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Number 730, July 21, 2013


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by Danilo D'Antonio

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise


When the various Countries of the world became democrats, the minorities who inherited from previous regimes the assignments of the Public Functions for the course of their whole life, instead to return them to the citizens as demanded democracy, continued to keep them for themselves. With the occurred democracies, these primaries collective resources would have to start to be participated by TEMPORARY assignments. Their hoarders, instead, took advantage of positions of power to keep the undue privileges of the tyrannical era.


Democracy stands out from the tyranny in the fact that every public role, both in the area of DECISION making and in the FUNCTIONAL one (in the educational, fiscal, judicial apparatus etc.) must be periodically returned to the people. Every public job, from the humblest to the highest, contains a certain power and for this reason cannot be owned for life. Otherwise we fall into tyranny. ALL citizens are SOVEREIGNS and OWNERS of their Res Publica. Those who have monopolized it for life did that against the principle of democracy.


Due to a public apparatus mantained tyrannical, the societies have continued to develop following an organizational model distorted and overturned. Eg. associationism has absorbed a large number of fresh human energies that should be instead directed, well prepared and at temporary engagement, within the Public Employment. And the private economic sector has benefited of much public money that should serve instead to nurture and grow the RES PUBLICA. On the contrary it has been loaded with social burdens that would have involve only the basic public economy.


The public careerists, the engaged for life in the Public Functions of the democratic Countries are real ABUSIVES and must be immediately REMOVED. The Public Employment at fixed-term is instead EQUAL and FAIR. It achieves that OPERATIVE DEMOCRACY without which the PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY becomes a constant chatter without progress. The democratization of the Public Employment must be done with the highest priority to allow citizens to reorganize and conduct, directly, the public activities and services in the manner they consider appropriate.

The foregoing is not a mere proposal. It is matter of awareness, a real historical discovery. The Peoples of the Earth, just becoming aware of having been betrayed and cheated for decades by the PREDATORS of PUBLIC POWERS that, once become democrat, should be regularly SHARED, can live an epocal EMANCIPATION process that will make them definitively FREE. From the Countries of North Africa to those of Europe, from South America to the Orient, a single movement inspire us: liberate and make grow our sacred Res Publicas.

In a totally peaceful, legal and civil way, this outcome be our!

Danilo D'Antonio
Piazza del Municipio
64010 Rocca S. M. (TE)
Italy - Europe
tel. ++39 339 5014947

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