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Number 686, September 2, 2012

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My "Dear John" letter to the GOP
by Peter Vinton, Jr.

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Dear fellow lovers-of-liberty, minarchists, small-"l" libertarians, disaffected Ron Paul adherents, End-The-Fed agitators, privacy advocates, antiwar protestors, and police state opponents:

Our tactics failed. We gave it a vigorous effort in '08, and we were even more vigorous this year. But every time we got close to a victory, their convoluted rules got mysteriously rewritten ... usually in smoke-filled back rooms without any minute-takers in attendance.

We did our damndest to follow the rules and raise the money, and yet our standard-bearer was still forcibly muscled out of the convention. It's time to stop looking to the Republicans as any sort of bedfellows—they're clearly not interested. Those people want only one thing: power. And they're not afraid to use any method—fair or foul—to hang onto it. They've also revealed themselves to be a bunch of racist jackasses, they appear to have some pathological fear of sex in general and of women in particular, they clearly ADORE wars and can't wait to kick off the next one, they're pushing for ever more intrusive surveillance, they actively cheer ignorance, and they want greater government involvement in every aspect of your life. You know, just like that other party they like to pretend to oppose.

The one thing they got right was fighting for our Second Amendment rights; I'll allow them that. But that was ALL they got right (and even then, there were too many strings attached). And that's not enough. Hell, they even took our beautiful expression "Tea Party" away from us and transformed it into something horrible and hateful.

Time to stop kissing up to these people. They're not on our side; never were, never will be. They hate individual liberty, they hate a free press, they ignore petitions, they don't WANT you peaceably assembling and speaking freely; there's a frankly massive list of people that they want to disenfranchise, arrest, prosecute, fine, displace, marginalize, torture, bomb, execute, or just plain punish (you're probably already on that list anyway), and most of all they want you to shut the hell up about any and all shady fiscal practices that come to light.

Liberty doesn't need allies like that. We can do better. A LOT better. Time to drop the GOP like a live hand grenade. Leave that diseased, rotting elephant, ignored and unwanted by the side of the road. Right next to its colleague, that equally unsound and sick donkey.

Good riddance to you both. We'll figure this out on our own.

Peter Vinton, Jr. has some web sites: and on facebook.
And his mottoe is "Creativity is the ultimate natural resource."

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