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Number 686, September 2, 2012

"I believe there is a reason for that."

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Letters to the Editor

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Two Progressive Presidents in US History have received the Nobel Peace Prize. The First was Theodore Roosevelt for helping negotiate an end to The Russo-Japanese War in1905. He was given the Prize in 1906 and did not pick it up until 1910, feeling it was improper to do so while he was in office. TR was a notorious egotist ("He wants to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, and the baby at every christening." According to his wild child daughter Alice and seconded by his son Kermit ) and by the standards of Libertarians and Anarchists quite the tyrant. He would probably have laughed at the description, called it bully, agreed and given us a "so whatcha gonna do about it?" attitude.

However, before he got the Nobel Prize he actually helped bring Peace. Roughly a hundred years later (and it's been a rough hundred years) another self described Progressive was given the Nobel Peace Prize.You can look up why people say it was given to him, but basically it was really given to him as a fuck you to George W. Bush. He has not brought peace, indeed he has brought war and/or stuck America in other people's wars that were none of our business and appears to be trying to get us into more wars. He is an egotist and by Libertarian and Anarchist standards a tyrant. Call him that to his face and he won't laugh, he'll probably call you a racist bully and you will find yourself indefinitely detained.

The breed Tyrannus americanus progressivus has become intellectually stunted and inbred and lost its sense of humor over the last Century. The Nobel Prize Committee should wait until someone actually brings peace before giving them a Peace Prize. Things have gone downhill.

Crazy Al

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