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Number 724, June 9, 2013

Americans have obeyed their last gun law.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 13
by Neale Osborn

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Holy shit! This shot is amazing. Watch the video. (great choice of background music, too!) I want him on MY side WTSHTF.

Most here know by now that I am not a fan of the NRA because it has compromised too often, and actually written more gun banning bills than anyone else (since the NFA '34, in fact, which they sponsored and helped write). But you gotta love this kid, and the response his little act of grade school hooliganry received. It seems little Josh (7 at the time) received a two day suspension for a firearms violation at school. He chewed a PopTart into the shape of a gun, violationg the "Zero Intelligence"... er, "Zero Tolerance" policy towards firearms of the idiotic school he attends in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. At a local NRA Convention, Josh was given a lifetime membership to the NRA by his Local Congresscritter (bought, I might add, out of the CC's pocket, not state or federal funds). Josh is the only member of his family to be an NRA member. The only thing I want to know is "Why the hell haven't his parents sued the shit out of the school board for this idiotic act, and why is he still attending such a brain dead school system?" Instead, they are just trying to "get this suspension expunged from his permanent record". What a crock of shit!

Way to go, kid! A 9 year old boy is upstairs when two armed home invaders force his teenaged siblings to the floor downstairs, and one heads up. The boy lets him get one arm through the door, and slams the door on the arm so hard the crook drops his gun. The boy grabs the gun, and fires it at the scumbag, causing him and his thieving partner to flee the scene. Sadly, the boy did not hit either criminal. but at least he and his siblings came out unscathed. The NYPD have announced no plans to charge the boy for unlawful discharge or minor in posession of a handgun.

I have addressed this several times in other venues and/or articles, but never in my weekly rants. But a few weeks ago, the topic came up in comments, and I feel the need to address this topic once again. People tell me that __________—(fill in the blank—Libertarians, 2nd Amendment supporters, anti-taxers, individual rights supporters, whatever) need to "moderate" our beliefs or "compromise" in order to "Win over people." This is absolutely wrong for several reasons. First, there is no reason to moderate beliefs. How the hell are we ever going to get our beliefs across if we water them down enough that "average people" can understand them? Not only does it assume (incorrectly, I might add) that average people cannot possibly understand blunt speaking, it means that you are arguing FOR something that you do not actually want. I prefer to tell people EXACTLY what I think, and why. If they like it, fine. If they don't, I don't care. And if they are unsure, I will cheerfully talk about it for hours until they either like it, or not. As to compromise, it is the single biggest mistake a person can make. IF you actually believe in something, you do not compromise those principles. Unless, of course, they aren't actually principles. Well, for me, they are. I do not sell some of my principles in order to get someone to tolerate a few of my remaining principles. So, if you think that you like some of what I say, but think I need to moderate or compromise to get some of what I want, don't waste your time typing that. I'm not going to do it.

In December, right after the Sandy Hook shootings, an 11 year old boy is on the bus, talking with friends about the shootings. He expressed his desire to "have a gun so I could protect everybody". The brave and intelligent bus driver (major sarcasm alert, here) promptly took the little miscreant back to school, to be interrogated by the principal and the local sheriff deputy. During the course of the interrogation, the boy was suspended for SAYING the word gun. The suspension was for 10 days (later reduced to 1 day). Then, the idiot sheriff somehow decided the father needed to submit to a warrantless search of the family home, which (after the father refused to consent) the search was graciously waived AFTER the father foolishly filled out a 4 page questionnaire. No mention of what the questionnaire asked, or who prepared it. MY thoughts on the incident are as follows. I'm glad the father refused the search, but I have no fucking idea why the hell he answered the questionnaire. I wonder at the Sheriff Department that has such a questionnaire prepared for use. I have no idea why the boy ever returned to such a mindless school system. If it was my kid, he would have been immediately been withdrawn from the system and home schooled. I will NEVER understand why a person will force their child to submit to the idiots in our public schools these days. The few good teachers are far outweighed by the union thugs pushing the liberal theology (yes, I used theology correctly).

The next thing for today is not entirely gun related, but it is most definitely freedom related. Over the last few weeks, there have been a series of scandals for the Obama regime. Who ordered the Ambassador and others abandoned to die in Benghazi, and who orchestrated the series of deliberate lies over the cause of that attack. The IRS using tax exempt status to intimidate and punish TEA Party and other freedom and Constitution supporting groups. Targeting reporters for reporting unflattering stories, and for breaking supposedly classified stories. Declaring reporters "Possible co-conspirators" under the 1917 Espionage Act for printing stories. But now, we have PRISM. A government program that can (and does) access your digital history without warrants, or even judicial oversight. Now, The Abuser-in-Chief, Barack Obama, who correctly called the USA Patriot act a vile assault on our civil liberties in 2005, has been defending the expanded misuses in 2013. He claimed "We cannot have 100% security AND 100% privacy" in his defense of the revelation of PRISM's existence. It's pretty funny that the moment a liberal gets into office, he becomes exactly what he claimed he opposed before the election. Those who fail to listen to the wise words of Poor Richard, aka Ben Franklin, are doomed to live under the iron fist of Democrats taking unConstitutional Republican laws and making them truly oppressive.

"Those Who would Surrender Lssential Liberties for Temporary Security shall soon find They have Neither." Ben Franklin

I note that the ignorant, who have refused to read the UN Small Arms Proliferation Treaty, are out in force claiming that it does not trample on the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment. Well, those if us who can read will continue to oppose this violation of our Constitutional rights. And I promise that IF it is signed into law, you will witness the end of the US as we know it.

I might move back to Colorado if this were to actually happen. Up to 8 counties in Northern Colorado are currently contemplaying seceeding from Colorado, and becoming the 51st state. Though I'd prefer seceeding from the US, but I digess. Reacting to Governor John Dickenpooper's assault on the 2nd Amendment combined with some extremely repressive "renewable energy" regulations, Weld County is leading the charge to get the hell out of Colorado. Wondering how far they'll get.... Any ideas for a name for the new state? Being misinformed, I find out that the counties FOR secession are the ones who LOVE Hickenpooper. Thus, we shall call them "Left Colorado", and the other counties "Good Colorado".

I think that does it for this week.

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