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Number 693, October 21, 2012

"We are compelled to choose between voting for the lesser
of two or three or four evils and not voting at all"

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Noisy Silence

I don't think I'm saying anything original here. As a not very good Catholic (and hopefully a better Christian in the way I treat people) I am personally against abortion (doom, doom, doom). As a libertarian I support political platforms and the folk who support them asserting a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion (again, doom, doom, doom. Sorry, I have to mock the portentiousness and pretentiousness with which people, especially men who will most likely never have to face this choice, pronounce the opinions on this issue). The reason is simple, I believe that these good people will do more to create a world where women feel less pressured to get abortions than most politicians who promise to pass laws ending abortion but support policies that make this world hell in so many ways for women and their babies that women feel pressured to get abortions.

I vote results, not promises. I am also disturbed that the intelligent men in the Vice Presidential debates of 11 October 2012 did not promise to let the American people loose to make a better world where women and girls don't feel trapped into getting abortions. Perhaps this is because they don't plan on carrying out policies of getting out our way so we can create this heaven on Earth. Perhaps they are too honest to deny they are making the world hell. I have heard of withholding the truth with silence. This is the first time anyone told me the truth with silence.

A. X Perez

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Re: "Life in FRONA" by Russell D. Longcore

Dear Russ,

I must disagree with one minor point in your planned Republic. 100 rounds of ammo is too little. Assault rifles, Such as AK's and AR-15's use 30 round magazines, main battle rifles, such as FAL's and M1A's use 20 round mags. Theoretical full combat load is ten mags plus enough ammo in stripper clips to reload once, i.e., 400 to 600 rounds. 100 rounds is just enough to get in trouble in a fight, useful for an E & E though. Older militia laws ( See Virginia's Statutes at Large) required people to maintain at least one full combat load plus extra powder and lead to cast extra bullets.

Regulation Militia armament should be one auto-rifle or submachine gun, ten mags and enough ammo to reload twice, a handgun in either 9mm or .45 ACP, two extra mags, and about four hundred rounds of ammo, one fixed blade knife at least 7 inches long, one folding knife, and one multi tool. Local militia commander may authorize/require "specialty weapons" depending on skills demonstrated. This is still less than I think a civilian should acquire, but since I am experiencing financial frustration carrying out my personal armament program I will not express myself on the point.

Persons should arm at own expense (except for certain specialties) or be assigned to extra "call out" to earn the price of GI (ptui) weapons. Specialists and trainers should get compensated for extra duty time.

The weapons nit is now picked.

A.X. Perez

[ And don't forget to pack a lunch, a canteen, and a collection of snacks—Editor ]

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