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Number 774, June 8, 2014

For all of those I hear wondering what they can do to
advance the cause of liberty: promote the idea of
amending the Constitution with a Bill of Rights penalty clause.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 6-8-2014
by Neale Osborn

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As is our wont, we shall start off with another excellent Mama Liberty piece. [Link]

Do you drive frequently in heavy traffic? Aren't all the other drivers complete strangers? You have no idea what their intentions are or their competence to operate a vehicle—and the "driver's license" is certainly no guarantee of competence, of course. Are you in constant fear that someone will deliberately cause a wreck? Or do you simply drive as safely as you know how and hope everyone else does the same? Yes, "accidents" happen, but you actually must trust that it won't, to a great extent, or you wouldn't leave the house—or a mental hospital. Think about that.

Go ye to the link, for the rest of the story....

This poll pisses me off. [Link] And here's why.

Of course ANY business has the right to restrict any activity it so decides. From spitting on the floor, to taking pictures inside the restaurant, or carrying firearms inside. BUT the poll NEVER ONCE gives you the opportunity to give a simple answer—it tries it's best to steer you one way.

Should business owners be able to prohibit customers from openly carrying a gun into their establishments if it is allowed under state law?

Yes, a business has to ensure the safety and comfort of its patrons.

No, the 2nd amendment and state laws dictate where guns are allowed.

I don't know.

State laws do NOT have the right to dictate where we can carry— any more than state laws have the right to dictate where we can engage in free speech, or be free from warrantless searches, or.... And ALL the answers are written this way. the CORRECT answers to this poll would be YES, NO, or I don't know, with the correct answer being "YES". And I have the right to NOT patronize any store that does so.

Vote, Georgians. For this guy. [Link]

In Georgia, Dr. Jody Hice won 33.5 percent of the popular vote in the Georgia Republican primary, helping to ensure that a pro-gun republican would face off against the Democrat opposition.

Hice, who along with his wife are proud gun owners, is helping to set a positive tone on gun ownership as many candidates in other states demonize the possession of firearms.

We need him in office.

Nope, armed people never stop crime. [Link]

According to the Houston Chronicle, the 28-year-old Marine veteran saw two suspects put bandannas over their faces before going into a Game Stop. "Minutes later, one [of the robbers] ran out carrying several video game systems in his arms."

The former Marine went to his pick-up truck, "retrieved a semi-automatic pistol, and told a bystander to call 911."

The two suspects then left the store together, and one of them pointed a pistol at the former Marine. At that point the Marine opened fire and a gunfight ensued. The robber holding the gun was able to get inside his Toyota Corolla, "where he died."

"The second suspect just threw everything down and ran," but was captured at a fast food restaurant down the street.


Moms Demand Action forgot that most Moms ALSO demand manners. [Link] And it got them booted from the Tulsa, Oklahoma Chipotle's restaurant. Apparently, they thought that Chipotle's caving (sorta) to their demands meant they can order customers around and violate Chipotle's rules.

Moms Demand Action on the other hand, seemed to be demanding a little much on this Saturday afternoon as they approached management and asked them to throw OKOCA members out of the restaurant because they were "offended" by the presence of guns.

To be honest, we were expecting this, and we figured that we would be asked to leave; but what happened next was nothing less than awesome. The manager refused to kick out OKOCA and even gave them free drinks. MDA activists then proceeded to take pictures of the gun owners and attempted to portray them as intimidating and threatening. The management wasn't having any of it; he threw Moms Demand Action out of his store!

I conducted an interview with the manager, and while I asked him if I could quote him directly, he asked that I do not. He said that he wasn't going to have people treating paying customers rudely in his store. They simply do not allow customers to take pictures of other customers; it's a "zero tolerance" policy if you will. He also said that he has no position on open carry, and he understands that it is legal to carry in the state. Finally, he acknowledged that people behaving in the manner as MDA had in his store was actually more harmful to people than the act of lawfully carrying a firearm.

Read the entire article—it's pretty good!

Quote of the Week:

An armed society is a polite society.
A generation which ignores history has no past—and no future.
My old man claimed that the more complicated the law the more opportunity for scoundrels.
Some timeless wisdom from the late, great, Robert Anson Heinlein.

That's it for this episode of Neale's Weekly Gun Rant.

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