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Number 740, October 6, 2013

What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

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Obamacare's Bottom Line
by L. Neil Smith

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There's a time-honored saying that probably goes back to ancient Sumeria: "Everything government touches turns to shit." Nowhere is it truer than with the notion that government ought to own and control medicine.

Conservatives love to blabber about the United States having had the best medical "system" in the world before "progressives" got at it, but the fact is, government meddling dating from at least the 60s created the mess that medicine was in—with its outrageous prices, interference by committees, idiotic regulations, thuggish threats by criminal gangs like the FDA and DEA, and deadly waiting-periods for new medicines—that made something like Obamacare seem necessary in many people's eyes, notably the ones with left-wing wool pulled over them.

It has been estimated that the "National Health" in the United Kingdom kills between tens of thousands every year, and hundreds of thousands. My former wife, who went to high school and college in Britain, used to tell me horror stories about English hospitals—and they're probably among the better of the communized systems around the world.

The fact is, what we need is the complete absence of any kind of medical system. What we need is total separation of medicine and state.

Separation of medicine and state.

The simple, unavoidable truth is that the command-and-control philosophy of political economy, which doesn't work at all in any context, and which has kept hundreds of millions of innocent human beings impoverished, starving, and hopeless for more than a century, is particularly lethal to those of its victims who are injured or sick.

At this point, it would be the height of foolishness to imagine the other side incapable of looking at historic facts and drawing correct conclusions about the actual effects of what they preach. The first Marxist revolution was in 1910; the country that it occurred in—Mexico—remains destitute today and bleeding from a thousand wounds.

There is nothing even remotely humanitarian among the left's true motivations; what they uniformly lust after, above all, is power, prestige, and wealth, expropriated at gunpoint from the Productive Class. Each and every one of these parasites understands perfectly that socialism—no matter what form it may be presented in—is the most effective generator of misery and death that our sad, battered world has ever suffered.

If you take nothing else from this essay, take this: in the end, the collectivist monsters who currently hold political power in this country and the world have no interest in extending human life, or in making it more comfortable or enjoyable for those they basically view as cattle. To them, most of humanity is a herd that badly needs to be culled. They have believed this elitist nonsense since the late 19th century. You wouldn't believe the "social benefactors" who have been a part of this inexpressibly evil movement. Go to Wikipedia. Look up "eugenics".

Their most forthright (or perhaps embarrassingly indiscreet) spokesmen and -women, in the United Nations and within the United States government want this planet drastically depopulated, mostly, I suspect, to make the human herd more manageable. Socialized medicine ought to prove as highly effective a method as any of accomplishing that.

It will do our side—the freedom side—no good to complain to our would-be herdsmen publicly, as a form of political argument, that Obamacare will shorten or ruin millions of lives—any more than it has done to argue with them that firearms in private hands reduce crime. They know the facts, but the opposition isn't interested in results like that. Given its genuine purpose, the system now being imposed on us, illegally and by brute force, might as well be called "Obamakill".

Nothing short of some sort of revolution will change things.

Separation of medicine and state.

Here in Colorado, a new approach is being taken. No longer will the people humble themselves to beg legislators to vote their way on issues of individual liberty. Earlier this year, a socialist majority in the legislature, bought and paid for by New York's Mussolinoid dictator Michael Bloomberg, rammed through a couple of egregiously unconstitutional gun laws. They tried for a bunch more, but there are apparently still a few Democrats left with something resembling scruples.

I could be wrong; it might have been simple cowardice.

If so, it was extremely well-founded. This summer outraged voters in Colorado Springs and Pueblo—in the latter city, a majority of them Hispanic Democrats—successfully and historically recalled Senate president John Morse, and his vile henchwoman, Angela Giron. State "Progressives" still don't understand what hit them, ridiculously blaming "voter intimidation", the National Rifle Association (which entered the game late as it often does, and had hardly anything to do with the results), and the usual suspects: "violent racists of the Tea Party".

The two miscreants left office unrepentant, full of whining and excuses. And so another demonstration is being prepared, against Evie Hudak, one of the worst victim-disarmers in Colorado history. As the effort gets up to speed, a great deal of nonsense is being written on Facebook and elsewhere, regarding the motives of people like her, and the most efficacious ways of defeating her arguments and advancing ours.

If you are on our side—the freedom side—you must never forget for an instant that creatures like Hudak want you helpless. They need you helpless, so that they can reduce world population by ninety percent, and build their neo-feudalist Utopia. Look up the U.N.'s "Agenda 21" for confirmation, or simply listen to their public pronouncements.

They have allies and enablers within the structure of American government at every level. And if the odd gang-banger, murderer, mugger, burglar, or rapist gets to you before their Blue Helmets can, so much the better. "Progressives" as they call themselves, because they've soiled the word "liberal" so badly it can't be used any more, are steeped in death, fully to the insane extent that the Nazis, the sick, twisted, death-obsessed Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, or Egyptians were.

There's lots and lots more to learn about all of this. Start by reading my articles in L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE (we have a really good index system), or see the big color ads for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership on the inside covers of the current issues of Shotgun News and Gun Digest.

Evie Hudak is only one of many thousands of nasty collectivist politicians in this country who want you and me dead. Be aware that not all of them are Democrats. However the full truth must be told about them, and they must be removed from power for the sake of saving civilization.

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