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Number 685, August 26, 2012

"One Giant Leap for Mankind"

Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

(from my FB timeline -- in reference to the kidnapping of Brandon Raub)

Sorry. I know I have been refraining from anything political. I can't stand to stay quiet about this. Do they really think there is no limit to what they can do? Are they trying to push the whole country to the tipping point? What the hell is wrong with all you people! Can't you at least speak the hell up and say that this is wrong? Has the government turned the entire country into a bunch of Casper Milquetoasts?

I do not want to talk politics any more. I am tired of everyone arguing about who gets to impose his god damned whims on whom using the police as their strong arms. Leave everyone else the phuque alone!!!!!!

Stand the hell up for him as you would stand up for yourself (if you would stand up for yourself and not cower like all those gun control pictures you see where some poor excuse for a human, some waste of oxygen, is standing over a woman ready to shoot her in the head.)

It isn't hard to do. Speak up and say these simple words. As a matter of fact I would like to see a meme. I would like to see posts on peoples walls that simply say


So, if you think this is wrong, then say, "THIS IS WRONG".

And please don't take offense, because I won't like you any less, I have learned to love everyone for who they are. But if you can't say this particular act, right here, that everyone has to know about by now, is wrong, I do not understand how your mind works. I truly mean that. I am incapable of causing the neurons in my brain to even create a path that I can examine to see what it might be like to think in such a way that I could not say, "THIS IS WRONG!"

If they come for me for speaking out like this, will you stand up and say, "THIS IS WRONG!"?

So, that is it. I swear to all of you, I have said my piece. I will not speak of politics again. I have better things to do. If you want to know my views on anything political make a note that my rant on August 23, 2012 will answer every question you might have about my views on politics.

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