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Number 798, November 23, 2014

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She'd be my Grandfather
by A.X. Perez

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This is not a statement of support for our "Blessed Leader". (As you know, "Barack" literally means" Blessed".) Nor is it a statement of support or condemnation of the policies announced by him on Thursday 20 November 2014. Nor at this time do I wish to comment on America's existing immigration laws and policies.

Even before Mr. Obama made his speech Members of Congress were condemning whatever he would say, and later what he did say, as an usurpation of Congressional authority. To a degree they are and will right. However, since 2001, President Bush asked Congress for an immigration reform law. President Obama has asked for the same. Rather than pass such legislation or claiming existing law was adequate and did not need to be superseded Congress has stalled for 13 years.

Liberals have called for compassion. Conservatives have called for a need to tighten Border security before making any reform of Border Security. Between them they've admitted that there is need for reform and then turned around and done nothing. In an attack of total fecklessness they have done nothing, especially anything like carrying out their admitted duty.

Surprise, surprise, Blessed Leader has acted under existing law to delay the deportation of some four million illegal immigrants. He has done their job, a job they lacked the moral sense of responsibility to carry out. Congressional fecklessness has led to the arrogation of legislative power by the executive.

Gaius came to power in Rome when the Senate did the same thing, power his adopted son Octavius consolidated. The current Congress is following the path taken by the Roman Senate. Hopefully the next one won't.

Hopefully Congress will stop acting like Grandmothers. As in the saying "If my Grandmother had..."

Before they provide a wannabe tyrant wih a reasonable pretext to take over.

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