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The Best of Crony Capitalism
by A.X. Perez

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El Paso, Texas has about the highest electric rates and about the lowest electric bills in the state of Texas. This is due to our ability to get by on swamp coolers due to low humidity and a willingness to hit off switches. Conservation cuts our usage and bills. El Paso Electric keeps our per kilowatt bill high and keeps asking to raise our rates on the grounds that they are not making enough profit because we conserve. So far City Hall and the Texas Public Utility Commission have properly called bullshit on this argument and told them no.

Some others are not so lucky. Actor and education activist Tom Laughlin of Billy Jack fame (and the school in Billy Jack and The Trial of Billy Jack was based on ideas he espoused as an educator) came out in an interview back in the late Seventies and told a story on the San Francisco water utility. It seems San Francisco was having a drought and asked people to conserve water ("Save water, take a shower with a friend"). People conserved water and the city raised their bills as their reward.

Lately our beloved leaders have gotten after the American people to conserve electricity and to reduce our carbon footprint by using alternative sources of energy. Many Americans have responded by installing solar photoelectic paneling and windmills to generate their own electricity. Electric companies in Arizona and Oklahoma have gotten the states to tax people doing so and turn the tax money thus generated to the electric companies who are losing money because people are "rolling their own."

So I have to ask, are our leaders serious about "controlling damage to the environment" by regulating our actions or are they just trying to find another excuse to regulate us?

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