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Number 721, May 19, 2013

"I think we may have reached a point, elected a
President, who _possesses_ no individuality, no
real being of his own, but is made up totally
of the collective. Something like the Borg Queen."

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Catch-484 (22 squared)

Heller sure coined a term with his book, Catch-22...

A good friend of mine sent along this example of Heller's "Catch-22" phrase-slash-book title:

Here is an example of Catch 22 , squared.

We won't tell you how we got the info, because then you might have a chance at trying the method we got the info with in a court. Therefore, because we will not tell you, you cannot go to court.

Neener neener neener!

I have no sympathy for indiscriminate blowers-uppers of innocents and property (nor discriminate blowers-uppers, for that matter), yet the authoritarian fan-dance on display here, just to stay out of court, thereby preserving the technique with which to abuse others—you?, me?—is ridiculousness of the first water.

Ted Ball

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Re: "The World's Greatest Propaganda Ministry" by Jeff Ganaposki

I think Jeff is still confused. Of course democracies can be either direct or indirect. And "republic" just means "not a monarchy". And representation is a bogus idea, as (apparently) is a constitution.

I can't see why people get wound up about these definitions. This country is clearly an oligarchy dressed up as a democratic (that is, there are elections) representative (we elect scumbags to rule us) republic (it's not a monarchy—yet).

Whatever words a person prefers between "republic" or "democracy", neither one has anything to do with liberty. As to the best form of government, the correct answer is "none".

Actually now that I think of it, since a republic is defined by what it is not, a country that is an anarchy could also be called a republic. "The Anarchist Republic of America", sounds good. But the USSR was also a legitimate republic so I wouldn't get too excited about republics...

Paul Bonneau

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