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Number 785, August 24, 2014

And how do you reason with power?

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 8-25-2014
by Neale Osborn

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This week, from Mama Liberty we have some damn bad news, in the form of a Claire Wolfe column. [Link] Let me preface this with a brief bit of info—Backwoods Home magazine is one of the most balls to the wall, hardcore "Leave me the fuck alone!!" magazine for the libertarian thinker, even if you do not want to live off grid. Now, to the meat of the matter. As many idiots have had to be reminded, I do not support the NRA because it does not stand for me. The NRA makes a shit pot of money off of people who donate to the NRA/ILA in the false belief that the NRA is the only group fighting the Anti-Constitutionalist Victim Disarmament Crowd. As Claire points out in the article of the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA is the same—"A housewife and a cat will both chase mice out of the kitchen. But the cat wants more mice to come back."—Aaron Zelman The NRA does not want to win, because the money machine will dry up. So the NRA actually helps WRITE Victim Disarmament legislation. So I have been recommending people join NAGR, GOA, and, until now, the JPFO.

"A housewife and a cat will both chase mice out of the kitchen. But the cat wants more mice to come back."
—Aaron Zelman

Somebody reminded me this week of that statement from Aaron, the late, great founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. That was how Aaron contrasted himself and JPFO with Alan Gottlieb and Gottlieb's SAF/CCRKBA.

Aaron wanted to educate people so that victim disarmament would go away. He would have been thrilled to be able to close JPFO's doors and say, "We've done it."

On the other hand, he despised Alan Gottlieb and saw him as an opportunist who used scary mailings to turn SAF/CCRKBA into a fundraising factory. He saw Gottlieb as a person who needed and wanted "gun control" because that's what kept the money and the publicity flowing.

Gottlieb certainly confirmed many of the things Aaron said about him when he supported the Manchin-Toomey (really Manchin-Toomey-Schumer) universal background check bill last year. He even boasted of having spent hours helping to write the bill.

Now, the JPFO board of directors has hatched a plan to hand JPFO over to SAF—a merger that is scheduled to be finalized next week if JPFO supporters don't stop it.

Go read the rest. Then do your part, or another fine organization will stop fighting for our rights, and start fighting for our wallets.

Passed to you from Doctor Bartucci, Doctor of Medicine, philosopher, and all-around curmudgeon! (The best type of curmudgeon there is!)

Gotta nice quotation for your edification:

    Do you know what the minimum wage was in 1964 (the last year our money was backed in any way by silver)? It was $1.15 an hour in September of 1964. That was one silver dollar, one silver dime, and one nickel/copper nickel. Excluding the actual value of the nickel in today's terms, the silver dollar and silver dime would be worth almost $21. Consider that for a moment.That means that the minimum wage in 1964 had an equivalent buying power in today's dollars of about $21 dollars an hour. That was minimum wage. If you still think the solution is raising minimum wage, or redistributing the wealth of evil corporations, you've been drinking too much Kool-Aid.
    —Michael Minkoff, "Don't Raise Minimum Wage, Just Fix the Currency" (23 August 2014)

Excellent point, Mr. Minkoff.

Has it actually come down to this? [Link] We now have to file lawsuits in order to get a school to follow state law. reported Friday that the lawsuit claims that the principal told Hugh Myers that he could not bring his gun onto the campus of Beulah Elementary School other than when he is dropping off or picking up his daughter. The principal allegedly threatened to have him arrested if he did so.

Myers' attorney John Monroe is arguing that Myers is allowed to bring his gun under a new Georgia law that took effect last month, according to

The bill allows guns in bars without restrictions and guns in some government buildings that don't have certain security measures, such as metal detectors or security guards screening visitors. Religious leaders have the final say as to whether guns can be carried into their place of worship.

Under the law, school districts are now able, if they choose, to allow some employees to carry a firearm on school grounds under certain conditions.

According to, the lawsuit states that Myers frequently goes to the school to participate in his daughter's activities, and wishes to carry a gun in case of confrontation.

This dunbass principal should realize that bad guys wouldn't bother asking permission. DUH!!

I shall preface this by pissing some of you off. Sorry... NOT! I do not, and have never, supported banning the burning of the American (or any other country's) flag as a sign of protest or even outright disrespect. That pesky 1st Amendment protects ALL forms of free speech. But this is NOT about freedom of speech, political or otherwise. It is about STEALING PRIVATE PROPERTY AND DESTROYING IT AGAINST THE WISHES OF IT'S OWNERS!

In Weatherford, Texas, flags have been unceremoniously ripped from the homes where they proudly flew, tossed into the street and torched.

All-in-all, it happened just 8 times in one night, and both police and residents are reacting with concern.

Unfortunately, the incident isn't localized just to Texas. The same thing happened in Winona, Minnesota, where residents reported flag burnings were happening "all over town," with more than 13 cases reported.

Apparently, this is being done by illegal aliens. Funny, isn't it, how people supposedly love America so much they break our laws to come, and hate it so much the first thing they do is burn one of the symbols of said country? Again, it is the right of an American citizen to engage in free political (and other) speech. But it is NO ONE'S RIGHT to steal something they disapprove of and destroy it. Now, the TEA Party (which I happen to agree with on a large number of things) thinks this is part of a vast conspiracy to destroy America. Maybe. Maybe not. Whether it is or not doesn't matter much to me. I happen to fly the American flag, and right under it, the Gadsen Flag. Take either down to burn it. I dare you. Fuck the dog, BEWARE OF OWNER!

Ain't it funny? Mom's Demand Asininity, er, ACTION, lose again! [Link]

On August 18 Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched its latest shame campaign to pressure Kroger—which owns Fred Meyer Grocery and QFC—to ban open carry of guns in its stores.

On the same day, August 18, Fred Meyer released a statement indicating it will not be banning the open carry of guns but will instead continue to follow state and local laws. According to KOIN CBS-Portland, a Fred Meyer Public Affairs representative said:

The safety of our customers and associates is one of our most important values. We don't want to have to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun. That is why our longstanding policy on this issue is to follow state and local laws.

This failure to sway Fred Meyer comes after Moms Demand Action failed to sway Staples or Starbucks to ban guns on their property, as well as the failure to get Facebook to "prohibit the private selling or trading of firearms on its platforms."

Staples not only rejected Moms Demand Action's request, they actually kicked them off their property.

I wish we had one of these stores around here for me to patronize. At least Wegman's doesn't have a problem with guns in store. Of course, with Baby-Don Andrew Cuomo in Albany, Open Carry of any kind is strictly verboeten.

Isn't it funny how the very weapons of EEEVIL, those (falsely named) assault rifles are ALSO the weapon of choice for school districts in Kahleefourneeyah? [Link] Let's start at the very beginning (a very nice place to start) ((sorry, Julie)). I happen to believe that IF you are going to incarcerate your children in a massive prey-habitat ( I don't, but that is a different story) these precious people MUST be protected by their jailers... er TEACHERS. I meant to say "teachers". But this is NOT to be accomplished by the school police (Huh?!?) possessing rifles, semi automatic rifles, HIGH CAPACITY SEMI AUTOMATIC RIFLES (the same rifles Kahleefourneeyah violates the citizens' right to own).

Semi-automatic AR-15s are the latest weapon at the disposal of campus police officers in Compton, Calif., where school officials say the need to protect lives trumps critics' claims of "deeply disturbing" militarization.

The K-12 Compton Unified School District approved a plan last month to allow specially-trained officers to keep the high-powered assault rifles in the trunks of their cars for use during emergencies. District spokesman Ron Suazo confirmed the new policy, referring to a statement from Compton School Police Chief William Wu.

"Our objective is quite simple—we want to save lives," Wu said. "These rifles give us greater flexibility in dealing with a person with bad intent who comes onto any of our campuses."

Wu and district officials noted that eight other California communities and school districts already use the weapons, including Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park and Fontana. They've also been approved for use or have been purchased by other districts in Topeka, Kan., Gainesville, Fla., and Granite, Utah.

They work to deny US the "greater flexibility in dealing with a person with bad intent who comes" into our homes, while demanding that same flexibility for the "campus police". How about this, Kahleefourneeyah (and the rest of America)—let's STOP herding our kids into the "Defenseless Victim Free-Prey Zones" commonly referred to as "Public Schools", and at the very least, allow teachers and other staff to possess and carry concealed handguns for student protection. MY kids are protected by handguns—I home school—and I'll never have to worry about a school shooting spree!

It's really funny how, when a liberal protests against or demonstrates in favor of ANYTHING, no one has the right to tell them they shouldn't. Let anyone with a conservative, libertarian, or Constitutional agenda try to demonstrate or protest, and suddenly it's "This should not be allowed!" And once again, a leading Democrat displays this attitude. Recently Hillarious Rotten Clinton said that we should not be allowed to think in favor of the RTKBA, and now, Sheila Jerkson Lee, D—Texas, has decided that NO ONE should be allowed to demonstrate in favor of Open Carry (and presumably, in favor of ANY carry). [Link]

(The Blaze)—Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said over the weekend that a gun rights group shouldn't bother rescheduling a planned march through Houston's Fifth Ward, and that these sorts of demonstrations "need to end."

Open Carry Texas was set to march through the political subdivision of Houston, but had to postpone the event. According to the Houston Chronicle, Jackson Lee and others gathered to say they oppose the group's effort to raise awareness about the right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in Texas.

"We come in peace," said Jackson Lee. "On behalf of many thousands who live in this community that are minding their daily business, Open Carry's efforts need to stop, need to be canceled, they need to end."

Apparently, we should not be allowed First Amendment rights when it comes to Second Amendment rights. And, as we all know (assuming we believe the liars on the left) that gun owners are all rich white racists and redneck white racists who have no desire to get along with minorities of any stripe. Here, I'll show you what I mean-

The Chronicle said the Fifth Ward is an historically black neighborhood, and that Open Carry decided to hold an event there after being criticized for only holding events in "rich white neighborhoods." "We also want to work with the minority community to get them more involved in their right to legally bear arms," said Open Carry Texas leader C.J. Grisham.

Then, trying to avoid threats of violence, the OCT cancelled the demonstration.

It's amazing how ignorant judges are about firearms. [Link] This woman is an idiot about guns, but I guess, as the article points out, that you can't expect more than ignorance from a judge appointed by Blow-job Billy Clinton.

District Court Judge Catherine Blake said military style rifles are unusual and dangerous. That wasn't an easy decision to reach. Judge Blake concluded the government needs guns for its protection, but you don't. It is her conclusion that doesn't make sense. She said our modern semi-automatic magazine fed rifles are unusual. Maybe we shouldn't expect much acuity from her given that she was appointed by President Clinton.

Judge Blake said the government may deny civilians the right to own a firearm because the firearm is too dangerous. Set aside the historical fact that magazine fed semi-automatic rifles were designed over a hundred years ago. Look at them today. Modern military rifles are designed to be easy to carry, easy to operate, and adaptable to fit a soldier of any size. Those features make modern rifles popular with civilians even now. Set that fact aside too.

Understand that these are the same firearms widely used by law enforcement organizations today. The government calls these small arms "self-defense" or "personal-defense" weapons. The judge said is illegal for civilians to own a particular firearm but legal for a government employee to carry that same firearm for the exact same purpose of self-defense.

I guess civilians are less important than cops or military, and have no right to the best self defense money can buy.

And finally, we get to our Firearms and Freedom related quotes of the week. this batch is from average citizens, courtesy of the Buckeye Firearms Association (except for the last massive one, from a NewsVine Article I wrote a few years ago):

"Keeping and bearing arms is not only a fundamental right; it is a fundamental duty upon which all liberty and sovereignty is based."—Donald L. Cline

"A shoot-out is better than a massacre!"—David M. Bennett

"The gun control extremist has at least two things in common with the Islamic extremist. He has a willingness to die for his fundamental beliefs. And he has the sanctimony to demand that others go with him."—Dr. Mike Adams

"I'd much rather go to my grave never needing my gun, than go there wishing I had it."—Phil Dalmolin

"Those who deny me the freedom to carry a firearm with which to protect my family and myself, are as complicit and guilty as the perpetrator should we be harmed or murdered by an act of violence." —Charles F. "Chuck" Bearden

"Sooner or later we all must die. Warriors choose to do so on their feet, standing between their enemies and those they hold dear. With a weapon in their hands. Cowards choose to do so on their bellies. Unarmed."—Dave Gell (inspired by author David Weber)

"In a perfect world, you wouldn't need guns. This is not a perfect world."—Sheriff Ben Johnson, Volusia County, Florida

"The West was not won with a registered gun."—unknown

"The problem is not the availability of guns, it is the availability of morons."—Antonio Meloni

"Know guns, no crime. No guns, know crime."—Ralph Lauretano

Mark in Wyoming:

I don't carry a gun........ kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.
I don't carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.
I don't carry a gun because I'm paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in this world.
I don't carry a gun because I am evil. I carry a gun because I've lived long enough to see the evil in the world.
I don't carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.
I don't carry a gun because I'm angry. I carry a gun so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.
I don't carry a gun because my sex organs are too small. I carry a gun because I want to continue to use those sex organs for the purpose they were intended for a good long time to come.
I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.
I don't carry a gun to make me feel like a man. I carry a gun because a real man knows how to take care and protect their property, themselves and the ones they love.
I don't carry a gun because I feel inadequate. I carry a gun because unarmed and facing armed thugs I am inadequate.
I don't carry a gun because I love it. I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.
I don't carry a gun to shoot to kill someone. I carry a gun and would shoot as necessary to stay alive. If the assailant dies as a result of a desire to harm me, it's no loss to society.

And that's it for tonight!

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