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Summer's End: A New Beginning
by Jeff Fullerton

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Been a busy week so I have to settle on an update to the events chronicled in other recent articles rather than some of the other subjects promised earlier on and which I have been chomping at the bit to do. And I do occasionally when time and energy permit the opportunity to do them well as they deserve to be done. In the meantime it does make for a nice break from the polemic exegesis on the evils of Big Government which even many capital L Libertarians can grow weary at times. And the wars and rumors of wars rocking the world at large.

Here in Liberty Hollow—the logging operation is winding down. Trees blocking sunlight to the ponds were taken out mid-week opening the site up to the sun for the most part. The Ailanthus—aka Tree of Heaven (better name is Tree From Hell because of its reputation as an invasive weed tree) that was left to provide a little shade for the lady slippers under the button bush by the inlet is blocking the sun to the main pond and will have to go sooner rather than later.

Thursday and Friday the remaining trees along the lower edge of the power lie swath were taken down along with another massive cherry. That concludes the main harvest and the effort now shifts to cleanup and restoration of the land as the remaining logs in the staging area are loaded and taken away.

And the final leg—which is the removal of trees near the house hit a snag Friday when the climber who Matt was hoping to hire to top the walnut and poplar wanted $1,500. And given the stakes and dangers involved is probably a good deal. But I am thinking seriously of climbing and cutting them down one limb at a time myself like I have done in the past. Might see if I can get my bro to help me like when we did the hollow in the past. Those trees have to come down before a storm brings them down on the house some day.

Much of the day was spent taking my aunt and uncle to the wound clinic though I did get to do some stuff with the greenhouse and turts. I bought some tubing for the filter in the new Ishigame pen and will get it plumbed and install the bulkhead in the upper pool so I can get the whole thing running like the one for the adults. At some point I have to get the striped mud's outside enclosure done. By the time that happens—it will probably be time to bring them in.

And I almost forgot to mention that the weather late in the week was H-O-T—as in HOT!!!! Greater Appalachia continues to swelter this week after the passing of Labor Day which is hardly unprecedented. Meanwhile—Ray in Wisconsin complains about a big chill which is probably coming this way over the weekend. The remainder of the gas delivery for the greenhouse came in the morning and I promptly swung by the distributor to pay the bill and get that out of the way as I did the property tax the day before. It is nice to have a little extra to help get caught up all the way with projects and preparations for winter. The final load of firewood and maybe some coal will be delivered after the skid loader and logging truck depart for good. It will also be a good time to bring in gravel to improve the driveway which has taken an additional beating since the long overdue replenishing that was put on hold last Fall when vehicle problems set everything back.

And now the next winter looms. Weather experts are predicting it will be a harsh one but I am not so daunted. If there is any Ice Age in our immediate future—it is probably just part of the 30 Year warm / cool cycle that repeats about the span of a Saeculum which is a cycle of 4 turnings in history—from High to Awakening, to Unraveling, to Crisis. Sometimes I wonder if human events are synchronized to that cycle like some biological things are synchronized to the lunar cycle.

By the time we enter the next High which will also be the start of a new warming cycle—we will be getting old. In the meantime we may have to deal with a few bad winters and some crappy summers like the 60s & 70s but we'll manage. The turtles still laid eggs and flowers still bloomed even then. Maybe good timing in getting my place opened up to maximize solar gain and increase the light and warmth in this microclimate.

At some point I hope to send pics of the week when things slow down and write another article. But I need to take care of a lot of stuff before work in the morning and on Sunday as well.

Then I can express my theorems and vent my disdain for "We The Sheeple"! Sometimes life can really suck because they are legion and it is for the most part an exercise in futility trying to reason with them or change them. You might be able to help a few—but the best strategy may be to cultivate your own garden and try to stay out of the way when the herd decides to stampede over the next cliff ahead.

This age like the summer is coming to an end. But there will be future cycles and summers for Life to continue.

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