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Number 723, June 2, 2013

I have sworn upon the altar of god,
eternal hostility against every form
of tyranny over the mind of man

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Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters
by L. Neil Smith

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

[Auther's Note: I just sent this to a friend who had made me aware of the absurdity you see above. As usual, I have changed her name to confuse the StaatsPolizei.]

Hey, Wilma,

I've been getting madder and madder (not ar you) since I read this crap you sent me about Harry Belafonte, who made millions from American capitalism and now wants Obama to put all the people who made him rich in a concentration camp. He's either evil, senile, or impossibly stupid.

You know, I have a plan for ridding ourselves of this communist trash and his parasitic entourage perfectly legally and peacefully. The trouble is, it requires that other people put in some time and effort on something other than getting some new moron elected, and I'm not even going to start writing it until I am convinced that other people prefer being free to whining about not being free.

I'll leave it to these—in my long experience—mostly mythical beings (the rare exceptions know who they are, but they're not many) to figure out how to manifest their willingness to mount a truly revolutionary change in things. But a fair start would be to purchase my book, DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis (available at, B& and elsewhere, in either "dead-tree" or e-book form) and carry it around with them wherever they go.

Yeah, like Chairman Mao's Little Red Book in the '60s.

We gave it as conspicuous a cover as my publisher could afford, so a room full of readers would be something really spectacular. And just incidentally, it includes a plan for fixing the mess this country has been turned into. The new plan is about how to get there from here.

I don't want to hear any more whining. Spare me. We all know what Obama is. We all know what he wants to do. I know how to prevent it, but I'm bloody sick and tired of pushing a rope, and at this point I'd just as soon sit down, read a good book, and wait out the end of civilization.

Make what you will of that.

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