I will support crap like this on the day we have set aside to thank them for their service. [Link] And all in the name of whiney-assed anti-Constitutionalists and their fear-mongering BS.

For the first time in eighty years, the Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin has cancelled its annual Veterans Day ceremony. The tradition includes a 21-gun salute, and anti-gun activists have protested the firing of rifles, even though the guns contain blanks. Tim Libham, Executive Director of Administration for the district, told WEAU Television:

There are just some conditions that we have to adhere to and the shooting of guns, even with blanks, is something we don't feel is appropriate given society, and the concerns that we have and that community has, on school premises.

Commenters on the school district's Facebook page reflected support for the veterans and outrage over the cancellation.

These "activists" (read "useless scumbags") should have been ignored, and the salute gone forward.

Just for the accidental gun death liars out there, claiming that accidental deaths from guns are climbing, we point out the following. [Link]

The National Safety Council, which publishes data on accidental deaths, has released a report titled Unintentional Firearms Fatalities Remain at Historically Low Levels. According to The National Shooting Sports Foundation, NSC data shows accidental gun deaths continue to decline sharply.

Over the past two years accidental gun-related fatalities have declined 57 percent, from 1,409 in 1992 to only 600 in 2012. Fewer than half a percent of all unintentional fatalities in the United States involve guns. In a side-by-side comparison of all causes of accidental injuries, guns rank among the lowest.

Put THAT in your stats and smoke it.

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