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Number 721, May 19, 2013

"I think we may have reached a point, elected a
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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 10
by Neale Osborn

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

So now pediatricians are lying to try to get guns banned. Though they seem to be lying carefully. "Where there are more guns in the United States, there are more people dying," happens to be a blatant lie, as outlined in the Pew study outlined in Rant #9. Gun crime down 49%. Non-fatal gun violence down 70%. Firearms free violence down 72%. Gun ownership UP across the nation. 37 states now cannot refuse to issue a concealed carry license unless you are a felon. 4 states now do not require ANY license to carry concealed. 3500 children drown each year . 500 die by gun. Ban the swimming pools first, pediatricians. THEY aren't Constitutionally protected.

Ever heard of It's that nifty little device that lets you accept credit cards on your smart phone. Well, they just left "nifty" and went to "lefty". On May 9, they sent this update to the user agreement.

Part One, Section 6, states "By creating a Square Account, you also confirm that you will not accept payments in connection with the following businesses or business activities: [this section has been modified to add item number] "(23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury."

This means I will not obtain a "Square" device, nor will I pay them 2.75% of all sales, nor will I buy from someone using THEIR Square device. Let the free market be heard.

Not gun related, but.... How's that global warming going for you? Right now (Monday, May 13, 1131am EST) it is snow flurrying in my yard. I WANT MY DAMN GLOBAL WARMING—THEY PROMISED ME WARMER TEMPS AND I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!! Another lie from the looney liberal leftists, designed to gain them more power.

Ya gotta wonder at peoples' intelligence. Do they REALLY think Iron Man showed up at their theater to battle with gun wielding tac team members, or is it more than likely a stupid stunt? Was the stunt stupid? Probably. Did anyone intelligent get scared? Nope.

Okay, I admit to a touch of torn here. Joe Biden, Vice-president and Buffoon in Chief, responded to a letter from a boy named Miles, who suggested that all guns should "fire chocolate bullets so no one would get hurt". Cute letter from Miles, cute response from Doltin' Joe. See the hand-written letter at the link. Of course you don't want to crush a kid by telling him how stupid chocolate bullets would be. And a Vice President, taking the time to hand-write a response to a 2nd Grader is always an "Awwww!" moment. But you gotta question the timing, since the letter apparently sat around a while before he answered it, as he acknowledges in the response. You have to wonder, as I do, if this is just something designed to distract the sheeple from Benghazi, the IRS and it's assault on the TEA Party and other conservative organization, the Justice department's subpeonas of AP reporters' phone records, and Obama's generally failing popularity. For today, I'll just call it a spark of humanity from the Village Idiot.

So I wonder why we should like this act? Giving a tax deduction for gun safes, trigger locks, and other "approved" methods of safe storage of your firearms seems cool. I mean, it sounds sorta alright, doesn't it? Well, until you read to the end. So what if the IRS is prohibited from using this as a method of backdoor registration? As we all know, and as has been proven quite forcibly in the last week, the IRS is an activist arm of the Democrat Party, which is also the party which sponsors most Victim Disarmament.... er Gun Control laws. Also, as pointed out in the article, most IRS data is considered "Public Information". Which means that, just as with concealed carry permits in NY and Conn, the press or other liberal anti-gun activists can easily access info on who owns a gun safe and publish it. Also, as we all know, what a law giveth, a new law can taketh away. No, count me out. If I buy a gun safe, and the one I buy happens to be an "approved for tax deductions" model, I'll skip the deduction. Privacy is more valuable than 5 or 10 bucks off the old tax bill.

Because some places I post this are not quite public, many of you will not have read this response of mine to a comment from a reader. I feel it appropriate that I post both parts here. In part, the poster railed about no one trying to ban guns, that we could all target shoot until we orgasmed, and we were all a bunch of "pussies".

WTF is this rant about? Here's a simple fact you overlook in your foul-mothed assault on the 2nd Amendment is that the founders only listed ONE of the Bill of Rights items as "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". I know that liberals (and those afraid of how THEY would act with a gun) feel they have a need to take weapons away from the rest of us. But the fact is you feel free to call us pussies for owning guns SOLELY because people like us defend your freedom to do so. you won't find very many pro-gun people advocating the limitation of one of the BoR enumerated rights. Oh, sure, there's a few religious whackjobs want to ban pornography. Idiots who support the USA Patriot Act and it's assault in individual liberties. But the number of anti-gunners assaulting the 2nd Amendment is far vaster.

As to your bald faced lie that no one wants to take away our guns, it is eactly that- a hitlerian style "Big Lie" so blatantly false it bears repeating- Your bald faced lie that no one wants to take our guns is proveably false. Diane Feinstein, as long ago as 1995, said "If I had the votes, I'd pass the law- Mr. and Mrs America, turn them all in. But the votes aren't there." Cuomo in NY has banned, outright, the ourchase and transfer of 160 different weapons. Hickenlooper in Colorado has done the same. Connecticut, the same. NJ is currently working on a bill to confiscate certain types of guns. Obama wants a law as strict as NY's for the whole country. In fact, Cuomo took exactly what Obama advocated for and got it passed here. Your goal, and the goal of ALL members of the victim disarmament crowd (the correct name for the "gun control" crew) is the eventual outlaw of personal arms. Just as with other totalitarians, before you can be safe as the dictators, you need disarmed victims. Well, guess what. As the number of guns in civillian hands has increased, and the number of armed citizens (with un-Constitutional licenses..... but I digress) has increased over the last two decades, violent crime rates have dropped. 49% over that period. 5% average drop per year.

For reasons you won't admit, you liberal victim disamers find it morally superior for a woman to lie dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose rather than have her re-loading over the bloody body of the rapist. Deny it all you wish. If YOU had to face the same restrictions on the 1st, 4th, 5th, or 9th Amendments you advocate for the 2nd, you'd be marching on DC with pitchforks and torches. You, and every single "gun control" advocate, are nothing more (or less) than blatant hypocrites. You claim to be pro women, yet deny women the right to defend themselves from rapists, muggers, and other criminals. You claim people have Constitutional rights that are not even enumerated, yet deny rights specifically listed and labelled "Shall not be infringed". Like it or not, your actions speak the truth- you hate freedom for others. And the only freedoms you support are ones that make YOU happy. You fear a free people, confident in their ability to resist aggression from any source. You do not even have my pity for your fear. Only contempt for your actions


Before I forget, I have hung around literally dozens of shooting ranges. Sold at or visited hundreds of gun shows. Run a gun shop. Repaired and restored guns for people for over 30 years. I know thousands of gun people. I know ONE who thinks of his gun as an extension of or replacement for his penis. I know of NO ONE who will "shoot until you collapse from an orgasm."

In fact, the only people except for that one mentioned (a Viet Nam vet who was WAY screwed up from PTSD, I might add) who think guns are penises are liberal gun haters. But let us pretend, for a moment, that you are correct. A gun is an extension of or replacement for a penis. Who is the sicker person- the person making that mistake, or the person trying to take that person's sexual organ away?

I feel that these are important points to keep in mind.

For once, I'm on the side of law enforcement....... sorta. I'm not thrillled by their reason for their lawsuit, but I'm sure as shootin' happy they filed it. Democrat and Republican county Sheriffs filed a federal lawsuit against the new Colorado assault rifle and magazine size limits because "There's no way we can enforce it" and "It will make compliance practically impossible for the citizens". I would have preferred they fought it because it violates the Constitution (which it does most egregiously) rather than for their convenience. But I'll take whatever court challenges we can get. Here's hoping they win.

I seem to have run out of gun related things to vent about. However, I HAVE decided to find a better way to carry my concealed pistol. The cargo pocket of my shorts works, but I'm gonna try a thigh mount tactical holster under a kilt. Not only will it conceal better, it might let me carry a better weapon. My slightly damaged fingers are a tad less nimble than they used to was. A magazine change is easier by far than a speedloader. Besides, if people are busy trying not to stare at the kilt, they will never notice the pistol at all!

Let's call this one a wrap. Next week, my friends (and you gun grabbing people, as well).

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