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Number 707, February 3, 2013

Government kills. Government steals.
Government kidnaps. Government enslaves.
Government lies. Government is vastly
worse than anything or anybody it was
created to protect us from.

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Election 2012 by County
Red = Counties that voted against Obama

by A.X. Perez

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Recently I acquired a Texas Star 2 piece belt buckle. It's a cheap copy of a Confederate uniform buckle. I'll probably replace it down the line with a better version of the same thing. I'm from Texas and a bit of a history nerd (professional requirement if you think about it.).

The lack of courtesy and overweening ways of the Yankee government make me more sympathetic to those who call for secession though I myself do not support it (I'm small fry, I am entitled to say what I think then get two bucks and go buy cup of Java at the local 7-11 or Circle K. ). I am somewhat more convinced that by the end of the decade the morons at Foggy Bottom will tear this country apart and Texas (and other states, individually or in coalitions) will have to function as an independent nation, again.

I have to say that this does not seem so bad as it did even six months ago.

Large parts of the United States are inhabited by people who think guns are intrinsically evil. There are people who like state income tax, union shops, and thought police. Other regions despise these ideas. Strangely, people who hate guns also like taxes, union shops, and thought police, and they are concentrated in certain parts of the US.

They are also running this nation into the ground, arguably tearing it apart. So, I am opposed to secession, but I don't think it matters. If our current leadership keeps going at its current rate there will be no USA for Texas, or any other state to secede from.

Sadly, I see no reason to expect anything better from the folk in DC. Hopefully the caretaker governments we set up will have a greater regard for liberty than the current bunch.

Meanwhile, I have me a Lone Star two piece belt buckle. Whether it's just nerdism or preparation to celebrate Texas' Second Republic only time will tell.

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