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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 15
by Neale Osborn

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Barack Obama, salesman extraordinaire. Smith and Wesson (as with ALL firearms manufacturers) is currently experiencing a boom year for gun sales. As usual, MSNBC has deliberately tried to word the title in an inflammatory way. "Gun sales shoot to record high for Smith & Wesson despite violent year" The record high is ACTUALLY because people are buying to get their guns before the feared attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment gather more steam.

Game, Set, Match. This is how you stop crime. An armed good guy against an armed bad guy. One carjacker out of the picture. Be warned—it is unclear if the perp survives. You may be watching a scumbag die, so excercise caution.

Ze thought police are vatchink you, people. Be careful, or you, too, could face jail time. Jared faces up to a $500 fine and a year in jail for "obstructing an officer". Funny thing is, the officer's report mentions no threats of violence or violent actions. Jared, you might remember, is the then 14 year old boy thrown out of school for a NRA T-shirt that says "Protect your Freedom". According to the cop, Jared " when Jared refused to stop talking, that hindered his ability to do his job, hence, the obstruction charge. "

Awwww, poor little liberals can't handle the truth. George Kollitides, the president of Freedom Group, manufacturers of the Bushmaster rifle that whack-job used to kill 20 kids and 6 adults, has quite correctly refused to take any blame for the actions of a deranged individual. In fact, he said that the ONLY thing that could have prevented the killings was his mother locking up the guns, or armed guards at the school. After being castigated for that, he ALSO pointed out that the killer (who would like me to mention his name) could have used a car to run down a school yard of kids.

"It's very easy to blame an inanimate object. Any kind of instrument in the wrong hands can be put to evil use. This comes down to intent—criminal behavior, accountability and responsibility," Kollitides told the Washington Times.
In his view, he added, "only two things could have potentially stopped (the killer): his mother locking up her guns and an armed guard. Even then, he could have driven his stolen car into a playground full of kids."

He correctly pointed out the asininity of blaming an inanimate object for the actions of deranged people. Twit-diots ranting about background checks in response to his comments forget his mother passed background checks for each gun, and owned them legally. HE stole the weapons from her and murdered her before going on his spree. The outrage over his simple, truthful statements is based solely on emotion, without one single shred of common sense attached. I also note that his mother is NEVER included in the number of victims of the shooting spree.

Yet again we see that Chicago cannot understand the facts, even when the facts are there for all to see. After their most violent weekend of the year to date, Chicago STILL doesn't acknowledge the value of citizens with guns. Yet the only SOLVED shooting of the weekend involved a dead shooter hit by a cop's bullet. Now imagine if every one of the street shootings had an armed good guy on scene—perhaps there might have been better deaths—the deaths of the criminals, in addition to or instead of the deaths of forcibly disarmed civillians.

So MSN is trying to call a rifle "too effective" and too easy to use, even an "inexperienced shooter is the equivalent to a military sniper". Now, I don't really think a rifle needs a WiFi server, an Ipad mini, and USB ports. Or a built in ballistics computer. But that is irrelevant. A gun can have whatever the owner is willing to pay for. Personally, I like an M1A or M14 rifle, a nice scope is a nice touch, and a few 20 round mags. However, banning a rifle for being "too effective" is a really neat way to go about back-door banning—all you have to do is call it too effective, and my Ruger 10-.22 is on the trash heap. Let me make it clear, the article does not come right out and say "We need to ban this rifle because it is too effective, too easy to use." No, they just say things like

The weapon is already raising concerns that it could be used for evil. "It's also incredibly dangerous, since now inexperienced shooters can be as accurate (as)—or more accurate (than)—trained military snipers from almost a mile away," Koetsier writes. "The potential for terrorism and targeted assassinations is obvious." What do you think? Is TrackingPoint's new rifle a hunter's best friend or an assassination waiting to happen?

It sure as shit sounds like a weasel-worded advocation for banning due to how good the weapon is. We certainly need to keep our eyes on this one.

I've heard (from the Huckabee Report) that the reason this occurred is because the town has no police force due to fiscal difficulties, though the linked story doesn't mention the fiscal side. Now, to the story. In Clackamas County Oregon, in the neighborhood of Jennings Lodge, the townsfolk have gotten sick of piss-poor response times from the sheriff's department. Apparently, the Sheriffs spend most of their time serving the City of Portland, not the suburbs and outlying parts of the county. So they have taken the intelligent step of getting training in the use of firearms, specifically handguns, and getting themselves CCWs (not that CCWs are Constitutional, but I digress), and begun defending their neighborhood. Signs are springing up saying "This is a Glock Block. We don't dial 911". There are middle aged women who had never shot before getting training and then carrying everywhere. While the Daily Mail is not a particularly 2nd Amendment friendly rag (as evidenced by the emotionally inflammatory use of "vigilante) in the title), the article is almost sympathetic to the townsfolk. I wonder if this is a trend. We have the Armed Citizen Project training and arming lower-income single mothers in depressed areas of Houston, and planning to move on to more of Texas and Arizona, with plans to expand to Chicago and New York in the near future. Of course, the ACP is issuing shotguns for HOME defense, not handguns for concealed carry.

Connecticut sends 140 jobs to South Carolina. In the wake of the Newtown shootings, Connecticut's knee-jerk reaction of banning certain types of semi-automatic weapons and limiting magazine sizes has cost the taxpayers a fairly large chunk of corporate taxes AND 140+/- taxpayers. PTR Industries, manufacturers of a very nice "assault" rifle, estimates the time to complete=ion for the move will be 3 years.

PTR Industries' CEO said the move, which will take place over three years, will bring 140 jobs to South Carolina and was predicated by tightening gun laws enacted by Connecticut legislators following the Sandy Hook shootings. [Source]

Colorado State Senate President John Morse (mentioned in an earlier rant for his facing a first-ever for Colorado recall election) has compared gun ownership to a disease.

"The gun lobby argues that we need more guns ... and managed to convince Coloradans that we will lose our guns even if we impose reasonable restrictions on firearms ... only a cleaning of our whole society can remove this sickness from our souls. Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn't come easily. It's gruesome."

What is REALLY gruesome is the belief that posessing the means of self defense is a "sickness on our souls", while preventing the posession of the means of self defense is "reasonable". Well, I hope that Morse and Hickenpooper get what they truly deserve—removal from office, and, if everything goes well, some major lawsuits from their mis-represented constituents. Please read the edit in the commentary under the photo—the "quote" on the picture is a compilation quote. The ACTUAL quote I reference above is where the compilation came from.

It's not DIRECTLY gun related, but this... person makes me fear for America's future. Now, we ALL know the Miss America Pageant ain't exactly selecting for brains. What it's selecting for is usually in front of the brains, and often lower. And I confess, I have rarely seen a Miss America who actually appealed to me. I like a more natural looking woman, and she's GOTTA have a brain (and little or no PC about her!). But I cannot believe that A) this brain dead bimbo LIKES the government spying on her because it somehow makes her feel "safe", B) she DOESN'T think this encroaches on her privacy, and C) the audience applauded this, as the article called it, Orwellian approval of destroying our Constitution. I may write colloquially on occasion, I may use slang, pejoratives, or profanity in my articles, but that does not mean I have no brain. I do so wish this had not only read the words of Benjamin Franklin, but been capable of comprehending them.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Though often misquoted (even by yours truly), this is the actual quote from the written letter. And Old Ben hit the nail on the head.

Well, it's Saturday afternoon, and I need to get this out of my computer and on the way to y'all.

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