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Number 694, October 28, 2012

"Libertarianism must, for the foreseeable
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The Poisoned Dish
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

It is interesting to note that for all practical purposes poverty is a result of four things in America: education, single parent family status, and immigration, and employment. It is also to be noted that nanny state policies tend to encourage single parent families and unemployment.

It is also worth noting that there are those who view poverty and reliance on welfare as temporary conditions and circumstances to be overcome and those who view these as their permanent situation. Strangely, both groups tend to be correct in their assessments, the term self fulfilling prophecy comes to mind.

Finally, it is worth noting that a crook can really benefit from the above points. On the one hand persons who are reliant on government support keep re-electing legislators who provide them with their goodies. On the other hand they stay out of the competition for wealth and power. And finally they commit suicide as a group as the disadvantages of poverty ( lack of medicine, stupid desperation driven choices, high crime, drug abuse, malnutrition, and so on) lower life expectancy. There is the additional advantage of taxing people threatening the power and position of the rulers enough to end the threat.

This is especially hard on males, as denied realistic means of demonstrating their fitness to reproduce by engaging in positive activities, they are reduced to walking sperm banks asserting their right to reproduce by forceful competition for territory and mates. Eventually they get killed off and their most desirable women become available to others.

If racism is added to this mix it becomes a recipe for slow motion genocide. In a free society the nanny state cannot lay out this racial suicide trap. The Democratic Party, while claiming to be the friend of minorities has put out this poisoned meal for them. The Republicans, for mall their claims of planning to end the nanny state, have too much to gain in allowing policies that allow minority self genocide. Bluntly put, it reduces the competition for resources. Only a society that values freedom of economic opportunity over false economic security and political leaders that support this point of view offer true hope to America's impoverished folk, especially members of minority groups.

Damn few of our alleged leaders and candidates for office share this value.

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