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Number 714, March 31, 2013

After sinking billions of dollars into “law-enforcement”
over the decades, what finally brought the violent crime
rate down—in double digits—was private gun ownership.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant, Volume 3
by Neale Osborn

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I'd like to open this with two personal notes—

I have received several responses to my request for info on Norinco's "Polytech" line of semi-auto M14s (here in America we call'em M1As) They are popular in Canada, and Canadian gun blogs spend a lot of time on these fairly well-made weapons, and apart from some occasional soft parts that need changing (hammers and sears seem to be common) with the better made American parts, I've received no real complaints. Thanks to those who responded. Anybody who needs similar responses, feel free to contact me via a Contact the Author on NewsVine or via the means provided on TLE and other places I put the rant. I'll include the questions in upcoming rants.

The other personal note is—some of the venues I post this to have a PayPal button, and the opportunity to "Pay the author". Some of you have kindly done so. These gun rants, unlike my short stories and single-shot articles, are written primarily for me. I appreciate the payments, and they will go to the purchase of e-books or ammunition. But please refrain from sending any more. Use that money for your OWN ammo, or take your lady or your man for ice cream, or whatever. I do not want my weekly rants to become a source of income, however small it may be, or else I will (involuntarily) switch mentally from "What is on my mind this week?" to "What do my readers want from me this week?" And that would take the fun out of my rants. So, I thank you for finding my work worthy of pay. I never expected that. But please do not pay me for this series. Believe me, if I ever finish a book, I'll change my tune on those payments!! [ I will try to remember to not put a "Pay the Author" link on future Rants, Neale—Editor ]

BWahahaha! Take that, you hypocrite! Gabby Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly, was given a slap in the chops over his highly publicized purchase of an AR15 style rifle. The store owner responsibly declined his sale because Kelly was announcing he was going to violate the law. 3/4ths of the comments I bothered to read called this a publicity stunt on the part of the store owner. They are wrong. So I say to all of those saying this is a publicity stunt of the store owner, it is a publicity stunt, just not the store's stunt. It is Mark Kelly who was engaging in the publicity stunt. Here's the problem with completing this sale—Federally licensed Gun Dealers are required by law NOT to sell to anyone who avows he is not going to be the final recipient of that firearm. If I buy a gun from a dealer for my wife, SHE has to undergo the NICS and fill out the form 4473 unless I am going to remain the owner. It sounds stupid (and it is) but you cannot tell the owner you are buying the gun for another person, even as a gift. Now, once you own it, it is perfectly legal to give it to your wife, kid, whatever. Mark Kelly made it clear that he was NOT buying the gun for himself, but rather for someone else—a "straw man sale", something all gun-control freaks oppose. Well, they oppose straw-man sales unless Eric Holder wants to burn gun dealers over straw sales—THEN they support forcing gun dealers to violate the law. Can you say Operation Gunwalker, AKA Operation Fast and Furious.

I have to say something nice about Barack Obama. Well, it's not nice for me, but it IS nice for sporting goods stores, gun shops, and ammunition outlets. He has made both gun and ammunition sales skyrocket. Currently, the two Gander mountain stores near(ish) to me are OUT, completely, of ALL handgun ammo, .22 rimfire, and rifle ammo of any caliber that fits the so-called "assault weapons". Here in NY, the effect is magnified because people are stocking up before the asshole's (Don Andrew Cuomo, our capo-in-chief) demand for background checks on ammunition purchases and his ban on future sales of so-called assault weapons goes in to effect. People are buying up everything in sight they feel is or soon will be on the chopping block. But one of the above-mentioned Gander mountain stores is in Scranton, PA, over 50 miles from the nearest NY border.

Re-visiting part of last week's rant, we have more Colorado news. My beloved Rocky Mountain High is now a Denver inversion-bowl downer. Michael Bane, Colorado resident and the host of radio and television gun shows (including Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Network) is asking hunters to boycott Colorado and let Colorado know why over this newest series of gun laws. Bane, who is ALSO a producer and writer of his programs has also refused to film further segments in Colorado (unless, of course, the segment is about the unConstitutional laws). Hunting gives the state approximatley 1.8 billion annually, 60% of that from non-resident hunters.

As several states and/or municipalities mull over passing laws REQUIRING the ownership of at least one firearm per household, a town in Arizona has taken it one step farther—they are going to give away, free of charge (TANSTAAFL) a shotgun to lower-income families and single Moms. I'd much prefer they pass out guns used in crimes, turned in by nervous nellies, and donated by gun owners rather than taxpayer-purchased weapons, but at least they are trying! Now, I do not hold with forcing people to own guns anymore than I hold with forcibly preventing gun ownership. But at least those places working on mandatory gun ownership laws provide for conscientious objectors getting exemptions. The gun-grabbing crowd will never do the same for gun owners, though. We can be sure of that!

Last, but certainly not least, Obama took to the gun control path this week. it seems that if he doesn't spew verbal diarrhea all over the airwaves pushing his unConstitutional assault on the 2nd Amendment, even the low-information voters remember what is right, and oppose his agenda. More proof the lamestream media are a larger influence than they deserve to be. Because they only cover the gun control/victim disarmament crowd favorably. You and I, dear readers, are just those ignorant hicks, bitterly clinging to our guns, and in some cases, religion. Let us hope the bitter clingers shut this asshole's agenda down in it's tracks. All it would take is a simple threat—"Vote to violate my Constitutional rights, and I'll vote to put you out of office." THEN CARRY OUT ON THE THREAT!!!


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