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Neale's Gun Rant for 9-28-2014
by Neale Osborn

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First, a joke passed to me by Mama Liberty, cuz it's just damn funny, then the serious from her.

GUN CONTROL It has already started at Cabela's Sporting Goods when I shopped there yesterday.. When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun powder and bullets, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me." Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wackos running amuck, I did just as she had instructed. When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to how I should place my credit card in the card-reader. I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future. They need to make their instructions to us seniors a little clearer. I still don't think I looked that bad.

OKAY, wipe the coffee stains off the monitor, and let's get to the wisdom of Mama Liberty. [Link]

Yesterday I was visiting a blog and read an article describing one person's admonition NOT to have a "plan" for self defense. The discussion that followed was very interesting, and quite long, and I suggest you go to the link above to read it since I won't attempt to reconstruct any of the argument.

However, I think it is important to clarify this point in my own last article. After reading it over, in light of the above mentioned discussion, I can see where the need for, and limitations of, planning might be quite confusing to some folks, especially those new to self defense.

The person writing at TTAG had a number of excellent points, but neglected (I think) to make much effort to differentiate between the many kinds and levels of planning—so it appeared to most of us that he discouraged any sort of planning. I seriously doubt that was his actual intent, but I fear too many people will not read the subsequent comments that pretty well clarify it.

Go to her article, finish it. And DO follow the link—that piece is tres interressant.

Never let it be said I do not stand up for the good cops, however few there may be. [Link]

Earlier this year, 54 Colorado Sheriffs attempted to sue the state of Colorado when Colorado joined states like NY, NJ, and CA by introducing some extremely restrictive gun laws.

Though the sheriffs were stopped by a federal judge who said sheriffs can't sue elected officials, it hasn't stopped these sheriffs, and many like them, from taking matters into their own hands to defend the second amendment.

Sheriffs across the U.S. have been making steady and consistent moves to work to protect the second amendment.

In the United States, sheriffs are elected officials who receive their appointment from the people. Close to 3,080 sheriffs nationwide are elected to their positions, whereas many other law enforcement agencies see their leaders coming to power through appointments, often times the result of connections and persuasion.

A large number of these sheriffs are looking at how they can best help those who put them in office and many are making moves to help protect their constituents' gun rights, either through legislation, or non-enforcement.

If YOUR local sheriff is one of these, support him when he stands up for you. I can't do it for mine, because while he IS standing up for the 2nd Amendment, he's fond of stealing federal dollars and military equipment.

What a shame....... As we all know by now, Eric Holder, Ass-torney General of the United States, has resigned his position. No one is mourning the loss of such a useless piece of shit. in fact, the only regrets I have heard are that he'll probably never be charged for all the times he has violated the Constitution, and that if Obama has his way (and the opening) The POS will wind up on the SCOTUS, or at least a Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mr. Lewis should know better than to stop a thief—thieves have to eat, too. Besides, Mr. Lewis is 89 years old, the thief young—Mr. Lewis should have let the youngster go—89 is old enough!! [Link]

These are the kinds of pro-gun stories anti-gun advocates really don't want Americans to hear.

When 89-year-old Arthur M. Lewis was working at his jewelry shop, he was accosted by a 44-year-old suspect, a man nearly half his age.

The decorated survivor of numerous pacific theater battles was not about to be taken down by someone half his age, and he certainly wasn't going to let the fact that the gun-wielding assailant came in armed stop him in his tracks.

While Lewis was behind the counter, the would-be thief came in and pulled out a revolver on the "old man."

As soon as the gun was out, he grabbed the man's revolver and the instinctively pulled out his own pistol.

Lewis had a .38 caliber handgun he used to defend himself, and soon, the situation escalated into a full-on physical fight. Wrestling around with the man, Lewis managed to shoot him 6 times, while the attacker managed to squeeze of a few shots as well.

Hasn't this old man done enough damage to the local criminal populace?

As the Atlantic Journal—Constitution noted, this wasn't the first time he's had a scuffle of this nature.

On Jan. 5, 2010, Brandon Jerard Johnson, 20, of Riviera Beach was arrested on charges of robbery with a firearm and attempted felony murder after he walked into The Jewelry Exchange and fired a shot point-blank at Lewis.

Lewis responded with five shots from his own gun, but no one was hurt.

So this wasn't Lewis's first rodeo.

This man is dangerous—to criminals. OOH RAH, Sir!

Here's a frigging surprise. [Link] A liberal gun control fanatic (who just so happens to have a CCW and does carry) carried his gun onto school property. Which I happen to support as his right (the carrying part). Carrying guns on campus, and arming teachers, happens to be a no-no according to this hypocrite. After being spotted carrying concealed, the campus is locked down, and he is eventually apprehended for violating the "Keep Victims Defenseless and Contained" er, "Gun Free School" Zone, a felony crime. And he gets... 100 hours of community service, and keeps his gun AND license.

Nevertheless, the activist asserted that he informed police he was armed prior to a search that revealed the gun. WIVB reported shortly after his arrest that felony charges against him for possessing a firearm on school grounds could have netted him 15 years behind bars.

Following his guilty plea, though, a judge decided to let him off with no jail time whatsoever.

Instead, State Supreme Court Justice John L. Michalek handed down a sentence demanding Ferguson perform 100 hours of community service and stay out of trouble for three years.

Wanna bet If you or I did this we'd be getting acquainted with Bubba by now? Here's the problem—He was well within his rights to carry wherever and whenever he wants. But it pisses me off that we see yet another example of "I'm better than you are—the laws I propose and support do not apply to ME!" Toss the fucking book at him.

Do you use "Square" (that little cube you can hook to your smart phone in order to take credit cards via phone)? Well, they don't want YOUR business if you sell guns, ammo, or parts. They started out just not taking internet sales of firearms and related supplies, but now, they have changed their rules in order to kow tow to the anti-Constitutional "Operation Chokepoint". [Link]

Last summer, around the same time the U.S. Department of Justice's Operation Choke Point began pressuring banks to drop customers who buy or sell firearms, tobacco and other goods considered "not acceptable" by the Obama administration, Square quietly changed its terms of agreement.

In an alert regarding a change of terms, Square notified vendors: will not accept payments in connection with the following businesses or business activities: ...sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury.

The new terms differ from Square's original terms of agreement, which banned only the "online" sales of firearms, a practice for which sites such as the popular eBay have long been criticized. (Square's terms, by the way, also prohibit the online sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products—goods that also are targeted by Operation Choke Point.)

Today, the Square's terms prohibit gun-shop owners from using the credit-card processor not only when they are conducting gun sales at their brick-and-mortar stores but even more so when they are offsite, representing their stores at gun shows where they often need the wireless Square Reader to ring up sales on smartphones or tablets. Gun show have been a target of anti-gun activists for nearly 20 years.

I'm tossed on this one for several reasons—First, I don't want to give money to ANY asshole that does not support my Constitutional rights—ANY of them. But I would love to get a Square, and sell guns using it for a while, then tell them what I'd done, just to piss them off. And I'm REALLY pissed off that Holder, who we all hate anyway, used the Justice Department to interfere in legal US businesses such as firearms sales, tobacco sales, and pornography sales, and he has gotten away with it. As we all know by now, the cocksucker has resigned (YAY!!!) but will probably go unpunished for his crimes (such as "Operation Gunrunner" and "Operation Chokepoint") BOO!

We discussed this a few weeks ago, and now, it is settled—the assault victim settles for 1.5 million dollars and the cop is allowed to resign. [Link] Funny, if I were videotaped doing this, I'd be jailed, probably on hate crime charges, AND sued into bankruptcy in a civil suit. But Mr. Piggy gets his legal bills paid by the PBA, the city pays his settlement, and he RESIGNS, which will most likely save his pension. Not much justice there, is it?

LOS ANGELES (AP)—A woman punched repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer in an incident caught on video will receive $1.5 million under a newly reached settlement, and the officer has agreed to resign.

CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow confirmed the settlement in an emailed statement Wednesday night and an attorney for Marlene Pinnock confirmed the terms for The Associated Press.

The settlement came after nine hours of mediation in Los Angeles.

Pinnock's attorney Caree Harper says they wanted to make sure the 51-year-old Pinnock could have financial stability for the rest of her life and wanted to make sure that Officer Daniel Andrew would not be an officer any longer.

The July 1 video of Andrew punching Pinnock by the side of a freeway was captured by a passing driver and spread widely on the internet and television.

Don't get me wrong, she deserves to be paid, but Mr. Piggy needs some time amongst his homeys in the pen to cure his constipation problems. NOT a cushy pension.

It's all over the place, even MSNBC has had to address it—Obama insults his Marine Honor Guard with his half-assed salute. No, it wasn't half-assed—it was fucking rude. I do not always come off as a huge military supporter—not because the men and women are some sort of lowlifes, but because I do not believe we should have a large standing military, and I do not support what our government keeps using them for. But the Marine honor Guard is NOT just there to look pretty—they are all fully armed with loaded weapons, and they are there for a damn good reason—to protect their Commander-in-Chief, with their lives, if necessary. And the President, as that CiC, IS THE HIGHEST RANKING MILITARY MAN IN THE COUNTRY. Whether we like it or not, there is a mode of military decorum that is to be followed by ALL military people. The President is NEVER in uniform, but he is the only military officer who gets, AND RETURNS a salute when not in uniform. I do not know, but I certainly do suspect, that each president is given a briefing on how to respond to his salutes. There have been many different ways to appropriately salute over the years, but one thing is for sure, it is NEVER appropriate for the saluting hand to contain ANYTHING IN IT. In my opinion, returning the salutes of the Marines with a cup of coffee in the saluting hand is just.... wrong. How damn hard would it be to just switch the damn cup to the other hand? These men may some day take bullets trying to keep your sorry ass alive, Barry, and you at least owe them that much. If I were president, I'd either make it clear I salute no one, or I'd give them the proper return they deserve. It might not be a salute a DI on Parris Island would consider proper, but my hand would be empty, and I'd do my best. Carry On!

I've been lax, I admit it. With all the crap going on, this one just fell under the radar. [Link] But having had it come back to my attention, I feel it DOES need to be addressed. First, from the MSN story—

CINCINNATI (AP)—An Ohio grand jury found officers' actions were justified in last month's fatal shooting of a man at a Wal-Mart store, a special prosecutor said Wednesday.

Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier said the Greene County grand jury in Xenia opted not to issue any indictments in the Aug. 5 death of 22-year-old John Crawford III.

A 911 caller reported Crawford was waving what appeared to be a rifle in the store. Police said he didn't obey commands to put down what turned out to be an air rifle his family said he had taken off a store shelf.

Crawford's family says the portion of store surveillance footage they saw shows Crawford on his cellphone and holding the air rifle. An attorney for the family didn't immediately return a call seeking comment on the grand jury's decision.

The Crawford family says the shooting was not justified and want federal authorities to investigate whether race was a factor. Crawford was black, the officers are white.

A Justice Department spokesman would only confirm that federal authorities were closely monitoring the situation.

Now, on to what my (admittedly sparse) research has shown me. First, Mr. Crawford was APPARENTLY waving the gun around in a careless, not threatening way—the way the ignorant do when they dismiss BB guns as toys. He apparently did NOT have it in a firing grip, nor was his finger anywhere near the trigger. He was on the phone with his wife, apparently discussing whether to buy the B gun for their kid. He HAD removed the gun from the sporting goods area, which DOES NOT violate any laws or store policy. It is unclear whether he had un-wrapped it, or if it was stored out of the box. And the 911 caller was the ONLY person, seeing Mr. Crawford with the BB gun, who supposedly felt threatened by him, or thought he was acting threatening. It is unclear to me what model the BB gun was—some DO look like M16s or AK47s, which might lend a cop to shoot first out of ignorant fear. Ohio is an Open Carry state—

Ohio is a traditional open carry state. Recently, the Ohio legislature passed HB-12 over Governor Taft's veto, thus preempting all local open carry bans even in Ohio's "home rule" localities. Unfortunately, despite passage of HB-12, a permit to conceal is still required to openly carry a handgun in a vehicle.

[Link] This means that while it may well be uncommon, the cops have NO REASON to assume that a rifle is there for nefarious purposes. And I do have to wonder if it was ME there, a white male, carrying the same gun, would I have taken a few bullets, or was it because he was black? I do NOT claim to have the answer, so don't go off assuming I'm jumping on the racism bandwagon! NOTE! Since I wrote this, store surveillance video shows that Mr. Crawford was gunned down execution style—never given a chance to even surrender.

This one really disturbs me. A "teacher" in a public school—a government employee that many of you surrender your kids' care to on a daily basis, uses a 14 yr old special needs girl a bait to catch a 16 yr old rapist. I cannot even begin to count the number of ways this is horrible.


The Department of Justice and the Department of Education are throwing their weight behind a 2010 case against an Alabama school board in which a 14-year-old girl with special needs said she was raped. The suit claims the girl was deliberately put in harms way by school officials.

WAFF: "The victim says a teacher's aide used her as bait to catch another student accused of trying to have sex with classmates. The plan didn't work and the special needs student was raped in a school restroom."

According to several reports, the Sparkman Middle School vice-principal and a teacher's aide were trying to catch the alleged perpetrator—a 16-year-old boy—in the act. CNN reports, "School policy requires allegations of student-on-student misconduct be substantiated," and that's the only way he could be punished.

And the damn VICE (appropriately) PRINCIPAL supports the teacher in this!!!!!! One can only assume it was his idea, if he didn't IMMEDIATELY move to have the teacher fired AND arrested on charges of child endangerment or whatever the proper legal term is for taking a handicapped girl and GIVING HER TO A SUSPECTED RAPIST!!

According to, the school's vice-principal initially testified they had no way of knowing whether the incident was consensual and said the girl was "responsible for herself," even though a teacher asked her to go into a restroom alone with the suspect.

If I were the poor girl's parent, the teacher, the vice principal, AND that damn little bastard would be dead by now.............

I'm sure some asshole is going to say "See! This is why we need to ban guns! She'd still be alive if he was unarmed!" totally ignoring that she tried to defend herself with a baseball bat and he took it away. He was going to kill her no matter what, unless SHE had a gun and shot HIM! [Link] Now, I admire her guts, hiding (and saving) the baby with her last breath, but this isn't a gun problem (except for HER not having one), it's an asshole problem.

During the argument, Arrendale tried to fight off Davis. She used a baseball bat, but she was no match for him. He grabbed the bat and hit her with it. He even struck the infant she held in her arms. The woman ran through their home, and she barricaded herself in the third floor bathroom. Davis managed to break that door down, and he shot her in the head. In her final moments, the young mother shifted her body so she could cover the body of her infant daughter in the toilet. The move baffled police. Davis shot and killed himself after shooting Arrendale.

I'm wondering why the move baffled police, though. Where the hell else was she going to hide the baby? She did the best she could, and the baby lives. A win for a brave mommy. I grieve for the family's loss, and hope the baby grows up respecting her brave mother.

Bwahahahahaha! Okay, okay, I get it. This mean woman shouldn't have had the nerve to shoot this poor home invader, er, larcenous entrepreneur. After all, if he doesn't succeed, he'll most likely be collecting welfare. But I admit, this guy screwed up royally on this one! [Link]

A robber near El Reno, Oklahoma, targeted the wrong home to attack. Instead of weakly cowering like an impotent Mom's Demand Attention supporters, Cathy Kouba took action, flanked the surprised burglar by looping around the house, and then unloaded on him:

Cathy Kouba's home security system alarm jolted her awake Thursday night. She said she realized someone was trying to kick in her back door.

"I have a daughter that's handicapped and she was asleep on the bottom floor," Kouba said. "And so for the fear of her being hurt, motherly instincts kick in and, you know, I worked hard for what I've got. And you're not going to come and take it away from me."

Kouba said she grabbed the gun her son gave her for Mother's Day and ran out the front door to confront the intruder out back.""[I cocked the gun], saw that the door had broke down, then I saw him hitting over the fence and head to the creek," Kouba said.

Kouba said she fired and thinks she hit him in his backside. Adding insult to injury, the intruder got tangled in her electric fence before escaping.

Law enforcement found a blood trail that suggests Kouba connected with the burglar, but does not yet have a suspect in custody.

In many jurisdictions shooting a fleeing criminal is considered assault with a deadly weapon and so firing at a fleeing suspect is not encouraged, but the authorities here seem to show very little interest in charging Kouba. The simple fact of the matter is that the odds of a successful prosecution of the mother of a special needs child defending her home is between slim and none, and the prosecutor knows it.

Unfortunately the same response in some parts of the nation—each and every one dark blue politically—would result in her being charged.

Fire only when faced with immediate lethal force, folks.

That last line is a good one, because she's lucky the prosecutor has a brain. Don't get me wrong, I'm on her side totally (DUH!) but she did run a huge risk shooting a fleeing scumbag.

Stupid Assault Grandmas, we gotta ban'em! [Link]

Late last month, the home of Lilian Alonzo, in Manchester, New Hampshire, was ransacked by DEA agents in a raid that turned up empty handed. Alonzo, a 49-year-old grandmother, was shot in the attack as she reached for her infant grandchild in the midst of the chaos.

Her son, Daniel Nunez, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that the raid began with his 10-year-old sister getting rushed by a large group of DEA agents as she opened the door. Then he says, as the agents spread out across the house, his mother instinctively reached for the infant child to keep the baby safe from the intruders.

"She (Alonzo) went to pick up the baby. They thought she was reaching for something, and they shot her, Nunez told the Union Leader newspaper.

The bullet went through her arm, entered her torso and still remains inside of her. Nunez said that she needed 30 stitches but is recovering well considering what she has been through.

There was nothing illegal found in the home and no one inside was arrested. Neighbors reported seeing nearly two dozen police vehicles outside of the house during the raid.

"They didn't find anything at all or else my mom would have been arrested. Mom had nothing to do with this," Nunez said.

I guess all you cop-boosters will say "She shouldn't take care of the baby—she got what she deserved!" Another example of idiots in uniform shooting the innocent. At least THIS time, their victim survived AND didn't get charged with manufactured offenses CAUSED by the damn pigs!

Atlantic City has gone bonkers—Literally!! [Link]

The ordinance passed by the Atlantic City Council in New Jersey prohibits the sale and possession of realistic-looking toy guns. The really bright-colored or transparent toys are exempt. For now. If it looks realistic, it's now illegal to sell or possess it. Press of Atlantic City reported:

The toy gun ordinance, introduced by all of council and initiated by Police Lt. James Sarkos, bans the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms—except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns—which aren't in bright, fluorescent colors or transparent. Pistols that use metal caps are banned from being sold to minors.

"We've gotten a lot of phone calls from D.C. and Philadelphia," Tibbitt said. "This is catching on. This may be saving some lives," Marsh said.

This will be about as effective at "saving lives" as a ban on real guns. Their reasoning is that sometimes, people use realistic-looking toy guns in crimes. Again, if you're dealing with criminals, a ban on toy guns isn't going to stop them from obtaining a toy gun.

Next time I visit the parents, I'm taking the kids to the boardwalk to play Cowboys and Indians...........

And now, for the Quote of the Week. Today, we shall visit L. Neil Smith, and deliver his Atlanta Declaration.

Every man, woman, and responsible child has an unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to own, obtain, and carry, open or concealed, any weapon, rifle, shotgun, handgun machinegun, ANYTHING, any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission.

And I'm sure that, as usual whenever I post this, not only are the frothers going to flip, so are many on MY side of the argument. But we can handle that later. Bye, Y'all—til next time!

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