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Number 740, October 6, 2013

What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

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Re: "Put the Badguys on Notice!" by L. Neil Smith


Got a couple for my vehicles plus one for the Historian who expressed his heart felt anger to me last night and in a letter earlier in response to another GOP request for donations. He essentially told them to go pound sand.

I taught him a new word -- Quisling -- which I was somewhat surprised he had never heard it -- as well read on History that he is. I first came across the word years ago in the sign on the cover illustration of Robert A Heinlein's "Farnham's Freehold" -- which was also my first introduction to the term Freeholder. It said "Jerked Quisling (by the neck)". While I had yet to hear the story about the first Quisling -- actual name of a guy who collaborated with the Nazis -- I somehow knew what it meant -- and it just became my newest pet name for Senator John McCain last week! It certainly fits him and the other RINOs to a T!

You mention the possibility of more sticker slogans. I can't wait to get one that says "Down With Power'! Same color Scheme as the book. That's the one that really needs to go viral!

Jeff Fullerton

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Back during the Mexican Revolution my Grandfather Ramirez both caught in the crossfire between the Villistas and Caranzistas. He decided it was time to move to the US. To paraphrase a saying from his new country my Great Grandmother Jacinta didn't raise no foolish children.

As I write this the US Government is shut down. The Democrats and the Republicans refuse to make a deal, both accuse the other of holding the US budget hostage over Obamacare. I am reminded of the rhetoric employed by the Israelis and Palestinians from time to time over who has more blood on their knife, usually when the slaughter has reached the point of no longer being about justice but about who gets in the last cut.

It so happens this year we filed our income tax late on an extension. I'm pretty sure the IRS is good with this as they owe us money. Money which won't get paid until the government reopens. We live in a town on a company town economy, and the company is the Federal Government.

If I honestly believed that this was the true death of the USG, or at least the beginning of a more decent version of it until we can write a new Constitution and create a free nation for another couple of hundred years I'd take my lumps. However, all I see is that I am caught in the crossfire. All I see is that most Americans are in that crossfire. This time there is no place to run.

We have a lot of work to do to make sure the government that grows out of this cluster frak (respect for a family magazine) is more eleutherophilic or at least no more tyrannical than the one we currently have.

A.X. Perez

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