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Number 690, September 30, 2012

"Exactly like you, I have been a slave to the state
all my life, and I won't vote to let it continue."

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Regarding "Hitler Was a Piker"


In reading your TLE lead article "Hitler Was a Piker," I came to the following paragraph:

It is absolutely essential, in this connection, never to forget that Adolf Hitler, exactly like all his mindless, souless idolators, was a creature of the Left. "Nazi" is an abbreviation—a pet name, if you will—of the German words for "National Workers' Socialist" party.

...and was moved to write this note.

The term was actually "National Socialist German Workers' Party, and the doctrine promulgated was "National Socialism," the peculiarities of which were much expounded both in Germany and abroad by Party officials and sympathizers, and which was fanatically embraced by Germans and others of that "Greatest Generation" era all over Europe and even in these United States.

Can amendment be made to replace "National Workers' Socialist" with "National Socialist German Workers'" in the text? [ done—Editor ]

Thank you.

Richard D. Bartucci

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[ Don't DO that!. Anyway, as good ol' Wikipedia says at this link, viz, to wit:

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, a.k.a.
a.k.a. National Socialist German Workers' Party (1920-1945)

and there you have it—Editor ]

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Recently there was a rally in Dearborn, Michigan seeking to outlaw speech that hurt the religious feelings of Muslims. I can see the reflexive typing in of comments by people who feel threatened by Muslims to the effect of "See, I told you so. They want freedom of speech for themselves, freedom of religion for themselves, but not for others."

Well, if I remember right, didn't Ari Emmanuel make it his mission to destroy Mel Gibson over The Passion of the Christ because he thought it was Anti Semitic? (Mr. Gibson cooperated beautifully, by the way) Are there not bowdlerized versions of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because some people (not all African American) object to one of the characters being named Nigger Jim?

Freedom of speech for who? Freedom of religion for who? Could it be that the Muslims of Dearborn are simply less hypocritical than so many of us?

Could this honesty be why we are angry at these people? Not because they are wrong, which they are, but because we know given the chance we would act the same and in fact have? or is it that just as we bowdlerized Huck Finn and other works to be politically correct, we are afraid that we will bend the knee on this also, and that we will do so happily?

A.X. Perez

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