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Number 788, September 14, 2014

Maybe it started with The Wizard of Oz,
but it's gotten completely out of hand.

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Appropriate Response
by A.X. Perez

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Here is the latest understanding I've been able to gain of the danger of a ISIS terrorist raid in El Paso out of Juarez, based on local radio broadcast and tracking down info from local law enforcement (or at least Feds in local area):

Apparently someone was assigned or hired to do aroutine review of security at Fort Bliss. They suggested upgrades that needed to be made. Meanwhile security was being beefed up for 9-11. There are realistic concerns about terrorists crossing the Border at all times. ISIS has expressed a desire to strike at the USA in the USA. Somebody put all these facts together, except for the review of Fort Bliss security and the implementation of the reviews recommendations being routine, and reached the logical conclusion. Said Conclusion ended up in judicial Watch, then went viral with people amplifying and throwing in their two cents about the situation. Toss in the vicarious thrill people get from being scared about far away danger (trust me, El Paso is the Fort Zindreneuf of human existence in most people's eyes) and people worked themselves up quite a bit. Besides, who knows, it could happen.

The problem is that there are so called "patriotic Americans" who would love for there to be a terrorist attack in the US to justify even more intrusive NSA monitoring, and paramilitary check points, and extending the "constitution free zone" three hundred miles inland instead of just two hundred miles and fortifying the Border with Mexico, and more gun control laws (see here). If no attack occurs, getting people hysterical with fear of a possible attack could do the trick.

Should we blow off the danger of a terrorist attack along or through the Mexican Border? Of course not, but neither should we allow ourselves to be stampeded into throwing away our liberty over fear of these attacks.

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