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Number 742, October 20, 2013

Only the Zero Aggression Principle, and
the freedom it generates, can save us from
the same oblivion that swallowed the Sumerians,
the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the ancient
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The Return Of The Two Party System—It's Way Past Time
by Neale Osborn

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It's time... to return to the two party system. And I know JUST how to do it. Many of my friends refer to the Democrats and the Republicans as the two factions of the "Boot on your neck" party. And it's true. They just trade who gets to fuck us over back and forth between them. Lately, the Democrats have been giving the Republicans sage advice—"Just give us what we want, and you might get the White House back." Now, ANYBODY who actually believes that Harry Reid and Barack Obama have the best interests of the Republican party in mind is a complete idiot, but the Republican party apparently believes they do. And today, they showed that they want to be Democrats. They gave Obama everything he wanted, and got... wait for it... income verification prior to receiving Obamacare subsidies. Now, there seems to be no doubt that this is going to pass the House (where this is supposed to have originated, Constitutionally speaking) and it apparently has already passed the Senate (because Democrats vote as Reid tells them, rather than as their constituents want). If it does, it announces the time for the creation of a true two-party system. The parties are The Democratic Republicans, and the TEA Party.

The Democratic Republicans, (or progressives, liberals, RINOS, or whatever other name you want to call them) are the big government, big debt, massive entitlements, and crushing taxation and regulation supporters. No matter what they say at election time, they support regulations, increasing taxation, and ever increasing national debt. The Democrats want huge government, and the Re[publicans just want a slightly smaller (but still drastically oversized) government. Their latest debt addition is another paltry 987 billion dollars. Only a 1/17th increase in the national debt. No big deal. God forbid we cut spending. Hell, God forbid we even refuse to increase spending. Or drill for oil to cut foreign expenditures and increase American employment.

Then there's the TEA Party. The Taxed Enough Already Party. Sometimes a bit too zealous when it comes to religion. And we Libertarians don't necessarily agree with some of their stances on other things. But overall, they stand for individual freedoms and liberties. And they do NOT want to increase the size and scope of the government. They do NOT want to increase taxes, but rather reduce them. They do NOT want to create more entitlements, but to reduce them. They do NOT want more regulations on everything we do, think, and create. They are, in other words, nearly Libertarians. And unlike us, they have a lot of name recognition. We can use this to help get OUR ideas out there. And, most importantly, we can finally get the damned Republican leaders to go where the Republican leaders obviously WANT to go—to the Democrats. I can live far easier with a person of strong religious beliefs than I can with a person of strong "progressive" beliefs. At least the TEA Party believes the Constitution actually means exactly what it says (as defined by the use of terms in their day, not by what those terms may have evolved into). We can work out our differences with the TEA Party far easier than we can with the Democratic Republicans, that's for sure.

So, if you think like me, start pushing this idea. That way Boehner, McConnell, and McCain can be happy progressive Democratic Republicans, loved by the media, the Democrats, and "moderates" everywhere. And the TEA Party will lose a lot of dead wood, but we'll know that ALL of our members will be truly on our side—maybe not on everything, but on one hell of a lot more things than the Republican leadership has been on for the last few decades.

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