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The United States government is a police state,
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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 7-20-2014
by Neale Osborn

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This week, Mama Liberty starts us out right. Although I bet some of you will (incorrectly) think she's harsh. [Link]

Not my problem. I'm sure a lot of people would consider that a harsh thing to say, but if you'll stay with me a bit you should easily see that it is the only real answer to the whole "politically correct" thing sweeping this country and, incidentally, the world.

"You made me mad. You didn't make me happy. I'm offended." You can probably add a hundred more such phrases people use to control what you do, say and even what you believe. That's exactly what happens when a few people can choose any word or object, assign a specific (often NEW and ugly) meaning to it, and then demand that nobody use that word or object because it "makes them feel"... whatever.

Let's look first at the premise that someone can actually "make" another person FEEL anything. How does that work, exactly? Vulcan mind meld? Is it not a fact that each person simply REACTS to outside stimulus, and the perception of sad, mad, happy, etc. is actually their own response? That response can most certainly be painful, even harmful psychologically in vulnerable people, but the person who supplies the stimulus is not, therefore, actually responsible for the feelings because he/she has no control over what another person perceives or what their response will be. The person with the feelings is actually the responsible person and, to a great extent, chooses the response based on their own beliefs and preferences. History is replete with every kind of race, tribe and ethnic conflict, but none of it can shift true responsibility from the person with the feelings to someone else.

You KNOW what I'm going to suggest—so just do it. I agree with her.

This is MY kind of Dad. Although I suspect the guy WOULDN'T have still been breathing when the cops showed up. [Link]

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP)—A Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old man unconscious after finding him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son early Friday morning, police said.

The father called 911 around 1 a.m. after he walked in on the alleged abuse, police said. When officers arrived, they found Raymond Frolander motionless on the living room floor. He had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth.

"He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you," the father told the 911 dispatcher. "I drug him out to the living room."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the father—who was not identified by police—told investigators he walked in as Frolander was abusing the boy.

When asked by the 911 dispatcher if any weapons were involved, the father said "my foot and my fist."

The father has not been charged with any crime.

The police said he was just a Dad acting like a Dad. Good cops, this time.

As has become more and more customary for me of late, I shall now digress (sorta) a wee bit. I am not feeling particularly comfortable with the way the various governments around the world are deliberately aiming us for WWIII (or WWIV if you consider the Cold War a World War). And this one is going to suck. I do not want my kids drafted to fight for assholes like Obama's mistakes, or to stop shitheads like Putin, ISIS, or whatever other officious government asshole decides he needs to expand his power base. The problem is, too damn many petty dictators, terrorists, and other nation/states have nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and they are all dying to use them on their un-human enemies. We know their enemies are not human, because NO government considers it's enemies human— domestic OR foreign enemies. What IS going to happen is that someplace like Israel, Iran, Syria, or India is going to feel too "Threatened" by a subhuman threat, and decide the only way to stop them, and defend "The Motherland/Fatherland" and lob a single nuke at them. Then a coward somewhere (Obama? Putin?) will fire one back, or to "help" an ally, and then it will be the beginning of the end. I THINK the only up side to this is that the chances of picking up some nice pieces from local battlefields might be good. And honestly, that's not even CLOSE to a good reason to wipe out half the world. And that's if we're lucky. We've foolishly allowed a large few cowards to run our lives, and now, risk ENDING them. War is a waste—it wastes resources, it wastes time, and it wastes people. The next Einstein, Pasteur, or Gaugin will probably wind up bleeding his last on a battlefield (or glowing in a nuclear ruin of a city). Now that I have depressed myself, I shall return to the rant.

I need to cheer up, and my Mom just gave me the way. Mom and Pop own a 3 family house in New Jersey, and they live in a separate home on the property. They rent out the three apartments in the front house, one of them to Diane, my sister. Diane is back with Mom, talking, when the new tenant comes by to borrow the phone—it seems his girlfriend locked all their sets of keys in the car, and while Mom was getting him the spare set, he called a cab to take him to work, and a locksmith to stop by and open the car. He BS'd with Mom for a few minutes, then left to get something out of the house. He soon returned the keys, and as he headed to the cab, Diane left the house as well. She watched him get into the cab, then headed to her apartment. As she passed the car, she noticed the driver's side windows were rolled down. ALL THE WAY DOWN. So were the passenger side windows. She reached in, took the keys off the dash, and had Mom call him at work.

And still more proof that Americans cannot ever defend themselves or their property with firearms. [Link] There is NO WAY this 89 year old WWII vet actually defended himself with a gun.

WAKE FOREST, N.C.—The Wake County District Attorney's Office says it will not file criminal charges against a World War II veteran who killed his neighbor in Wake Forest.Calvin Anderson Ray, 89, said a former tenant was upset about a broken A/C unit when the situation got out of hand Saturday on Jordan Lane in Wake Forest.Ray has a new door after he said his former neighbor and tenant, 47-year-old Jeffery Mitchell, kicked it in."He broke in my house, he broke the lock, he knocked and knocked at the door," Ray said. "When I opened the door he came up to me and that's when I shot him."

REALLY? He couldn't have run away, or called the police to protect himself? Liar! (For the brain dead idiots who didn't realize it, my comments on this article are sarcasm.)

I'm going to have to spend a little time on this, because, well, we ALL need to laugh our asses of at the absolute imbeciles who write for Rolling Stone Magazine. [Link] The incredibly knowledgeable Kristen Gwynne starts off her drivel with this-

Contrary to what those who defend the right to own high-powered assault rifles believe, not all guns are created equal. Due to a combination of availability, portability and criminal usage the following five types of guns are the country's most dangerous.

Typical of Anti-Constitutionalists, but not too bad. But wait! There's more! She then tells us what the 5 most dangerous guns in America happen to be. And this is most informative.

Popular among handgun-owners, pistols are defined by their built-in barrel and short stock. They are the most commonly recovered firearm type reported by the ATF. With more than 119,000 pistols found at crime scenes in 2012, this handgun model holds an unfortunately solid first place in criminal weaponry.

* * * * *

Revolvers, named for their rotating chambered cylinder, placed second in the ATF's ranking of guns found at crime scenes more than 46,000 recovered in 2012, the most recent year for which statistics were kept.
Some grenade launchers, shotguns, and rifles also have rotating barrels, but the term "revolver" is generally used to describe handguns. Revolver types include single and double-action firing mechanisms, the latter of which does not require a cocking action separate from the trigger pull.

* * * * *

Law enforcement agencies pulled more than 39,000 from crime scenes in 2012, firmly establishing this weapon—designed to be fired from the shoulder—in third place on the ATF's trace list. Pulling the trigger of a rifle fires one projectile at the intended target, as opposed to the shotgun's ability to spray. According to FBI latest publicly available homicide records, in 2012 rifles were used to murder more than 320 people.

* * * * *

Like rifles, shotguns are fired from the shoulder and may release a single projectile. Unlike rifles, however, one pull of a shotgun's trigger may also spray the target with round pellets, or shot. Additionally, the explosive that creates the energy to fire the gun occurs in the fixed shell of a shotgun rather than the metallic cartridge of a rifle.

* * * * *

Derringers, small pocket or palm-sized pistols with one or two barrels, have no strict legal definition, but are included in the ATF's trace form as a category of firearm. With just more than 2,000 recoveries in 2012—a small number compared to the other firearm types listed above, largely because it is a subset of the highly-popular pistol—derringers are the fifth most-cited firearm in crime scene recoveries.

So basically, her list is "If it goes bang, it's one of the five worst guns in America. But did you get some of her stupidities in the definitions? I THINK this is my favorite line for defining her stupidity: "Additionally, the explosive that creates the energy to fire the gun occurs in the fixed shell of a shotgun rather than the metallic cartridge of a rifle." This is pathetic.

This is just too rich. And I doubt we'll ever see many MSM stories about this poll's results. [Link] The poll asked a simple question, and for once, gave three simple, not slanted responses to choose from. The Question—Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public? The results were astounding. To liberal gun haters.

Broken down the results look like this...

88% YES! The Second Amendment guarantees it.

8% No, it's too dangerous.

4% Only for self defense.

Even MSNBC's readers are finally getting it—The Constitution IS the law of the land.

The Peoples' Republic Of Kaleefourneeyah has decided that due process is a thing of the past. And even some gun grabbers oppose this law! [Link]

According to the authors of the bill, AB 1014 would help to create de-facto gun restraining orders. The bill would let police officers seize a weapon based solely off the testimony of an immediate family member or health care professional and hold it for up to a year without any due process being extended to the gun owner.

The only merit the accusation needs is for the court "to believe that the subject of the petition poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having under his or her custody and control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm."

The bill is so out of control that even groups like Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (who normally support drastic gun control measures) said the bill was full of "significant constitutional deficiencies."

The bill has already been passed by the California Senate Public Safety Committee, and is now heading to the legislature for a full vote.

When people who want to destroy the 2nd Amendment claim this bill is bad you KNOW it's gotta suck!!

Now THIS is what cops are supposed to do... NOT! [Link] This is beyond disgusting. This is one of those times I rethink my stance on the death penalty (other, of course, than at the hands of the intended victim, at the scene of the intended crime). It makes my skin crawl to think that this is a Connecticut ANY cop.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP)—A Connecticut state trooper has pleaded guilty to charges he stole cash and jewelry from a dying accident victim.

The Connecticut Post reports 45-year-old Aaron Huntsman entered a guilty plea Wednesday to charges of larceny and tampering with evidence under the Alford Doctrine. That means he does not agree with the state's case, but concedes there is enough evidence to secure his conviction.

Prosecutors say Huntsman, a 19-year veteran of the state police, was caught on video from his cruiser's dashboard camera stealing a gold chain and $3,700 from 49-year-old John Scalesse as the motorcyclist lay dying on Sept. 22, 2012.

Scalesse was fatally injured when his motorcycle crashed on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield.

Huntsman faces 18 months in prison when he is sentenced on Oct. 3

To watch die and to rob. The new motto of the Connecticut State Police.

Und we finish, as usual, with some nice "Quotes of the Week".

"The society of the late 20th century America is perhaps the first in human history where most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons, and boys are not regularly raised from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or personal defense. Ours also happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, regard for fairness, deference to authority, and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions. With little fear of physical reprisal, Americans can be as loud, gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please. If more people carried rapiers at their belts or revolvers on their hips it is a fair bet that you would be able to go to a movie and enjoy the dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip, and assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit." Samuel Francis, in "Chronicles"

"I have over the past thirty years been one hundred percent in favor of Gun Control—achieved through proper stance, controlled breathing, and smooth trigger squeeze; applied repeatedly until the threat is neutralized." Fred D. Haggard, Kansas City

"19 April 1993 was the first time since the Spanish Inquisition that people have been burned alive for their religious beliefs." Alec McCol, in Soldier of Fortune

Thus endeth the lesson.

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