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Number 740, October 6, 2013

What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

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For Those Who Choose to Remain Clueless
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

About four months ago my parents went to San Antonio over the weekend to see my cousin grace the stage of her high school graduation. I couldn't make it due to having a job that requires me to work most weekends. While my parents were in San Antonio, they met up with my grandmother and took her to lunch. As I had written in the article "Harsh Words", my grandmother or Grams as I like to call her, is extremely opinionated and will pretty much swing wherever the rest of the left swings.

To my mom's irritation, my Dad had to bring up all the current scandals that had been going on under the Obama administration. I would have thought that she would have at least called Obama on some of the crap his administration pulled in Benghazi or for allowing the NSA to spy on everybody. Even left-wing celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and John Cusack, who once advocated for the incineration of Fox News, have criticized the Obama administration for its spying and the use of drones on American citizens.

Do any of these things raise questions in my grandmother's mind? No, she seems to have the same cult-like devotion that the people of MSNBC have towards Obama. She just doesn't believe that Obama could ever do wrong. Also like Obama's cronies on MSNBC, she seems to fall back on the same excuses that they had back in 2009. The state of the economy is Bush's fault. The only reason why you don't like Obama is because you are racist. Never mind that Bush hasn't been in office for five years and the whole racist argument wasn't all that compelling when it was first uttered. It just shows that Obama supporters are running out of excuses to defend the "Anointed One." Even Martin Bashir of MSNBC had the nerve to make the idiotic statement that the IRS scandal was just another code word for racism. Just keep playing the race card guys, it worked so well against the Tea Parties back in 2010. Oh that's right. You guys got your butts handed to you that year.

Okay I think I went off the subject a little. My grandmother also went on to say that she thought the whole Benghazi incident was faked. Since I wasn't actually there, I really don't know for sure what she meant. I don't know if she meant that Obama's involvement in the scandal was faked (a little bit of a stretch) or that the attack on the embassy was faked (an even bigger stretch). If it was the latter then I would have to say that this theory manages to put all the faked lunar landing theories to shame when it comes to laughable absurdity. I think the people who died in the embassy as well as their families, would beg to differ with that theory.

I could call my grandmother for some clarification, but I don't really want to get into it with her. My parents also told me that she said the deaths in Benghazi were insignificant compared to the death toll of our troops in Iraq. What this has to do with the price of tea in China, I have no idea. To me that is like saying Hitler wasn't such bad guy, since he didn't kill as many people as Stalin.

At the very least I would have thought that Grams would have held Obama accountable for the promises he went back on, like shutting down Guatanamo Bay and putting an end to the federal raids on medical Marijuana dispensaries. No such luck. What about the use of drones on American soil? What about Obama's kill list? What about the NSA spying on millions of Americans everyday? What about the use of the IRS to bully Tea Partiers? In my grandmother's eyes this is all acceptable as long as it is done under a democratic administration or as long as it is not George W. Bush pulling the strings. Never mind that Obama has actually surpassed Bush in many ways. One of which are the raids on Marijuana dispensaries, which we have seen more of in the first three years of the Obama administration, then in the entire eight years of Bush's reign (of course no one wants those pesky little facts to get in the way of a good narrative).

Then there is the state of the economy, which my grandmother also blames on Bush and refuses to hold this current administration accountable for any of it. I could ask what happened to that magic "stimulus" that was supposed to solve all of our problems, but then again she would probably blame Bush or the do-nothing congress as she calls them or better yet, all the business investors who are sitting on their money. Though I do give my grandmother credit for the fact that she at least understands that the economy is stagnant at best. Unlike the many left-wingers who have been telling us for the past five years that we are in the "Summer of Recovery." Still, I wish my grandmother would be a little more skeptical about what comes out of the mouth of a left-winger instead of just repeating verbatim the same lame excuses that MSNBC keeps using in Obama's defense. The same goes for any other Obama supporter that refuses to hold him or his administration accountable.

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