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Number 743, October 27, 2013

Separation of Medicine and State

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You May Not Be Interested in Socialism but Socialism is Interested in You!
by Jeff Fullerton

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Two weeks after the end of the Apocalyptic Government shut down; the drama and life goes on.

The democrats and their media lackeys continued their blame game, doubling down and comparing the TEA Party to the KKK.*

The crony capitalists have pledged to support the RINOs to defeat the TEA Party and protect their cozy cushy cronyism that gives them preferential treatment at the expense of their competitors.

Of course the government workers got their back pay as we knew they would. And didn't have to pay back state unemployment benefits either! And of course state governments had to put themselves deeper in debt pledging funds from their own budgets to keep parks open at all costs rather than bite the bullet for a week or two.

It was revealed that 30 Billion dollars was spent on a medical records system that is turning out to be as big a cluster as the sign up sites for the health care exchanges. The incompetence of the government knows no bounds. It may yet accomplish what the TEA Party so far has failed to get done!

Another revelation came in the form of a rude awakening to Big Labor. They voted for it. Now the unions are crying because their chickens are coming home to roost. And everyone knows what chickens do when they roost!" target="new">Labor Unions: Obamacare Will 'Shatter' Our Health Benefits, Cause 'Nightmare Scenarios' by Avik Roy

Welcome to Obamageddon!

And the young, useful idiots also known as "Low Information Voters" are now reeling from their sticker shock. We tried to warn them and they laughed at us. It's no laughing matter for them now; now that the (un)Affordable Care Act has been rolled out—the wheels are coming off the damned thing and they are just getting a taste of what dark and terrifying consequences a Free Lunch can lead to. Remember Pinocchio? Could this be the fate of those Low Information Voters who bought into the lies of the Jet Setting (former jet setting) Pineapple Princess? [Link.] The donkey is symbolic of igorance in Italian culture. The Party of the Ass could not have chosen a more assinine symbol to represent itself! Of course on the other side you have an elephant playing an accordion!

Finally got around to a long overdue shopping trip because I was not too wiped out at the end of a long shift this week. Encountered a guy coming out of Walmart who just started talking to me about the thousands of people who just lost their health coverage in Florida. He also said one of his fellow greeters had lost his. Not because of their employer but a personal plan that was canceled by the insurance company—I'm presuming he was a senior citizen working for a little extra cash. The man I was talking to is still okay and confident being a veteran: he could always go to the VA for care. I'm not so sure about that—if the government collapses.........

Greece is the word!

And if that were not enough: I open an email from a friend when I get home that night announcing that he is going to be personally impacted. His wife's employer who has a more generous plan is dropping spouses who can get coverage at their jobs and that is going to be a lot more costly for their family.

So now I personally know someone who is about to get screwed in the butt by Obummerdon't Care. I could say I don't know what I will do if my employer drops me but currently I'm leaning strongly toward "Fuckitol" and just keep on living, writing and doing my own thing. My new advice for dealing with Big Government—ignore it—maybe it will go away. (Yeah right) Or you can always pray for a small asteroid to pulverize the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy on the Potomac in the middle of the next State of the Union Speech. One disaster canceling out another. Guess that could be a big part of why the government might take an interest in the content of people's prayers!

Had to say something outrageous. It's all I got left to throw at the bastards lacking the ability to move space rocks. Might as well make them the butt of all jokes like the guy did to the Greenie Weenies in Fallen Angels. Remember that mix of American Optimism and Russian Pessimism?—Light-hearted Pessimism!

To coin a new phrase in that vein: You May Not Be Interested in Socialism but Socialism is Interested in you! That is the Individual Mandate in a nutshell.

Seriously. The time for Atlas to shrug is long overdue!

Socialism May Be Interested In Me; But personally I find sand that was once at the bottom of an ocean in the Permian Age or Pennsylvanian much more interesting. Which brings me to the new stone quarry that opened in my neighborhood on the same ridge as the Historian's chateau.

Bullskin No. 1 Mine

Bullskin Stone & Lime is up and running after years of fighting the efforts of RACC—the "Rural Association of Concerned Citizens"— AKA—"Rural Anti- Capitalist Curmudgeons" (and the Historian has even a few more colorful ones)—that was in many ways a more epic battle than the actual process of digging into the mountain. As evidenced by the NO STONE QUARRY signs at the side of the road that I remember seeing for the last 20 years at least! It was the high point of my day when I visited a couple weeks ago—aside from being at the top of the ridge!

As you can see the enterprise looks like a dream come true—much like the Historian's Chateau, or my modest achievements for that matter. I am so glad the NIMBYs from RACC failed to stop it. It was so beautiful to see those piles of nice orange sand and rocks and to think of all the wonderful things that the mind of man can fashion from the substance of Mother Earth. Ayn Rand would be proud! The land is ecologically depauperate from the viewpoint of your run of the mill Deep Ecology zealot—and the wealth that comes out of that mountain will enhance the lives of many including the people who are being hired to work there. The ones I met were very upbeat. The main objective is a strata of bluestone which is in great demand for construction of roads (like the ones the NIMBYs drive on—that had to come out of someone else's backyard). To get to that—the overburden of yellow sandstone that I hold in great esteem must be removed. Some of that may become fracking sand for the local shale gas and oil boom too! Terrible as those who call themselves "progressives" but hate improvement of the human condition make it spund—it really beats an economy based on welfare checks underwritten by the bank of China or the wealth laid up by past generations that is steadily being used up. And there are plans for the long-term to hollow out the mountain—which will minimize the surface impact of the dig and then use the space for underground storage for things like boats and classic cars! According to the Historian: that will happen about 100 years from now after the quarry is mined out.

By then—Man—if he still survives—will be hollowing out asteroids to get things from the rock and turning the leftover shells into new worlds to live in. Could not help but think about it driving back down from the dig afterward.

In the meantime I will try to enhance my own existence—from the sand beds and rock garden plantings to much needed fresh gravel to sure up my lane. And maybe to start a little nursery business dealing in rock garden plants / supplies (resell stones and sand) and pond plants.

The sand did not turn out to be everything that I had hoped for because it was a bit finer than I would like. But it is at least as good as the mason sand from Kingston so I am going to go with it. Will be more cost effective to haul since the quarry is just over the hill from me. I can also get the parent rock—a fine grained brownish orange sandstone in various grades from boulders down to pea gravel—which looks ideal for rock gardens.

Another thing I am looking forward to is what fossils might be found. Unfortunately there are no Dinosaur fossils in Pennsylvania. When they were here—the land was in the process of being worn down to a peneplain and these mountains as we know them today were redefined when the area was uplifted and eroded again to cut out the current ridges and valleys.The neatest fossils to be found are occasional seashells or imprints or casts of Calamites (Giant Horsetails) and Lycopodiums (Giant Club Moss or "Scale Trees)! I love to imagine what it was like when the place where I live was once a prehistoric swamp forest inhabited by giant insects and amphibians, or the Wooly Mammoths that roamed the shores of Glacial Lake Monongahela!

I often entertain similar flights of though when I'm busting up lumps of coal on the pad of my outside furnace that can be downright therapeutic.

Heard that day on the radio—cannot recall who said it—but America is all about people doing the things they enjoy—making a living at their passion in life. The antithesis of that is what our enemies are all about. If they are not aspiring to destroy us—they see us as resources to use for their purposes—and we should just hurry up and wait like I remember from my military days—until they have something for us to do.

Talk about an obsolete mindset. Forever stuck in a sad devotion to a rigid lock step, one size fits all methodology and policies that may have looked good 100 years ago, but even then it failed because it is contrary to human nature. And it generally sucks because the only way it could successfully advance over the course of the 20th Century was by way of lies, demagoguery and the promise of a Free Lunch. And now the time has come to pay the piper. But what happens if we refuse. What if we just tell them we're not interested in them and their grand plans anymore?

Many of us are done with jumping through hoops. Far as I'm concerned; they can shove those too!

* The real meaning of the "t" in the form of a burning cross is the historic role of the KKK as the "t"errorist wing of the Democratic Party in the Jim Crow South! [Link]

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