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Number 705, January 14, 2013

It's so easy to forget why exactly it is that we
need to become a police state for our own safety.

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Am I The Last To Know?
by Madison MacBear

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Sometimes I feel like I'm retreading old ground. I'll find a new, exciting bit of information, rush out to tell all my friends, and then find that everyone already knows about it, and has for years. As the wise man said, "things you aren't aware of fill libraries." Perhaps I'm the Vanka-come-lately, and everyone here already knows that the FedGov is only treating people they way they have asked to be treated. Perhaps everyone on this forum already knows that by calling themselves "United States citizen", "U.S. person", or "taxpayer", that they are giving up their protected-by-the-Constitution rights in favor of being ruled by the Congress. Perhaps I have missed the discussion, and should rifle through the back issues of The Libertarian Enterprise to find where El Neil and friends talk about electing a domicile on federal territory, and how it causes the elector to knowingly, willfully, with full knowledge aforethought (or at least, so it is judged by the law) give up all the rights due a freeborn sovereign in favor of absolute rule by the Congress, and the few privileges which they, in their infinite disdain, disdeign to grant them.

Perhaps it is well-known to all but me that the Child Protective Services do not actually steal children, but rather collect their rightful property from custodians who, holding merely equitable title (right to use) rather than legal title (right to own), have proven themselves incapable of treating the property in the manner the true owner desires. Perhaps I am the last to learn that the trick to avoiding this situation is to decline to register your child by means of a birth certificate. I know I learned late that registration makes the registeree into the property of the State, while merely recording an event notices the State of that event's occurrence. But could I be the last person on the planet to have learned that to accept any franchise from the State, be it birth certificate, driver's license, marriage license, hunting/fishing license, gun license, CCW license, jury duty, voter registration, or forms 1040, 1099, or W-2 causes me to voluntarily change my status from freeman to slave? That to "take the oath" in court places me under the judge's jurisdiction, and therefore, his authority? That to have an attorney represent me is to volunteer to be a "ward of the state", ipso facto incapable of defending myself? That these actions make me (to use the archaic term) a pauper? I surely was one of the last people in North America to learn that "beggars can't be choosers" originally meant, "paupers have no civil rights." What else have I missed out on?

Those of you who have learned all these things, and been discussing them since 1995 when TLE first came out, please point me to the exhaustive discussions already carried out on the subject, so I can quickly catch up with the mainstream audience of contributors to TLE. It's such a pain to be so far behind the curve.

Madison MacBear
Somewhere in the Agora

[ I don't think we have published much about these topics. And while I have heard mumblings, I wouldn't say I know very much about them. Any documented and detailed articles are welcome.—Editor ]

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