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Number 646, November 27, 2011

"The seemingly eternal conflict in human societies
is between slavers and individuals who simply
want to be left alone to enjoy their lives."

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Letter from Bob Phipps

Re: Where Will You Travel in 2012? 20 Top Journeys From Smithsonian

Dear Smithsonian:

I will travel nowhere in 2012 that I can't get to by car, because I will not be subjected to the violations of my rights and person that occur at airports.

The point for you to understand is that, as a writer, my words and ideas reach hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world. Next year, I plan on making that millions. I will do my uttermost to persuade them not to travel, either. When I called for a boycott of Smith & Wesson during the Clinton Administration, the company changed hands three times.

So, unless you'd like to see the travel industry and the airlines go as bankrupt as as everybody else these days, I suggest you start leaning on the politicos you influence to abolish the TSA -- and DHS along with it -- and return to the highest law of the land, the Bill of Rights.

L. Neil Smith

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Clicks and Comments, Please...

L. Neil Smith

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"Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone"

L. Neil Smith

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Re: Why?

Someone wrote:

>: Why do governments borrow instead of paying cash?

Is this a riddle or joke or something?

Assuming it's not, then the answer is that government borrows from the individuals who own it (not you or me), so that they can profit by the interest. One reason elections don't count for much is that nobody who has anything to say about it cares what the money's spent for -- the welfare state or "national security" -- as long as government's owners get to do the lending and the debt service collecting.

But you knew that.

L. Neil Smith

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The occupy movement is totally controlled by the worldwide socialist movement. It's just an extension of the riots we see in France/Greece/England where the rioters want more & more cradle to grave benefits.

If the demonstrations were aimed at congress/president, it would be different. But these folks want free enterprise destroyed in favor of government handouts. It's the exact opposite of Libertarianism. While the Tea Party is primarily a social & economic conservative movement, it's heavily Libertarian influenced. We'd be far better working in that framework than about anything else going on in America today.

Socialism is embedded in America now. While we're seeing a great conservative/libertarian awakening, the death throes of economic liberalism/socialism/crony capitalism... whatever we call it, it might be on the ropes, but it may still bring us down. Libertarians used to be supporters of collective bargaining... .can't afford to be now, it's no longer about fair wages etc., it's all about socialism now... the labor unions & democratic party are the new homes of communism.

Now... I ain't ready to extol the virtues of republicans... but that party affords a far better chance for libertarians to infiltrate & control than the other crime family does!!

Bob Phipps

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