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Number 767, April 20, 2014

Anarchists are persons who believe with
all their hearts that governments are
enemies of their own people.

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According to [This news item]

Former Mayor Bloomberg says he won't run for President. Undoubtedly few hearts are broken by this. He is also donating $50 million to Everytown against Gun Violence, his latest anti-gun front group. I will give him props for using his own money, but i'm sure he and his supporters will find a way to tap into public funds (our tax money) soon enough.

Apparently EGV intends to reach out to women, and includes a group called Moms Demand Action. This group apparently is working from the premise that mothers should support gun control to protect their kids. Of course we all know that more and more women are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment Rights in order to protect their families.

I am puzzled how groups that claim to seek to empower women encourage them to embrace the false security of being disarmed and relying on others to defend them. It will be interesting to see if women find packing heat or giving up their right to own the tools of self defense more empowering.

Finally Former Mayor Bloomberg claims he does nt want to disarm honest people who want guns for sport and self defense, but only wants to keep guns from the small minority who should not have them. What a peach, he donated fifty meg to promote denying himself gun ownership.

A. X. Perez

To Which "Mama Liberty" replied:

The exact opposite from empowering these women. Unfortunately,these women are very eager to believe that they can live in the land of unicorns and fairy farts. They don't want -- or cannot even conceive of -- personal responsibility for anything. They see oppression on every hand when their choices and actions result in pain and loss (when they can actually see and admit it at all)... it's someone else's fault, of course -- and their lives would be so wonderful if EVERYONE they don't like were forced to be mewling newborn kittens. They can't even begin to see the hypocrisy here.

They believe with all their hearts that they can play naked and defenseless among strangers and never have their least whim disappointed. They want a "choice" to murder their babies, and can't even be bothered to give them away to someone who wants them. Or keep their damned pants on (or take a pill) if they don't want to be bothered. And we won't go into the insanity of turtles and fish being vital to the "planet" but babies are disposable garbage.

I could go on, but you get my drift.

Bloomberg appeals to these cretins because he promises that he will fulfill their unicorn dreams and never hold them responsible. He promises what is not, and never will be, of course. And then one day, perhaps, they'll help put him up against a wall...

MamaLiberty (a.k.a. Susan Callaway)

And then L. Neil Smith replied slightly pseudonomously:

"Moms Demand Action"? Screw Bloomberg (with a cattle prod). We should start a group called "Moms Demand Ammo".

It should call stridently for criminal (Title 18) investigations into the Obamagenic ammunition shortages.

BTW, if anybody sees some .factory 30 M1 Carbine softpoints please let me know.

Mabel F. Smith*
Founder Moms Demand Ammo

* That's my evil old grandmother's name. She hated guns. Fry on, Gramma!

then L. Neil Smith also said:

Mama said: "... turtles and fish [are] 'vital to the planet' but babies are disposable garbage."

As you know, I strongly support the right to abortion. But this point is very well made, and representative of the kind of "thinking" that goes on among the left these days. It is the toxic wellspring of horrors like Agenda 21.

Thanks, Sue,

L. Neil Smith

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