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Number 709, February 24, 2013

"Crimes against the Constitution".
Remember that phrase, and pass it around
because we're going to be using it a lot.

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Alcatraz at Dawn
Photo by Ben Peoples
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From Nuremberg to Alcatraz
by L. Neil Smith

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Are they stupid, evil, or insane?

This week, the legislature of the state of Colorado, dominated by "progressive" Democrats because, fundamentally, Colorado Republicans are too dumb to breathe in and out without somebody to remind them, saw fit to pass a number of bills that clearly infringe upon my right—indeed, the unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right of every man, woman, and responsible child to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon, rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything, any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission.

In so doing, they broke several laws themselves, that override and supercede any legitimate power they may possess to pass legislation. Thus they became a criminal conspiracy to deny me my rights "under color of law", meaning they pretend to have the power to do anything they wish, regardless of what has been written or how long it's been there.

No such power exists.

In fact, under Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Sections 241 and 242, penalties are specified for this kind of criminality. In addition to which, they have all taken an oath—also required by law—to uphold and defend the Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

Instead, these creature have become those enemies, themselves, domestic division, guilty not only of perjury—for having lied when they took their oath—but of having committed what we shall now and henceforward refer to as "Crimes against the Constitution". Remember that phrase, and pass it around because we're going to be using it a lot.

These are serious crimes. If you or I had committed crimes as serious, we'd be occupying cells across the hall from Terry Nichols and the Blind Sheik. The only reasons that their perpetrators aren't being prosecuted now are (A) the Founding Fathers' failure to include a stringent and explicit penalty clause in the Bill of Rights, and (B) the same professional courtesy that sharks pay lawyers by not biting them.

There is also a clause, Article 1, Section 6, in the main body of the Constitution that appears to grant immunity for almost anything that sitting politicians do when the legislature's in session. I would argue that the Bill of Rights, being a series of amendments to the Constitution, renders that clause null and void. I would also argue that, given the wording of the Second Amendment, the crime these legislators are guilty of committing amounts to treason, which is one of the rare exceptions to the article in question. But I'm hardly in a position to make that argument anyplace except here, in these virtual pages.

But if I could somehow get back all of the time I've spent trying to protect the rights that were supposed to have been guaranteed to me under the Constitution, I would be fifteen years old again. I've spent my entire adult life—and then some—in a desperate, exhausting struggle to maintain my freedom and independence. I realize perfectly that I am far from alone in this, but I am damned sick and tired of it.

Somebody call Judge Napolitano.

One thing seems very clear, to me, at least: politicians do not have same right to free speech as everybody else, having sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. They may think the Internet should be shut off, that all our guns should be taken away, that every family in the country should have a uniformed guard living in their house, and that privacy and personal secrets should be outlawed. However they have formally given up any right to express such an opinion, because it would undermine the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold and defend.

Which means, among many other things, that the recent legislation proposed in the state of Missouri, to make it a crime to write gun laws, is perfectly in line with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

It's really a shame that hypocrisy and malignant intercultural class hatred aren't crimes. Joseph Biden, that pustulent infection on the backside of American politics, knows perfectly well and has openly admitted that the victim disarmament laws he champions won't put a stop to crime—that, if anything, they will increase it, giving him and his ilk more excuses to limit the freedom of ordinary Americans— just like the despicable Howard Metzenbaum, who said, when the microphones were off, that he simply wanted to see the Middle Class disarmed.

The fact is that, beyond the considerations I've been writing about lately, with regard to the United Nations' genocidal Agenda 21, American "progressives" are pushing these gun laws simply to injure and dominate the mortal enemies whom they resent and fear most, the Productive Class. Watch their faces. It is just as important to "progressives" to humiliate the individuals who actually work for a living, and to deprive them of any enjoyment they may find in their weapons, as it is to round them up, exterminate nine tenths of them, and enslave the rest, which is what they're planning, long-range, to accomplish.

Each of these legislators needs to be investigated for even the most tenuous connections they may have to the genocidal U.N., which has tentacles in every city and county in the country. This is an organization that openly admits it wants nine tenths of the human race killed off. It openly advocates the selective breeding of those who are left. It is a sworn enemy to the American Bill of Rights, and its borrowed Third World troops loot, rape, and slaughter wherever they're sent.

Left on its own, the current administration will bring them here.

There is much that can be done. Everyone who voted for gun laws must be microscopically examined and exposed. Mass media to the contrary, politicians who call themselves "progressives" tend to be more corrupt than their rivals. That's a good place to start. Compile dossiers on each one; always keep duplicates somewhere safe. Keep no secrets, yourself. Do everything openly and let them see it coming. Let them see it happening to others. Some of them will change their voting ways or resign before you get to them. With limited resources, concentrate on those who won their seats by a five percent margin or less.

Republicans and Libertarians ought to be doing all of this, but here in Colorado, both parties are as helpless as a turtle on its back, which is why the children of Alinsky chose it to start with. It could be a good job for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, but they appear to be too busy raising money, and can't be bothered to answer their e-mail.

But I have digressed into electoral politics, when the subject is prosecution.

The American Productive Class is rapidly growing tired of the Obama regime. It can't be much longer before some prosecutor somewhere is ready to roll his sleeves up and go to work on Title 18 and perjury cases. When that happens, I have an urgent suggestion to make: let those trials be held in a little Pennsylvania rust-belt town called Nuremberg.

Yes, it's a symbolic gesture, but an appropriate one.

A German city of the same name is where Nazis were tried for their crimes against humanity. Let those who have trashed American rights and destroyed the economy, those who are raising an illegal army of oppression and providing it with automatic weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition, those who have built concentration camps all around a once-free country, be tried for their crimes against the Constitution.

I promise you that if we could get a third of the populace talking about this, rats would desert the sinking ship, cockroaches would flee back behind the baseboards, and things would begin to change for the better.

Meanwhile ...

Two thousand seven hundred seventy-nine miles away, at the other side of the continent, there is a big rock planted in the middle of one of the most famous harbors in the world. On that rock, a federal prison was once built that housed some of the most notorious and dangerous American criminals ever. Later on, it was shut down and abandoned.

It is time for Alcatraz to live again, only this time, we will build a prison there whose footprint covers the whole island, a prison no less than one hundred stories tall, built of some black, shiny, glass-like material, entirely impervious to light and utterly lacking windows.

Inside, all cells will be solitary, and silence will reign in the same way it did when Al Capone was there. Once each day, in shifts, the population will be taken to the enormous, smooth roof, without safety rails, across which the winds of the bay will howl. Prisoners can argue, fight, push each other off the edge, or simply jump, out of the same despair that they inflicted on millions of Americans for so long.

Nobody will care.

Far below, little excursion boats will sell chunks of meat past its sell-date for human consumption, to tourists, who can throw it off the boats to "chum" the sharks for which the bay, and the Rock, are so famous.

And across the rest of the country, freedom will ring again.

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