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Number 737, September 8, 2013

"Progressives"? I call them regressives.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 24
by Neale Osborn

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Wanna bet that you or I would be languishing behind bars if we'd done this? Link. Hell, George Zimmerman was beaten to the ground and was tried for murder for shooting Martin. And this cop is cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting a black kid for carrying black shorts in his hand—no warnings, no demands to show what was in his hands or to put his hands up, no warning of any kind. Mr. Weyant DESERVES to win that suit. I hope he does. And "Officer" Mark Sprouse deserves jail time and firing for this one. Imagine being shot in the armpit for carrying a worn out pair of shorts in your hand.

What a crock. So raffling off a gun to benefit an elementary school system is now promoting gun violence? REALLY?? Link. A local hunting club donates a BLACKPOWDER SHOTGUN for part of a school raffle and NBC news goes ballistic. They did, of course, find a few idiots to oppose the raffle, and a few people to support it, as well. But the entire tone of the article is incredulous and oppositional. The school is fine with it "as long as no students sell the raffle tickets and the gun is not brought on campus." Well, the gun on campus is already illegal (stupidly illegal, but illegal nonetheless). But why can't the kids sell the tickets? Are they ALWAYS prohibited from selling raffle tickets (this is, after all, an elementary school, so perhaps they simply don't want the kids doing the selling at all), or does the school somehow think that selling raffle tickets (and there are more things than JUST the shotgun included in the raffle) will somehow promote school shootings? Inquiring minds want to know.

The video enclosed in the link was provided by a friend of mine, Neffy Terri from NewsVine. It brings home how the reporting of civilian use of firearms to protect lives is so badly flawed. No shot fired, it never happened as far as the media is concerned.

Dallas/Ft Worth ladies (and all the rest of you, elsewhere) PLEASE remember the sage advice of Thomas Jefferson: Take a gun with you on all your walks. And here's why. Link. Your peace of mind and physical security depends on it. So Take A Self Defense Handgun class. Practice the handgun training. And take your life back into your own hands. Don't be the next victim of this scumbag or any of his fellow rapists. Eventually, he's going to do more than rape. Don't die for him.

Wanna bet this leads to calls for a ban on whatever style of knife was used? Link. "We have to ban this vicious assault style knife 'For the Children'!" or a call for limits on the length of blade knives can have (Yeah, I know, there are already bans in certain states on blade lengths to carry in a pocket, and certain types of knife are already illegal in many states). I wonder if the anti-knifers will try to use this one to overturn Texas' recent re-legalizing of switchblade knives? Starting Sept 1, it is now legal once again to own and carry switchblade knives in the great state of Texas. Can you say "Manchurian Knifer"? I knew you could. (apologies to Mr. Rogers)

See what happens when you poke your annoying nose into the business of other people, Nanny Bloomberg? They turn your rally inside out! Link. Kudos to the Buckeye Firearms Association for their perfect response to this pain in the ass nanny-stater. But PLEASE do not send His lame-brained Honor back to NY. We have enough governmental idiots in Albany, we don't need Nanny Bloomberg to return to his job in the Rotten Apple.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Janet Napolitano is stepping down from the Department of Homeland Security (a totalitarian name for a department if ever I heard one) Link. The thing that has always amazed me over Nappy is that somehow, she has served as DHS director for 4 1/2 years, and hasn't used a tank on ANYBODY, not even us Bitter Clingers! Well, Big Bitch, be assured we won't miss ya when you're gone. Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out. Would it be possible to take your useless boss with you?

I know, I know, it's not (very) gun related. But I have to ask, "Why in the world does anyone care if the prison could have somehow prevented this scumbag from killing himself?" I am not known as the biggest fan of prisons OR the (state performed) death penalties. But Ariel Castro deserved far more punishment than a mere self inflicted suicide. Link. I have to say, I hope the prison guards tried hard to revive him.... NOT!!! I'll be honest—while I do not support giving the government the power to murder people, even murderers, I don't have a particular problem with leaving suicides who are on death row to hang for a day or two before cutting them down. These women sure deserve to know that prick is dead, and will never be suing them because they never visit him in prison.

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