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Number 732, August 4, 2013

The mission of the Privacy Party would be to get
government out of everybody's lives and shrivel
the damn thing down to the size of a peanut.

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Re: Where's America These Days?

Despair is understandable, but it can be overdone.

The rare German homeschooler is thrown in jail, and no fuss is made. Would you rather be homeschooling in Germany or America? Keep in mind homeschooling came into existence in the face of the most powerful interest group opposing it, in every state government. They couldn't stop it.

Americans are arming themselves with battle rifles. What ruling class tolerates armed peons? The American ruling class is no different; they would disarm us if they could - but they can't!

Don't worry Cathy, America is alive. A revolution is coming. People put up with crap as long as they can, and then they don't any more.

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Paul Bonneau

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Al Sharpton

Recently I went on Sharpton's "Politics Nation" page on Facebook and asked if his opposition to "Stand Your Ground" included the Deacons For Defense And Justice who were a militia group formed in the sixties to protect blacks from violence because cops wouldn't help or were part of the problem. I also asked what he thought of antigun politicians who have armed bodyguards. No reply yet, but will let you know if I get one. I'm sure I will have some people foaming at the mouth. Every time I look at Sharpton I think he should be selling fake Rolexes out of the back of a van. Even a suit and the title "Reverend" doesn't change the fact that he is still the same self-promoting hustler and publicity whore he always was.

Wes Carr

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My Encounter with an Internal Check Point

I had it really driven home how far we have fallen in this country recently.

I was on a business trip (which is why I have asked that my name be withheld from this letter) when this happened. During the course of the trip, I had to travel by ferry from a port in Ohio to one of the islands in Lake Erie. The island is in Ohio waters and the ferry does not travel over the "border" with Ontario on any of its trips. I was not in a position to object to what happened without it reflecting poorly on my job performance (a job that I cannot afford to lose).

I and the people I was traveling with arrived at the ferry. We were traveling on foot, though the ferry also takes vehicles (and several were in line waiting). Right off I noticed the large "no concealed weapons" sign near the entrance, but that was expected as I had been there before, seen it before and also knew that Ohio allows businesses to post their property as off limits for concealed carry. What initially surprised me was the large number (in relation to the number of people boarding) of police. These included DHS and I believe Ohio State Troopers. There had never been more than the occasional local LEO before. A DHS agent with a dog was wandering about (the dog was far more interested in finding a place to pee than doing any police work). When questioned about it, I was told that there had been a number of fights on the island recently and that there was an increased police presence to try to prevent that.

When we went to the "staging area" prior to boarding the ferry, we found ourselves at a checkpoint. All passengers who were on foot or bicycle (not those in vehicles) had to open all baggage and allow it to be hand inspected in order to get on the ferry. The inspections were laughably sloppy. The glanced in bags, hefted them or patted them from the outside to see if they seemed overly heavy, then let the people pass. When questioned about a bag I was carried, and given a half assed answer, they just accepted it and went to the next person.

Honestly, it seemed more either a practice session or a drill to accustomize people to this sort of thing.

What surprised me the most was that NO ONE objected. I can understand people who, like me, were in a position where causing a scene could cost them their livelihood. However most of the people there were traveling for pleasure, at the start of a vacation. None objected, none refused, none attempted to refund their tickets and try the other ferry (located a few miles away). None even questioned why they were subject to a search while those driving cars over were not.

We have fallen far. I am beginning to wonder if we have the will to turn it around.

Anonymous Person
Occupying Some of the Space Where America Used to Be

Friends of Adam Kokesh Speak out: Adam is a Peaceful Man, not Dangerous

Media Contact:
George Donnelly
(215) 360-3513

Friends of Adam Kokesh Speak out: Adam is a Peaceful Man, not Dangerous

(Philadelphia, PA, July 31, 2013)—Shield Mutual is launching the "My Friend Adam" project in support of libertarian activist Adam Kokesh on Thursday, August 1, 2013 at

Family, friends, fans and allies of Kokesh are posting videos, photos, tweets and Facebook status updates in support of Kokesh with the hashtag #MyFriendAdam. Liberty community businesses are offering prizes for the best videos.

Kokesh was arrested at his Virginia home on July 9 in a brutal paramilitary raid by US Park Police, complete with laser sights, APCs and black helicopters. Kokesh is facing Virginia state victimless crime charges and is currently being held against his will in a Washington, D.C. cage on a single firearm possession victimless crime charge after his July 4 YouTube video in which he appears to load a shotgun in Washington D.C.'s Freedom Plaza.

Judge Frederick Sullivan denied Kokesh bail this past Monday, July 29, 2013 claiming that Kokesh is "a very dangerous man."

"Our goal is to get Adam out of that cage so he can properly defend himself in the legal process and attend to his business, the 'Adam vs. The Man' show," said George Donnelly of Shield Mutual, Kokesh's public relations defense firm. "We will correct Sullivan's misstatement once and for all with our first-hand YouTube testimony." Before August 13, 2013 when Adam Kokesh next has a chance at bail, hopes to inspire thousands of video blogs and social media posts in defense of the peace activist.

About Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh is a former US Marine corporal and veteran of the Iraq War who is active for peace, marijuana legalization and the right to keep and bear arms. Kokesh is the host of internet talk radio show "Adam vs The Man."

About Shield Mutual

Shield Mutual is the agora's first defense agency. Shield Mutual defends activists from government attack using leadership and public relations.

Further Information

My Friend Adam
Free Adam Kokesh Campaign:


PDF of this release

Press Kit

George Donnelly
Shield Mutual—the agora's first defense agency
+1 (215) 253 8970

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Carnivorous Deer

Deer eat meat. I can't think of any other way to put it. Deer and many other herbivores will eat meat and do so with some relish. I read about this in Omni back when and a recent short story in Analog reminded me of this. Don't take my word, see [HERE] and [HERE]

Heinlein warned us of false flag pacifists in his novel Time Enough for Love, and repeated in his collection of aphorisms The Notebooks of Lazarus Long. People who don't know better think that deer and other herbivores are sweet and lovable and peaceful, disregarding reports from people who have observed male herbivores fighting over mates and dominance. For that matter, we city types would do well to listen to our more rustic friends when they discuss mean cattle and horses.

Humans are in fact omnivores. We have evolved digestive tracts meant to process meat, fruit, nuts. and artificially prepared vegetables, grains and legumes. We can get by on vegetarian diets and all meat diets, though I've been told we are healthiest eating a diet made up of 20% meat, 80 % veggie.

So, when a fellow omnivore tells me to give up meat because vegetarianism is more natural and points to herbivores as an example of moral behavior I have to wonder if they are sneaking Porterhouses in private. When a people guarded by professionals tells me I must go disarmed I have to wonder how they plan to rob me. When a man who approaches Woodrow Wilson's record of enthusiasm in foreign adventurism get's the Nobel Peace Prize I am reminded of Heinlein's opinion of pacifists.

Meanwhile, if you hunting this season, and the deer look scrawny and seem to be stalking you, watch your back.

A.X. Perez

[ I live in the country, myself—Editor ]

Richard Bartucci observed:

Whitetail deer are forest floor browsers, meaning they not uncommonly consume fecal matter as well as acorns and other nuts. This is why they should always be considered afflicted by trichinosis, and eating undercooked venison can give rise to what I've always called "Bambi's Revenge."

From an evolutionary biology perspective, carnivores have digestive tracts which are much simpler than are those of herbivores. The predominantly herbivorous species have to invest a lot of energy (and their digestive "machinery" must be more complex) in getting calories and other nutrients out of leafy green vegetables. Omnivores like H. sapiens show a bit more sophistication in their gastrointestinal equipment than do essentially obligate carnivores like the fissiped predators (felidae, canids, etc.), and we benefit considerably from dietary intake rich in easily digested animal fats and proteins. Our Mr. Smith has made this observation in many of his works of fiction.

But any herbivore can consume and digest animal flesh. It's simply that their survival strategies open them up to sources of nutrition that don't require the pursuit of prey.

Life is apparently less worrisome when the whole world is your salad bar.

Richare Bartucci

Note: I've never been one to consider hunting a "sport" (as the NRA assholes keep yammering in their evasion of the fact that most people keep and bear firearms for the protection of their unalienable individual rights). When the deer and bunny rabbits start using rifles and shotguns of their own to shoot back, then it'll be a sporting proposition.

Ain't a sport without competition, right?


Roger Clark remarked:

Have to disagree with you about hunting being a sport. It just isn't a game where you keep score.

Roger Clark

L. Neil Smith remarked:

Roger is correct.

In his famous Meditations on Hunting, Jose Ortega y Gasset asserted that huntng isn't a sport, it's predation, something that came to (what would eventually be) our species rather late in our evolution, and at a tremendous cost—but with far greater rewards.

Consider the lion (whatever kind they have in the Pyranees, which is what Ortega had in mind when he was writing. Does she worry that the prey she brings down doesn't have a sporting chance? No, she kills it and drags it home to her kittens.

Hunting is killing. With your hands, with a rock, with a spear, with a scoped Winchester Model 70. And if, after at least 90,000 years of doing it, we have no other rights, it is our oldest and most highly respectable one. With game in your sights, and, later, blood up to your elbows, you suddenly know more about our ancestors, four and a half thousand generations of them, you are closer to their lives and deaths, than any anthropologist or archaeologist can ever bring you. It is a remarkable phenomenon and an almost undescribable feeling.

A massively good one, for obvious reasons of survival, somewhat akin to sex. (Shut up, Sigmund!)

i.e. L. Neil Smith

Roger Clark further remarked:

What bothers me the most about hunting as seen on the sportsmens channel et. al. is how technology has taken over. I fail to see any satisfaction in using a range finder to tell you the distance down to the yard, inputting all the data into a ballistic calculator to allow for wind, altitude and humidity, then using a rifle that you wouldn't want to carry more than 100 yards from your truck. No real skill involved.

I will stick to my flintlock or caplock, real muzzle loaders. Not one of those abominations from Knight.

Roger Clark

L. Neil Smith further commented:

It's an aesthetic question, Roger, and therefore purely subjective. I take greater pleasure from handgun hunting than any other kind, but I use large calibers—.44 Magnum and .45 Colt loaded just as hot as .44. I never shot a rabbit with anything smaller than a .38, because I hate the sound they make when they're hurt but not dead.

I've shot lots of deer with many different rifles, down to .250-3000 Savage. My favorite is my .44 Magnum Marlin, and it does a better job than .30-06. I want to shoot a buffalo, and for that I'll use my Marlin M1895CB, a very long-barrelled .45/70. Nine rounds in the tube.

I have a .35 Whelen I made from a wartime Czech 98 Mauser, for Kodiak, but I'll probably never get to use it that way. Similarly, I have been studying the atlatl, and it shows real promise for mule deer.

Quick! Somebody bring me my immortality pills!

L. Neil Smith

[ Make that a case-sized order please!—Editor ]

Richard Bartucci commented:

Ah, I get it. Hunting is a "sport" in pretty much the same way that synchronized swimming is a "sport."

Only with more beer drinking, less prospect of drowning, and the reasonable possibility that you're gonna get a stocked freezer out of the "sporting" activity.

Richare Bartucci

Neale Osborn added:

I'll hunt to eat. And when I do, I use the best equipment I have (Usually, the .280 Remington I built 22 years ago). There is no sport in hunting, though it can be fun as hell. Hunting is to eat. trophies are fine, IF you eat the game (or someone does, like through Hunters for the Hungry). My only beef is with those who kill for the fun of it, and do not eat their kills. I do excuse varmint hunting- I don't eat possum, coon, or foxes who enter my henhouse).

Neale Osborn

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