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Number 740, October 6, 2013

What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 28
by Neale Osborn

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I'm not a fan of requiring ID for every activity under the sun. As Heinlein said, "When a place gets crowded enough to require ID's, social collapse is not far away. It is time to go elsewhere. " However, I need to show ID to open a bank account. I need to show ID to apply for a job. I need to show ID to cash a check. I need to show ID to buy a house, EVEN IF I PAY IN FULL IN CASH!! I need to show ID in order to buy a gun (a specifically enumerated right that is not supposed to be infringed, and requiring ID in order to exercise it is most definitely an infringement). So, to be blunt, why the fuck is it racist and evil to require ID in order to vote? Link. But our illustrious gun smuggler in chief, Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, is going to sue North Carolina for requiring exactly that—proof you are who you say you are before you may vote. Doesn't that idiot realize that by requiring them to obtain ID (and a non-drivers ID is pretty damn cheap), a whole slew of doors open to the voters? They can get jobs, bank accounts, cash checks, buy houses, or even exercise their rights to keep and bear arms. He SHOULD be demanding the IDs be provided free of charge!

Proof positive that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are evil! This woman kept two different underprivileged men from engaging in free enterprise USING A GUN!! Horrors! Link. In just four months, this Vigilante hussy had the nerve to stop and detain for the police both 31-year old Kyle Caldwell (who merely wanted to break in and get some of her property to sell for whatever reason he desired) AND 21-year old Thomas Lee Johnson who merely wanted to obtain some green transportation. To do this, this Vigilante Hussy brazenly brandished a .357 magnum revolver at the men, each time forcing him to the ground to await police. Had she NOT possessed the handgun, these light-fingered entrepeneurs would have been able to properly re-distribute her wealth. After all, EVERYONE knows single moms have too much stuff anyway. She didn't need a bike for EACH kid. it is simply amazing to this author that, knowing how guns make everyone kill crazy, this psychopathic harlot didn't kill both these two fine young men. Absolutely shocking. For all you Victim Disarming scumbags out there, THIS is the way the you would have presented this. And the true story is one of the reasons WE oppose you, completely and totally.

Quote of the day:

Mason Weaver said—

"Since "Obamacare" is Obama's signature achievement, since it even carries his name, why aren't his children on it?"

Good point.

Two from Su...san Callaway, AKA Mama Liberty. First, her article of the week: "The Revolution and The Remnant". Link. Enjoy it. And now, the other article from one of my dearest friends I have yet to meet: "I am NOT a Victim", at the Link included here. I highly recommend reading both.

Another fine example of the Zero TOLERANCE Policy of another public school. Link. Stupidity running rampant, and parents failing to respond correctly to it.

Bennett told Channel 9 she believes there are more effective ways the district could have disciplined her son than having him miss school for the day.

"A written apology," she said. "If he would have written an essay about why it was inappropriate, what he did, that would have made more of an impact."

Instead, Bennett said her son was forced to miss an entire day of instruction.

"I absolutely think he should be in school," she said.

He did NOT ONE SINGKE THING WRONG!! He was playing. Why the fuck does she think her kid should have to write an apology? Is she REALLY that stupid?

The school district told Channel 9 due to student confidentiality, they cannot comment on individual cases. They did say their code of conduct prohibits students from playing with invisible guns.

This is absolutely pathetic. her biggest worry wasn't about the stupid policy. Oh no. her worry? in her own words-

Jordan Bennett was suspended from school for the day, but his mother, Bonnie, said she's now worried her son be labeled as violent with a suspension on his record.

One dumb parent.

Oh, if only we could enforce this law effectively. First, Obama would go to jail over keeping the WhiteHouse Chefs on duty.... Link. Then we might try harry Reid both for this law AND attempted murder of cancer patients (for refusing to even bring a vote on republican attempts to at least fund federal Medical programs for cancer patients). Funny thing about that. Two days after the implementation of Obamacare, the first death panel convenes. Horrible Harry and the Death-Panel Democrats, coming soon to your healthcare system. When asked " 'If you can help one child, why won't you do it?' asked CNN reporter Dana Bash, he replied

'Why, why, why would we want to do that?' countered Reid.

'I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force Base that are sitting home' because of government employee furloughs, he told Bash and a roomful of other journalists. 'They have—they have a few problems of their own.'

'This is—to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a thing maybe means you're as irresponsible and reckless.'

So he equates federal employees on a furlough to children dying of cancer. And he sentences the children to death. The death panels Sarah Palin warned of (and was laughed at for suggesting were coming) are here. 2 days after the "Full implementation of Obamacare". Way to go Harry! You fucking bastard. I know, I know, it isn't about guns, but damnitall, this is important stuff.

Passed on from a good friend (Thanks, Tony), the following is a comment from an unknown person in response to an attack on the 2nd Amendment. I like it so much, I felt obliged to include it on this album.

The anti-2nd Amendment community has for a long time deliberately misread the amendment, to the point of ignoring the logic structure of the sentence.

The structure is this:

This is a benefit derived from X; the rights to X shall not be infringed.

To read it in any different context requires deliberate, intentional ignorance.

For example; suppose we said:

"Healthy bones being good for children, the right of children to drink milk shall not be infringed".

The "progressive" read of that sentence, taken as they read the 2nd amendment, would be: "Only children with healthy bones are allowed to drink milk".

Excuse me, but you have to be a real **** to interpret that sentence that way.

Quality orchestras being of value to the culture of the state, the right of the people to own musical instruments shall not be infringed.

Clearly I've just said that only orchestra members can own instruments?

They are not making a mistake with their faulty interpretation—it's very chillingly deliberate deception

It seems a great way to end this rant. See ya next week!!

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