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Number 780, July 20, 2014

The United States government is a police state,
run by maniacs who hate humanity. The United
States government is not civilisation.

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Have been watching the "Breaking News" re: the downing Malaysia flight #17 (that's not a hashtag). There have been many talking heads speculating what has happened, the bottom line is that at the time I am writing this ( 1231 hours, 17 July, 2014) all we know for sure is that the plane is down in the area where the Ukrainian Government and anti Government pro-Russian rebels are disputing territorial control. Transparency is advised, lest we continue to stumble towards WW IV.

Worthy of note is the repeated comparison between this incident and the downing of KAL 007. The talking heads on ABC kept repeating that the Soviets (now Russians) involved mistook Flight 007 for a spy plane even though the pilot involved has since admitted he knew he was firing on a civilian craft. (He did expand this comment to say he also knew how easy it was to disguise a spy plane as a civilian craft.). The continued effort to excuse Soviet activity 23 years after they lost the Cold War (more correctly: WW III) tells me more about these guys than I want to know.

It is also worth noting that as of the 16th of July the Feds have finally gotten around to banning the importation of Saiga rifles and shotguns. I say finally because I am honestly surprised they had not done so before. Izhmash's products have been a cash cow for the Russians and I'm sure that they are a thorn in the hoplophobes side. They are an obvious and legitimate target for banning as part of sanctions against the Russians for their aggression in the Ukraine. Now, if this ban is lifted when "we can all be friends again" this will show good faith on the Feds' part. On the other hand, if the ban stays in place after the current crisis is over our opponents will have demonstrated their ability to follow Rahm Emanuel's advice. Too bad the buachaill is better at exploiting crises than resolving them.

Meanwhile, on an optimistic note, it is worth paying attention to the fact that there are no patents on the AK series of weapons, including those made under the Saiga name. Perhaps a few hundred jobs could be created here in Texas making Pronghorn rifles and shotguns using the basic AK action.

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